Note of Appreciation

Charmaine Burke, Founder & Training Director - Art of CommunicatingThank you for your comments and constructive feedback.

We are continually monitoring and developing new and unique training experiences for our clients because all our trainers are passionate about learning, speaking and improving communication.

Every training workshop has its own dynamics which we find stimulating and creative, so it has been a pleasure to share these experiences with you.

Charmaine Burke
Training Director,
Art of Communicating

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More Participants' Feedback and Photos


K Landers, Public Speaking TuitionGreat 2 days! Really enjoyed it and thanks for all personal attention. I gained an enormous insight into public speaking.
Karl Landers, Founder, Kingsway Compounding
Personal Tuition


It's not something I would normally do, but it got me out of my comfort zone and I found it very beneficial. Being able to now structure a speech with meaning to a targeted audience is really useful to me. Thank you.
Simon Daff, Partnership Manager - BankWest
Sydney Public Speaking Course


S Magagnini - Speaking ConfidentlyI have learnt I can speak speak confidently, when prepared, in front of people. Knowing different people and facing my fear was the best thing with this training, and what I needed the most. The course was wonderful. Thank you Charmaine, such a pleasure to have you as our 'Guru'!
Simone Magagnini, Business Analyst - Roads & Maritime Services
Speak With Confidence


Fantastic! Thank you. I feel far more confident. It was very beneficial to get outside my comfort wone, learn how to structure the opening and close and I liked the practical side and getting involved with course and other participants.
Jeremy Chiel, Financial Advisor - Stonehouse Wealth
Public Speaking Sydney


I felt the most useful thing I got out of the course was to improve the use of pitch, pace, power and pause in my presentations. This helps to engage the audience. And also the A.TT.I.C.S. opening technique is really quite powerful. The trainer, Kathy Stewart, is extremely competent and knows this domain very well.
Salesh Swami
Public Speaking Canberra Course


L Tierney - Overcome fear of public speaking SydneyGaining confidence with discussions, practical exercises to loosen up, and structuring my speeches were very beneficial for me. I also liked the interaction, feedback, meeting friends and the experience of Charmaine! I definitely reached my public speaking goals in this course.
Liam Tierney, Associate Director - Whitehelm Capital
Speak With Confidence


R Singh - Speaking Confidence TrainingThis course was practical with a lot of individual coaching. Getting over the nerves was most challenging and I see this as a big step forward in achieving my public speaking goals.
Ritesh Singh
Assertiveness Course


K WiltonFantastic course. Charmaine was a great mentor and I now feel I have the confidence to continue to practice my public speaking.
Kristy Wilton, Job Centre Australia
Public Speaking Canberra


C RickI can see value in this training, specifically tailored to the needs of my work area and building real-world speeches.The best things about this course was the structure, opening and closing techniques and I loved the vocal expression exercises.
Chrisafina Rick, Commonwealth Government
Public Speaking Canberra Course


The public speaking was absolutely amazing. Your training provided real insights and it was a brilliant course.
C Lin - Public Speaking Sydney


learn public speaking skills in sydney and canberraCharmaine you are an absolute gift! Fabulous teacher, engaging, fun and so much knowledge and experience to impart. Learning was an absolute joy. I now have the 'tools' to be able to prepare, engage the audience and increase my confidence to speak in front of my colleagues at work and clients business presentations. Thank you!!!
Lynda Tremellen


R PasseyDelivering the speeches was challenging for me! I know I will continue to communicate through body language so my visual message is congruent and reinforces my message.
Rebecca Passey
Public Speaking Canberra Course


In-house presentation trainingI would like to thank you for the Training Day last week in Terrigal. The information provided was extremely helpful and will allow me to tailor the presentation opening and closing more appropriately.
V Kitchener, Sales Manager - Scenic Tours
In-house Presentation Training


P Badikovich speaking with confidence trainingThe training was excellent, engaging and provided me with more confidence to be more forthright with my communication abilities.
Daniel Ghaleb
Speak with Confidence


G Lemos - public speaking skillsThe course was great. The time and contents are just right. What I found most helpful was how I can embody public speaking concepts. There are methods to be followed and it's a matter of preparation, rehearsing and practice.
Guilherme Lemos
Public Speaking Sydney Course


Thank you so so much!!!!!!! After you left on Tuesday night, Samuel begged me to have your lesson one more time. It was such a great inspiration for him and me. We didn't know there would be so much we could learn about Public Speaking.
Thank you so much for coming, for your time, your presentation, your advise, your remarks.

I. Lee
Personal coaching for child's speaking competition


Improve speech opening and closing techniquesGreat course. I encourage you to do it. I have improved: speech objectives, opening techniques, engaging my audience, closing and getting action and agreement, controlling Q&A and improved my language.
Collin Naidu, National Quality Assurance & Compliance Mgr - Baiada


Learn how to structure a good speech - R BowenMost useful to me in this training was learning how to structure a good speech and how to use the speaking space to make my presentation more effective. I improved my skills to open and close my speeches, and use powerful language to engage and influence my audience.
Ryan Bowen, National Business Manager - Baiada
Professional Presentations Training


In-house business training.I can now structure my presentation, open with attention and attract my audience. Speaking off the cuff was most challenging. Great personable Presenter. I learnt a lot!
John Moroney, National Sales Manager - Baiada
In-House Presentation Training


Harish - Great speech trainingGetting confidence, learning how to prepare a great speech and gaining speaker's skills whilst interacting the clients and employees was very beneficial to me. The training was quite challenging as this was the first time I have done public speaking, but Art of Communicating provided me with a lot of material, practice, examples and personal coaching.
Harish Mohindu
Professional Business Presentation

Real practice, real examples and immediate feedback. It was challenging to be videoed in the beginning but it was good after all. The interaction with the trainer and other participant really worked. This was a very helpful, enjoyable and beneficial course. Thank you.
Raymond Kim
Public Speaking Skills


Amazing course with Art of CommunicatingHi Charmaine, I just wanted to send you another BIG thanks for helping me with my public speaking. I have since left working in travel and am just about to start studying an Advance Diploma of Nutritional Medicine at Australasian College Natural Therapies. I also applied for a scholarship and WON!!
The final few questions they college coordinator had for me over the phone, was 'How are you at public speaking?'
My response, 'I am a great public speaker after an amazing course run by Charmaine @ Art of Communicating.'
Amanda Templeton
Public Speaking Sydney Course


Help with public speakingCharmaine is definitely well versed, articulate and well-crafted in the art of training. She paces herself well (time-wise) and seems to present herself at the level of the person she is teaching. When I arrived at 8.55am she was ready and apart from giving a speech, I really didn't know what to expect for the day. She went through all the steps/levels throughout the day to where I walked out with a proper speech, carefully worded and aimed to achieve a positive result from my audience.
I must admit that I am now 100% more confident with the material I now have and know it is more likely to achieve and get the desired results. I wish Charmaine well and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone needing help with public speaking.

Sandy Fitzgerald, Sanmanz Gone Global Tours
Public Speaking Tutition Sydney


Universal Sony In-house Business Presentation Training

The training was very valuable thank you.  Your ability to quickly analyze our performance and provide very constructive / valuable feedback was very impressive.  You helped us think about our body language, voice, emphasis of words etc and think that, with more time using the confidence monitor, we would be more comfortable standing openly on a stage.
Cindy McCullock, Marketing Director, Universal Sony
Public Speaking Refresher Course


Professional public speaking tuitionCharmaine helped me rewrite an important speech to a concise three minutes. I needed to make sure that the message of who we are and what we need be conveyed to an audience I didn't know. It worked!

We raised that evening $18,000 to a sold out performance, with wonderful networking and great night had by all. Our profile has been lifted to new heights. The consul was so happy with our professionalism that he is prepared to do it all again for us in March! I am extremely happy - Big hugs to you!
Maria Legaz, Director of Investor Relations of Telefónica S.A
Spanish Community Care Association

H Chow - Speak With Confidence 2011Great course. So useful, so practical. It will set you up for life. Sign up today!
The practice, feedback and doing the speeches continually for 6 weeks was extremely beneficial.

Herman Chow
Speak with Confidence


M Terei - Speak with confidence course sydneySuch a great opportunity to learn new public speaking techniques, hone skills, experiment and practice in a testing environment! I liked the empowering techniques for personal development and the professional attitude throughout the course. The location, venue and length of training was great.
Mark Terei
Public speaking training


learn how to structure a speech and have confidenceThanks Charmaine. You made the course enjoyable as well as teaching us the public speaking skills we aspire to. What I liked most about the course: Very hands-on, not just reading from course material. What was most beneficial: Learning how to structure a speech and how to have confidence and engage an audience.
Sharon Wells
Public Speaking


Public Speaking Training June 2011The trainer was bubbly, interesting and great to listen to. Each week, my fear of public speaking lightened. What I enjoyed the most about the course was the growth I feltafter stepping out of my comfort zone!
Michelle Orkney
Pubic Speaking Course


It was all great! Acting out the scenes was quite challenging for me and if I had any suggestions to improve the training, I would say we need to do power poses all through the course!
Brendan Shannon, Environmental Engineer - Fulton Hogan
Public Speaking Course Canberra


Public speaking and business presentation course - June 2011Learning how to organise my ideas was wonderful. Also having to get up and speak lots throughout the course was challenging, but very good! It was fun, interesting and tailored - aimed at the experienced professional, rather than a newbie.
Nicki Doble, Snr IT Manager, Suncorp
Sydney Public Speaking


Speech structure - speaker trainingVery beneficial to get the structure of how to 'build' a speech. Thank you!
Sharon Mitchell - Author, Public Speaker
Public Speaking Training


Develop the purpose of your speech and connect to your audience.All the tips were relevant to communication. The part that was most useful was developing the purpose of my speech and all the techniques that will make me connect to my audience. A fantastic course!
J.B. -


Overcome fear of public speaking - Speak With Confidence, SydneyI am writing to sincerely thank you for being a great and motivating coach and helping me build my confidence in what I consider to be my greatest fear. I've learnt a lot about public speaking and myself throughout the course and I appreciate the role you played in my personal development.
Natasha Emerson, AusAID
Asertiveness Training


Lulu Zhou - Speaking with Confidence 2011Over the last 6 weeks, I really learned a lot. This was not only beneficial for my professional career, but also my personal life. It's very important when we learn things that we can apply immediately. This is exactly what this course provided to us.
Lulu Zhou
Speak With Confidence


Mellissa OBrien - Speak With Confidence SydneyI couldn't be happier with the Speak With Confidence Course. it exceeded my expectations. I now feel much more confident to speak in public and in fact am looking forward to the opportunity!
Mellissa OBrien, Mindfullness and Meditation Trainer
Personal Speech Training


This was one of the most practical insightful courses I have ever attended.
Kedar Malgaonkar
Speak With Confidence


J Macdonald - Public Speaking 2011 Sydney NSWThe six week course is well structured as you are able to work on what you learn each week. Practice. Practice. Practice.
James Macdonald, Councilor Deputy Mayor - Rockdale City Council
Speak With Confidence


Business presentation and public speaking training program 2011 sydneyI think, Charmaine, you are great, inspirational speaker that can change a lot in people.
Marosh Melo
Public Speaking


Improving public speaking, speeches and business presentationThis is the second time I've taken a course with Art of Communicating and again I'm walking away feeling more enlightened, more confident and that my skills have been enhanced. Thank you!
Jessica Borg, WSPA
Public Speaking


News Limited - Speak with Confidence TrainingLearning to speak with confidence was extremely beneficial to me because I learnt to answer impromptu questions, be comfortable in my own skin and own my space. A sincere thank you to Charmaine. I felt really welcomed by her. She has a gift of explaining things in a way that is very understandable. I was able to see things in a different light.
The course was thorough, very interesting and honest. Everyone was involved and given time to respond.
It's helped me a lot in almost every aspect of my life.

N Khan, News Limited
Speak With Confidence


Speak with confidence course - business presentation training in SydneyThe training format was good; the length of the course was right; the level of encouragement was good without being over the top; coming to the course after work and at such a central location worked perfectly for me; I feel so much more comfortable now than I did before doing this course; I'm using these skills in my everyday life and I'm beginning to see the change.
Public Speaking Sydney Course

Speak With Confidence Course - Oct to Nov 2010 - Sydney


Great course. Charmaine is an excellent teacher whose experience in public speaking is excellent. Working in a small group gives lots of confidence and is a very positive way to improve your public speaking.
M Medhekar
Speak With Confidence


Awesome Course!
I. Tassone, Fitness Trainer
Learn how to structure speeches, use body language and improve vocal expression - November Public Speaking Training Course, Sydney 2010Public Speaking

I'm definitely glad I did this course. I highly recommend it, not just for public speaking but communication generally.
K. Pathinather, Gardens Lawyers
Public Speaking Training Course


2 Smart Ways to Communicate and Improve Your Business.  In-house business training.Both sessions were equally relevant. they made me re-think my methods, organise my thoughts and stick to a plan. Fabulous in every way! Let's have more of this!
Arshi - Kumon Sydney,

In-House Business Training


You brought out the real me inside. Teaching often does not allow me to be the real me. I was just commanding my students, not communicating with them. We all have this skill but it's people like you only can bring it out and make it useful. There is a great need for such courses. Great. Great. Great. What else can I say!
Vardi - Kumon Sydney


Speak With Confidence Course - Lion Nathan Sydney. 2010  Business Training CourseGreat job Charmaine & Alfa. It was an excellent day, very challenging and we've all grown.
T. Ee, Risk Assurance Manager, Lion Nathan
In House Business Presentation Course

Very inspirational course - I feel much more confident and aware of the areas I need to work on and more importantly, the techniques to do that. G Burnat

Great facilitation, very knowledgeable and demonstrated by example throughout the day. G McMillan

Even if you feel like you are already a confident speaker you will still walk away with many insights. F Allen, Lion Nathan
In House Business Presentation Course


Speak With Confidence Group - Aug/Sept 2010Speak With Confidence Course helped me to:

  • Stay on track - get to the point,
  • Improve the way I sound - so I am taken seriously,
  • Develop a more professional manner and behaviour,
  • Develop more confidence when speaking to peers and upper management.

I couldn't have wanted more. I have grown so much and not just in terms of public speaking, but also a sense of self.
J Borg
Assertiveness Course


Public Speaking course for speeches and presentingI have thoroughly enjoyed the Art of Communicating experience. It started me on a journey of awareness of myself and what I could do. I found the preparation of the speeches and presenting little challenges that each week I strived to be better than before.
Cathy Chambers, Sydney
Public Speaking Course


Speech structure, designing a core message, using body language, business presentations.The public speaking course was of enormous benefit to me as it helped me to structure my speeches, simplify the core message and use body language. Most importantly, I was able to break my business message down to 4 powerful words that are clear and easy to remember, and can be used to brand my business. I am now able to speak confidently about my business services to anyone!
John Bransby
Public Speaking Course Sydney


J Stevenson - Public Speaking 09This Public Speaking Course was an emotional roller coaster that took me on the ride of my life. Fabulous!
Jeff Stevenson, Gotcha Covered Carpets
Public Speaking


C Lord - excellent course - improved my career!Charmaine is a wonderful tutor that makes you feel instantly at ease and ready to take the floor with total confidence. It was an excellent course. I built my confidence and professional appearance and the course has improved my career.
Caroline Lord, Marketing Manager, Eden Gardens
Public Speaking Course


public speaking skills sydneyThis course was definitely a worthwhile exercise in building public speaking skills in social and business situations.
I recommend it to anyone who is not 100% confident in the Public Speaking skills.
Public Speaking Course


Supporting children's growth and self esteem through Speak With Confidence Course, SydneyAs parents, we endeavour to support our children with  appropriate life skills as best we can.
Art of Communicating supports  parents by delivering a proven method of growing our children's self confidence through improved communication skills.
Parent of Student at Mackellar Girls High School
Speak With Confidence Course


In-House Business Presentation and Public Speaking Training Sessions

Oooooh! I love my job! :)
Charmaine Burke, Art of Communicating
In-House Business Presentation Training
Maserati Ferrari - Sydney



Public speaking training course. - Speaker session & vocal variety.Great, useful, simple techniques that will enable you to be a better, more confident and effective presenter.
M Tollman -
Public Speaking Course Sydney


Charmaine Burke - speaking at Charity Trivia Night - Speaking SuccessCharmaine, you were the perfect host for my Charity Trivia Night. It was a great success, raising over $2000 for Medics and Breast Cancer. The crowd was boisterous and lively, and you controlled the room with ease, whilst maintaining this high level of energy - a very hard job! Whilst I was panicking over the smallest hiccup, you were calm, professional and kept the night running smoothly. The feedback from my colleagues and friends that attended has all been really positive, saying that you made the night enjoyable and entertaining. I can't thank you enough for a great evening!
Karen Jousiffe, Fundraising Event - Virgin London Marathon


T. Greenow - confident and comfortable speaking.I have gained a lot of confidence and am more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.
I liked learning how to construct speeches using different techniques. Also the sessions on using vocal expression and body language was of enormous benefit because I know I can keep people interested in what I have to say.
Teresa Greenow
Public Speaking Course


C. Brodie - enjoyed class, confidence boosted.I'd just like to say how much I'm enjoying this class. I love the fact that everyone is sharing something of themselves through their stories, which we so rarely see in social or class situations. You really do make it such a safe and supportive environment that I can feel my confidence boosting with every class. I love that there's lots of laughter happening now as we're getting more comfortable with each other.
It's just what I needed, so thank you.

Cathy Brodie
Public Speaking Course


Speak with Confidence Course 2010Before the speaking with confidence course I found myself becoming really nervous before presentations and public speaking. Now I feel like I have overcome the worries and am a lot more comfortable with my nerves when speaking in public.
Speak With Confidence Course


public speaking, effective speeches.This Public Speaking Course was great and definitely brought me out of my comfort zone. It will assist me not only in public speaking but in everyday life.
The most useful result is that I will be able to deliver an effective and confident speech to people without boring them!

Nader Fahridin
Public Speaking Course Sydney


speaking course sydneyI just want to say a huge thank you for showing me the essential skills of public speaking and how to communicate our stories effectively. Over the last couple of months I have already seen how much more confident I have become, not only with public speaking but also in personal and social communication too. It definitely has been a journey of self discovery.
You have a wonderful gift and I really want to thank you for opening that door for me.
K. Dudgeon - Sydney


C Bure MC at City of Sydney's Living in Harmony Festival, Opening Gala.Thanks so much for being the Master of Ceremonies for the City of Sydney's Living in Harmony Festival Opening Gala, and the Forum on Overcoming Stereotypes in March 2009. The event went smoothly and everyone enjoyed the discussion you led and reflection during the event. Many people stayed until it was well over!

I appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail when working with us in this major event in the City of Sydney's festival calendar. We received great feedback from my colleagues and audiences about your MC roles. I look forward to working with you again in future City of Sydney events.
Susana Ng, Manager Social Planning, Access and Community Development, City of Sydney


Public Speaking Course - positve and great speaking confidence course 09The trainer and the class were supportive, encouraging and passionate. I would encourage everyone I know to participate in the Art of Communicating as it's been very positive and a great speaking confidence course.
S. Twomey


C Burke - dynamic group facilitation and exceptional training.Dynamic group facilitation! You held everyone's attention and you were sensitive to individual needs. The course was well researched, with exceptional training and it far exceeded our clients' expectations.
ebbie Tong, Manager - CRS Australia
In-House Business Course


Impromptu speaking skills - confidence and composure. Speaking group 08I benefited most from building my confidence and composure. The impromptu speaking skills were challenging for me, but I enjoyed meeting others who had needs just like mine. Watching fellow participants growing strong and getting up and speaking confidently was very inspirational.
Louise Dickson

Public Speaking Course Sydney


A PretymanFantastic course. I have become a more confident speaker and this course has helped me to enjoy public talking. Thank you!
Anthony Pretyman - Brookvale


G Lawaetz - public speaking groupI did the Public Speaking course. It was great! It made me go out of my comfort zone and boy, did I benefit from that!
My confidence in public speaking increased so much. I can recommend it to everybody!!!
Gitte Lawaetz
Public Speaking Course


I Johnstone - Public Speaking course - tasmania 08I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their confidence, structuring and delivery skills in public speaking.
Ian Johnstone, Director, The Maria Island Walk Tasmania
Public Speaking Course


J Kemp - Public Speaking Course - Tasmania 08Charmaine builds immediate rapport with everyone and has dedication and passion in helping others achieve confidence and skills in public speaking. Thank you so very much.
Janine Kemp, Prodo Novo - Advanced Coaching Group


A Kindred - Public Speaking Course - Tasmania 08I loved the experience and improved enormously in my completion of the public speaking course.
Strong use of theory and practice. Excellent!
Azza Kindred, Oomph Coffee Hobart
Public Speaking Course


P Ernst - Public Speaking Course - Tasmania 08Very valuable for my professional and personal advancement. It helped me greatly to build confidence and develop communication skills.
Peter Ernst, Director - Premier Travel Tasmania


Public Speaking Course group - Tasmania 08Wow. Wonderful, wacky, wise, creative course!
From fear to enlightenment was the road Charmaine took me down.
Public Speaker - Tasmania
Public Speaking Course


M Edwards with Public Speaking Course group - January 08Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm throughout the course. I enjoyed the evaluations and impromptu speaking. A GREAT course!
Michael Edwards, Principal, Edwards & Orr