Thank you! It was great seeing you and defining my vision. Your inputs are excellent and it gives me other perspective and I truly appreciate that. Creating a new business will be challenging as I have never done it. Your insight and questions were really helpful to think about how I can achieve it.
Raphael Tripet, Sydney

Everyone was talking about how convincing I was. I had so many people come up to me to tell me what a great job I did and how they found themselves agreeing with me! It was a tough topic bu t I feel the Jedi speech skills I learnt with you held me in good steed. Thank you.
Kristie Druzca, Canberra

I am writing to sincerely thank you for being a great and motivating coach and helping me build my confidence in what I consider to be my greatest fear. I've learned a lot about myself throughout the course and I appreciate the role you played in my personal development.
Natasha Emerson, AusAID

I loved the course.
We were able to practice everything we learned straight away and then implement in our lives and see results!!!
I met some very nice, interesting people at the course and I am now equipped with tools to speak confidently in various work/life situations.
I have already recommended the course to my colleagues.

Iwona Abramowicz

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Art of Communicating experience because if started me on a journey of awareness of myself and what I could do.
I found the preparation of the speeches and presenting challenges made me strive to be better than ever before.

Cathy Chambers

Learning to assertively was extremely beneficial to me because I learned to answer impromptu questions, be comfortable in my own skin and own my space. A sincere thank you to Charmaine. I felt really welcomed by her. She has a gift of explaining things in a way that is very understandable. I was able to see things in a different light.
The course was thorough, very interesting and honest. Everyone was involved and given time to respond.
It's helped me a lot in almost every aspect of my life.

N Khan, News Limited

More Feedback & Pictures HERE

Power of You Workshop Sydney NSWPOWER OF YOU


“Change your conception of yourself
and you will automatically change
the world in which you live
Neville Goddard


Design & Create the POWER of YOU

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, lacking direction and not quite satisfied with yourself and the way your life is going?

Is it any wonder?

We are living in a mind-blowing world of noise, constant change and anxiety. Information screams at us from the internet, marketing, social media, while we try to juggle family expectations, peer pressure and business demands.

Imagine how your life would change if you knew how to:

Defne who you want to beShift your perception and clearly define who you want to be

Uncover your strengths and purposeUncover your strengths, your purpose; your unique talents

Live your life on purposeLive your life on purpose - your way

Increase joy, freedom, growth, abundanceUnderstand how to increase joy, freedom, growth and abundance

Express yourself with passion and powerSpeak up & express yourself with passion and power!

At this 2-day workshop you will be provided with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to understand, define and create the YOU, you most want to be.


Adina Apartment Hotel, Kent St SydneyNext Course in Sydney

Dates: 23rd & 30th June 2018
Time: 9am to 4.30pm
Includes: Power of You Workbook, POY Journal, Power of You Team Membership (on-line), Delicious Morning & Afternoon Teas
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511 Kent St. Sydney(just behind Town Hall Station)
Power of You WorkshopPrice: $995

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Effective, Enriching, Positive Results

Charmaine Burke is the training facilitator for this course. She is has a successful track record of over 15 years experience in education and training, she's a qualified training facilitator and assessor, an NLP practitioner and an award-winning speaker.
Create changes in your life - Power of You[More about trainer]

This workshop fun, engaging,creative and thought provoking. You will be encouraged to interact with others, rapidly expand your experience, and step into new ways of being.
[See workshop session details]

We guarantee this course will have a delightful, enriching, empowering and positive impact on your life!
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Create The Changes You Want

This course is designed run over 2 Saturdays, so you have a week in-between to review, prepare and re-define your ideas.

On the first day you will gain a deeper understanding and awareness of past, present and future possibilities, new mind and body technology, practical techniques to define your values, and align your energy, your head and heart with your new intentions.

On the second day you will be speaking up with clarity about your self and your new relationship to the world. You will also be acting 'as if' you are your new powerful self.

Power of You Workshop Sydney - Book Now!Be challenged! Have fun! Change your life!


You'll Receive:

  • 2 Days Training in a beautiful environment
  • Delicious Morning & Afternoon Teas
  • Power of You Workbook
  • Personal Vision Board
  • Your Strengths and Values Wall Word-Cloud
  • Power of You Journal
  • Act 'As If' Interview on Video
  • Friendly, Enthusiastic, Supportive, Fun Environment
  • Practical Hands-on Experience to Embed The New You
  • Power of You Private Facebook Membership
  • Certificate of Achievement - for full participation


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Change your life and express your passion and powerStronger sense of selfA stronger sense of self

Change your paradigms and empower your storiesTo change your old paradigms and a create new, empowering life

Values and beliefsClarity on how to see, feel, attract and take action on your best path forward

Speak up confidentlyConfidence to speak up for what you want

Keep on track. Align with Higher SelfAlignment with your Higher Self for a clear, abundant, more powerful way of living


Extra Information - See details of workshop here

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed100% Guarantee

We are confident our training methods produce results. If you are not completely satisfied, we provide a full money-back guarantee.

Course Terms and ConditionsTerms & Conditions

Please read our course Terms and Conditions before your book your course - Here
Thank you

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Power Of You Workshop Sydney

Dates: 23rd & 30th June 2018
9am to 4.30pm
Power of You Workbook, POY Journal, Power of You Team Membership (on-line), and Delicious Morning & Afternoon Teas
Conference Room, Adina Apartment Hotel, 511 Kent St, Sydney
Price: $995

Early Birds Price: $795 - If you book by Friday 15th June

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