Overcome Nerves Speak Confidently

I have learnt I can speak speak confidently, when prepared, in front of people. Knowing different people and facing my fear was the best thing with this training, and what I needed the most. The course was wonderful. Thank you Charmaine, such a pleasure to have you as our 'Guru'!
Simone Magagnini, Business Analyst - Roads & Maritime Services

Gaining confidence with discussions, practical exercises to loosen up, and structuring my speeches were very beneficial for me. I also liked the interaction, feedback, meeting friends and the experience of Charmaine! I definitely reached my public speaking goals in this course.
Liam Tierney, Associate Director - Whitehelm Capital

Learning to be assertive and learning what are the correct ways to approach a situation was most beneficial.
Adam Fabbi

Charmaine you are an absolute gift! Fabulous teacher, engaging, fun and so much knowledge and experience to impart. Learning was an absolute joy. I now have the 'tools' to be able to prepare, engage, and increase my confidence to speak in front of my colleagues at work and clients business presentations. Thank you!!!
Lynda Tremellen

I'd just like to say how much I'm enjoying this class. I love the fact that everyone is sharing something of themselves through their stories, which we so rarely see in social or class situations. You really do make it such a safe and supportive environment that I can feel my confidence boosting with every class.

I love that there's lots of laughter happening now as we're getting more comfortable with each other.

It's just what I needed, so thank you.
Cathy Brodie

Great course. So useful, so practical. It will set you up for life. Sign up today!
Herman Chow

This is the second time I've taken a course with Art of Communicating and again I'm walking away feeling more enlightened, more confident and that my skills have been enhanced. Thank you!
Jessica Borg, WSPA

Such a great opportunity to learn new techniques, hone skills, experiment and practice in a testing environment! I liked the empowering techniques for personal development and the professional attitude throughout the course. The location, venue and length of training was great.
M Terei

It was all great! Acting out the scenes was quite challenging for me and if I had any suggestions to improve the training, I would say we need to do power poses all through the course!
Brendan Shannon, Environmental Engineer - Fulton Hogan

Assertiveness Training Course DetailsASSERTIVENESS TRAINING


Course Details



Dates: Saturday 2nd & 9th December, 2017
Time: 10am to 5pm
delicious morning teas & lunches
Adina Apartment Hotel, 511 Kent Street, Sydney
Price: $1,495

Book Now Early Bird Price $1100 - SAVE $395!
If you book by 25th November.


Is This Course For You?

If you want to:

  • Speak up in challenging situations
  • Increase your leadership abilities
  • Gain authority and recognition
  • Be positive, confident and self-assured
  • Feel calmer, in control and centered
  • Understand how to resolve issues and create better relationships

... then this Assertiveness Training Course is for you!

You will improve interpersonal skills and learn how to connect, collaborate and communicate with confidence.

See what others have said about our training - see Feedback


Increase Performance, Ability and Decision Making

Improve emotional intelligencePrior to commencing the course, you will be personally contacted to tell us what you want to achieve at this course. We will then take that into our planning sessions so we can assist you to achieve the results you desire.

At the 2-days training in Sydney you will uncover what's not working for you and the specific skills you can use to feel more confident and act assertively.

There is a week in between the training days, so you can review, reflect and try out some of your new skills.

Assertiveness Course FlyerIn the 2nd session you will apply skills, act through the techniques, receive personal coaching to improve and receive a certificate at the completion of your training.

Download a brochure on this course - Here



Session Plans Day 1:

FAssertiveness is not aggressionoundations of Assertiveness
  • Distinguish between passive, assertive, and aggressive behaviours 
  • Understand how socialization affects your behaviour in the business environment 
  • Identify personal work/personal situations and obstacles that challenge assertive behaviour
Identify Your Communication Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Assess your assertiveness style and preferences 
  • Know how value systems impact your assertiveness 
Develop Inner Strength
  • Explore the assertive components of becoming comfortable in your own S.K.I.N. : Support self-esteem; Know self; Initiate dialogue; Negate negative self-talk
Improve Your Impact with Others
  • Understand the 3 components of communication and factors that influence their impact 
  • Apply active and reflective listening skills to build assertiveness techniques 
  • Listen and respond assertively to feedback and criticism
  • Dealing with aggressive and submissive behaviours


Session Plans Day 2:

Assertive Strategies and Application
  • Demonstrate a 5-step model to express assertive language 
  • Explore 5 assertive techniques
  • Know how to make and refuse requests
  • Respond appropriately to common put-down statements 
  • Videotape of practice sessions for coaching & feedback
Integrate Assertiveness & Confidence Skills into Your Life
  • Review the uses of strategic tools, models and techniques 
  • Apply assertiveness techniques to analyse and plan around your own must-solve situations 
  • Facing up to challenges
  • Holding difficult conversations
  • Create a plan for addressing your current situations


Be Empowered and You Will:

Speak off-the-cuff and answer impromptu questions confidentlyAchieve win-win in day to day situations

Stand your ground and feel assuredAssertiveness Training in SydneyStand your ground, think clearly and feel assured when under pressure

Take responsibilityTake responsibility for yourself and your actions without blaming others

Express your ideas and feelingsExpress your ideas and feelings in an open, direct and honest manner

Stay calmStay calm; Ask questions and separate facts from opinions

Master body languageMaster open body language and steady eye contact

Compassion, understanding, clarityGain a deeper understanding and compassion for yourself and others

Think positivelyThink positively, improve your career and leadership skills

Improve careerSpeak up - Make a difference.
Contribute the real you to the world!

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Thank you.