Workshop Session Details


Dates: Saturday 23rd & 30th June, 2018
Time: 9am to 4.30pm
Includes: Power of You Workbook, POY Journal, Power of You Team Membership (on-line), and Delicious Morning & Afternoon Teas
Location: Level 9, Adina Apartments, 511 Kent St. Sydney (just behind Town Hall Station)

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Is This Course For You?

If you want to learn how to:

  • Increase self-worth and develop stronger awareness
  • Intentionally create who you want to be and the life you want to live
    • Establish clarity
    • Uncover your passion
    • Design the steps to live your life on purpose
  • Align what you do with your inherent strengths, personal desires and personality traits
  • Let go of old habits, fears and paradigms that hold you back
  • Improve your career, your relationships and practice speaking up confidently

... then the Power of You Workshop in Sydney is for you!

Power of You Workshop SydneyThis two-day course covers the fundamental understandings of who you are and how you create your life. You will tap into your internal resources and gain practical processes to embed changes.

Then your journey really begins as you step in the 'Power of You' in real life.


Awareness & Transformation

Over 2 days your skills and awareness will be transformed. You'll receive:

  • Knowledge and wisdom of world renowned coaches, spiritual gurus and leaders
  • New skills applied immediately in fun scenarios
  • Videos of interviews with your new empowered Self
  • Scrumptious morning and afternoon teas and discussion time with other attendees
  • Membership to the Power of You Facebook Group
  • Power of You Workbook
  • Power of You Journal
  • Vision Board
  • Personalised Wordcloud
  • Certificate of Achievement

Our trainers make sure you learn in a supportive, creative, encouraging and beautiful environment in the Adina Apartment Hotel in Sydney


Want to Uncover The Power of YOU?



Outline of Session Plans

Power of You Session PlansFirst Day

Provide solid foundations for you to move forward
Understand your creative power
Define who you are and what you want
Day 1 Sessions:

Speech objectives   Opening & Overview

  • Share your objectives for this course & meet one another
  • Aspects of personal power, vulnerabilities and our changing world

Powerful Opening Technique   Increase Awareness - What's Known / What's Possible?

  • Who we are and how we create our lives - How hidden programs work
  • What your brain's doing and how it reacts to self talk
    • What's Conscious, What's Unconscious!
  • Emotional awareness and understanding energy - Power vs Force
  • Question everything - Uncover what's possible

Credibility, rapport and trust   Power of Paradigms

  • How stories influence your decisions
  • Paradigms that limit and/or expand possibilities

Opening tips   Introducing The Power of You

  • Define your meaning of life success, career, happiness.
  • Realise how your emotional dashboard drives your life
  • Understand what's restraining you
  • Uncovering your authentic, powerful Self

Speech structure   The Power of Self Talk

  • Start hearing your own voice
  • Explore what if's / What's true / What's not
  • Dream of other possibilities - What would that sound & look like?
  • Change the frame and re-scripting your stories on:
    • Career, Wealth, Relationship with Self, Relationships with Others, Wellbeing, Spirituality

Understand your audience   Meditation - Opening and allowing

Close with conviction   Define Your Ideal Day

Core message   Align Your Personal Power Base - Strengths, Values, Personality

Engage your audience!   Using the Word Pictures to Support Your Ideal You

Body language   Create Environments That Support The Changes You Want


Power of You Session PlansSecond Day

Strengthen you intentions and vision
Try on your Powerful You!
Adjust, align and fine-tune it
Begin the journey and establish how you want to be supported along your path
Day 2 Sessions:

Speech objectives   Letter from Your Future Self

Speech objectives   Create a Vision Board

Speech objectives   How to use Meditation and Creative Visualization

Speech objectives   Act 'As If' Interview & Video Session

Speech objectives   Action Plan with Coaching

Speech objectives   Agreement to Meet Up & Continue Empowering Changes

Speech objectives   Power of You Certificates of Achievement Awarded


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