Art of Communicating's training was perfect at taking me from a mid level manager and turning me into a leader with influence.
Kristie Drucza

I would like to pitch to my senior leaders to do this course!
Lisa Charles


I liked the interaction, group discussion and hew skills and assertiveness techniques. Course was very beneficial and well structured. Thank you.
RM - Sydney

I am writing to sincerely thank you for being a great and motivating coach and helping me build my confidence in what I consider to be my greatest fear. I've learned a lot about myself throughout the course and I appreciate the role you played in my personal development.
Natasha Emerson, AusAID

Loved all of it! The course handouts are great for reference and I feel this was an excellent course for my situation.
Sydney Assertiveness Course

I loved the course.
We were able to practice everything we learned straight away and then implement in our lives and see results!!!
I met some very nice, interesting people at the course and I am now equipped with tools to speak confidently in various work/life situations.
I have already recommended the course to my colleagues.

Iwona Abramowicz

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Art of Communicating experience because if started me on a journey of awareness of myself and what I could do.
I found the preparation of the speeches and presenting challenges made me strive to be better than ever before.

Cathy Chambers

Dynamic group facilitation! You held everyone's attention and you were sensitive to individual needs. The course was well researched, with exceptional training and it far exceeded our clients' expectations.
Debbie Tong
CRS Australia

Thanks Charmaine. You made the course enjoyable as well as teaching us the public speaking skills we aspire to.
What I liked most about the course: Very hands-on, not just reading from course material.

S Wells

Learning to assertively was extremely beneficial to me because I learned to answer impromptu questions, be comfortable in my own skin and own my space. A sincere thank you to Charmaine. I felt really welcomed by her. She has a gift of explaining things in a way that is very understandable. I was able to see things in a different light.
The course was thorough, very interesting and honest. Everyone was involved and given time to respond.
It's helped me a lot in almost every aspect of my life.

N Khan, News Limited

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Empowering Women - SydneyEMPOWERING WOMEN


12th & 19th August 2017


"Don't confuse your path with your destination. The path may be rocky now, but it's going to lead you to amazing places."
A Fernando


Assertiveness & Confidence Training

Empowering Women is a 2-day interpersonal skills course in Sydney. It will provide you with the knowledge, techniques, strategies and practical experience to:

  • Communicate assertively and confidently
  • Feel more confident, in control and at ease in challenging situations
  • Create positive mind-sets, connect to others, build win-win relationships

By the end of this course you will know how to speak up for yourself, influence others and contribute positively to the world.


Strong foundations to learn assertiveness and confidence skills in Sydney Objectives:

1. Develop Self Confidence and a Deeper Understanding of Others, given:
  • Assessment of current behaviour in challenging situations and your impact
  • How to attune internal dialogue - from sabotage to strength
  • Knowledge of assertive and non-assertive behaviours
  • Emotional intelligence and understanding transactional analysis
  • Personal plan to address your current situations
2. Learn Techniques To Enable You To Stand Up, Speak Up & Get Results, given:
  • Key barriers to effective communication
  • How to make and/or refuse requests
  • Processes to prepare and successfully hold critical conversations
  • Techniques to handle aggressive and submissive behaviours
  • Strategies to negotiate win-wins
  • Process to manage stress - physically, mentally & emotionally
  • Practical, powerful questioning skills
  • Listen to feedback and criticism and respond assertively
3. Practical Exercises to Increase Assertiveness and Confidence in Real-Life Situations, given
  • Role plays & real-life scenarios to embed skills
  • Explore 5-step assertive techniques
  • Coaching & in-depth discussion to improve effectiveness


Norths Leagues Club, North SydneyNext EMPOWERING WOMEN Course in Sydney

Dates: Saturday 12th & 19th August
Time: 10am to 5pm

Boardroom at Norths, 12 Abbott St Cammeray, Sydney

Empowering Women Course Sydney


Book NowEarly-Birds SAVE $395!
BOOK before 1st August
Includes delicious morning teas & lunches



Support & Encouragement to Grow

Our course facilitators are qualified adult educators, award-winning communicators and are highly experienced in both corporate and entrepreneurial business environments. [More about trainers]

They will provide you with a safe, friendly, enthusiastic, learning environment where you will be encouraged to take risks, grow and expand your skills.
[See clients' feedback]


Be positive, assertive, confident and influentialBe Assertive in Real-Life Situations

Changing habits of a life-time, takes time and practice. That is why this is a practical course with a week in between, giving you time to review and hone your skills.

Session 1:
Develop a deeper understanding of your self and others. Learn assertiveness skills, processes and techniques. Steps to develop confidence, improve assertiveness and communicate effectively.

Time in between training:
Connect to a buddy from the course to discuss, reflect and hone skills.

Session 2:
Practical application of skills and techniques. Coaching to reinforce and embed your assertiveness skills in real-life scenarios and role plays. Develop your personal action plan.

This course also includes:

  • Practical hands-on experiences
  • Video feedback & personal coaching
  • Friendly, enthusiastic, supportive environment
  • Assertiveness training workbook
  • Morning teas & delicious lunches
  • Certificate of Achievement

Empowering Women Course flyer


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See EMPOWERING WOMEN Course Session Plans - HERE

Satisfaction GuaranteedGuarantee and Terms & Conditions

We are confident our training methods produce results and provide a full money-back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before your book - HERE



Assertiveness & Confidence Training in Sydney

2 Day Course: Saturday 12th & 19th August 2017
Time: 10am to 5pm
Including delicious morning teas & lunches
Norths, 12 Abbott St Cammeray, Sydney

Price: $1495
Early Bird Price: $1100 - If you book by 1st August

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