Public Speaking Course in Canberra - Feedback:

The training, presentation and content of this public speaking course was excellent. I have learned how to project my voice, structure my speeches to stay on track and speak off the cuff.
Jasna Mitic,
Environment Gov Dept

Learning how to organise my ideas was wonderful. Also having to get up and speak lots throughout the course was challenging, but very good! It was fun, interesting and tailored - aimed at the experienced professional, rather than a newbie.
Nicki Doble, Snr IT Manager, Suncorp

I put myself out there with confidence to increase the volume of my voice and used gestures. I have improved in all areas of my public speaking skills. Thank you.
Alexis McIntyre

I urge you to come and enjoy new friends, learn about new topics and experience a new you!
Emeli Cassell

The feedback about your Presentation Training has been excellent. The team was very positive about the session, its content and the fact they were skilled instead of subjected to death by PowerPoint!  Success all round, I would say!
I used the breathing and stance techniques the next day to increase my confidence before fronting a presentation of my own. Clearly your techniques worked. I have been told by several people that I was easily the best speaker of the day!  So THANK YOU!

S Abrahams
Editor in Chief, Law and Business CCH

Charmaine Burke is an excellent trainer and very positive. She gave us all the tips and confidence to improve our public speaking. Knowing how to open and close my speech, stand in front of an audience, use appropriate body language and relate to my audience was challenging, but extremely beneficial.
Terrenze Lee, HR Officer, Seeing Machines

Canberra Public Speaking Course DetailsPublic Speaking Canberra

Course Details


Dates: 23rd & 24th April 2018
Time: 9am to 4pm
Presidential Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel,
1 Binara St. Canberra ACT

Price: $1495

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Only $1295 - if You Book Before 13th April


Is This Course For You?

If you want to:

  • Speak up confidently at work
  • Deliver effective, engaging business presentations
  • Promote your business, product or service
  • Clearly inform and influence your audience to act
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Speak as a leader in your field

... then this Public Speaking Course in Canberra is for you!

The 2-day course covers the ground rules for effective public speaking, right through to advanced levels of audience interaction, engagement and professional delivery skills.

See what others have said about this course - see Feedback


Learn Skills of World Champion Public Speakers

Over 2 days your skills will be transformed. You'll receive:

  • Knowledge and secrets of world champion speakers
  • New skills applied immediately in fun scenarios
  • Videos of your performances
  • Scrumptious lunch and discussion time with other attendees
  • Personal analysis of your skills
  • Constant feedback to improve
  • Practical experiences using performance techniques - body language, vocal expression and audience interaction skills

Our trainers make sure you learn in a supportive, creative, encouraging and beautiful environment in the Presidential Suite at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Canberra.


Charmaine Burke, Training DirectorPrepare to be Transformed

Prior to commencing the course, Charmaine Burke, our Training Director, will contact you and ask you to complete a pre-requisite survey to advise us of your requirements and objectives for the course.

You will also be instructed to prepare a short speech to bring along to the course.

That speech is to be presented at the course and used to assess and improve your speaking skills at the beginning and again at the end. Be prepared to see a transformation!


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What's Included?

Learn how to PREPARE Speeches

Speech objectives   Define speech objectives - be clear, get to the point, be relevant
Audience analysis   Audience analysis - Know how to persuade & engage the audience

Learn how To CREATE Speeches

Powerful Opening Technique   Open Powerfully - A.TT.I.C.S. Technique
Credibility, rapport and trust   Introductions - Establish credibility, rapport and trust
Opening tips   Opening Tips - Ready-made examples to help you begin speaking
Speech structure   Speech structures - 3 processes to organise ideas & stay on track
Understand your audience  
Why Audiences Tune Out - and what you can do about it
Close with conviction   Close with Conviction - S.Q.A.C. Technique
Core message   Design a Core Message - The 'Phrase That Pays!'
Powerful language   Use Powerful Language - Literary techniques to add extra spark

Learn How to Professionally DELIVER Speeches

Engage your audience!   Stop Boring Your Audience! - Techniques to engage audiences
Body language   Your Body Speaks - Eye contact, gestures, facial expression
Walking the stage   How to Move - When and how to walk the stage or speaking area
Vocal expression   Vocal Expression - Pace, power, pitch, pronunciation and pause
Anchoring stories   Anchoring Stories - Use the stage for information with imagination
Control Q&A   Q&A Sessions - How to manage time, people and responses
Use props professionally   Use Props Professionally - Notes, lectern, handouts, displays
Effective use of powerpoint   Effective Use of PowerPoint


Overcome public speaking nerves   Overcome Public Speaking Nerves
Tap into your confident state   Tap into your Confident State
Connect with your audience   Connect with others



Book Now - Learn How To:

Speak confidentlySpeak up confidently, connect and engage your audience.

Communication strengths and weaknessesImprove your communication strengths & weaknesses

How to begin speechesOpen powerfully - intrigue your audience, establish credentials, build rapport.

How to close speechesDeliver a compelling close

Structure your speechesStructure speeches so that you get to the point, speak clearly and speak to time.

Engage your audienceEngage and interest your audience - keep them hooked.

Language techniquesUse language techniques to make your message 'sticky'!

Improve your voiceImprove your voice and the effect you have on your audience.

Improve body languageImprove body language, eye contact, gestures and physical delivery

Walk the stage with confidenceWalk the stage with confidence and poise

Learn business presentation skillsAnchor stories, imbed meaning in speechesAnchor stories, embed meaning

Build business, improve career and leadership skillsBuild business, improve your career, engage clients and speak as a leader in your field

Be professional and confidentAppear professional and at ease

Develop confidenceDevelop confidence in life


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