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Fabulous teacher, engaging, fun and so much knowledge and experience to impart. Learning was an absolute joy.
I now have the 'tools' to be able to prepare, engage the audience and increase my confidence to speak in front of my colleagues at work and clients business presentations.
Thank you!!!
Lynda Tremellen,
Public Speaking Course Sydney

After your personal training, our sales manager is doing great, getting lots of bookings. His coordinator watched him and said he was excellent. His knowledge and passion comes across and he has really taken your training on board. Thank you
E Davie, National Sales Manager, Scenic Tours
In-House Business Training

This training was perfect for taking me from a mid level-manager to a leader who speaks with influence. Definitely top marks in all areas of public speaking. Thank you.
Kristie Drucza, Gender & Social Development,
Public Speaking Canberra

Thank you! Your help was invaluable. Would love to do more work with you.
J Sangster, CEO ADMA
Personal Tuition

Excellent training on sales presentations; Planning for more effective sales visits; Overcoming objections; Asking better questions; Role-playing and improving our presentation style with your A.TT.I.C.S. and S.Q.A.C. techniques. Loved the group interaction.
EG Sales Team Training Sydney

Training was great - Presenter's style and ability to identify and work with each individual's strengths in a short period of time was fantastic.
Jim Bachelor, MD, Universal Sony

In-House Business Training

Speak Confidently

Have you noticed that those who speak confidently are the ones to get the job, be promoted, and are recognised as leaders in their field?
Imagine if you knew how to do that!
Book into a public course or a personal coaching session and let us show you how.

Speak with confidence at the Public Speaking Course in SydneyPublic Speaking


Very popular,
5-week public speaking course in Sydney:

  • Overcome fear of public speaking
  • Speak with confidence off-the-cuff
  • Practice, assess and improve your public speaking skills each week

5-week Public Speaking Course Sydney


Personal public speaking tuition in Sydney and Canberra1:1 Speech


Do you need assistance with your business presentations or special event speeches?

  • Improve your voice and language
  • Learn techniques of professional public speakers
  • Get assistance to write speeches

Personal Coaching - Sydney / Canberra

Speak as a leader at the Public Speaking Course in CanberraPublic


Learn advanced techniques from award-winning public speakers:

  • Keep audience interested & engaged
  • Open and close powerfully
  • Speak as a leader - inform, engage and influence your audience

2-day Public Speaking Course Canberra

Assertiveness Training for Women in SydneyAssertiveness
Training for Women


Do you want to learn how to be assertive and speak with clarity, calmness and confidence in challenging situations?

  • Speak up for what you want
  • Make your point heard
  • Build win-win relationships
  • Strategies for confidence

Assertiveness Training Course Sydney


In-house business training in Sydney, Canberra and MelbourneIn-House Business Training

Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne

Courses tailored to your needs.
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Please contact us directly.

Phone: 0401 059 934
Email: training@artofcommunicating.com.au
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Learn to speak clearly, courageously and confidently and achieve greater success.