Most useful training I've attended. Lots of practice in giving speeches was really beneficial. Good job!
S Ryle,
Director NGO, DFAT

You put me at ease from the outset. You have really useful knoweldge to impart. The filming, watching speeches back and constructive feedback from the class was really useful. The speech framework you provided was excellent.
B Muscat-Bentley, CSPU ACT Regional Secretary, Canberra

Thank you for a very enjoyable course, despite my anxiety about public speaking! I now know how to deliver a speech with purpose and meaning for the audience; how to open and close with conviction; and how to 'fake it till I make it!"
P Sorbello, Dept of Agriculture Canberra

The training was just right for me. The small class size meant we all got lots of practical experience and coaching. I now know how to achieve my speech objectives, stay on track and improve my public speaking confidence.
Adam Vanlimbeek, Comcare Canberra

It was all great! Acting out the scenes was quite challenging for me and if I had any suggestions to improve the training, I would say we need to do power poses all through the course!
Brendan Shannon, Environmental Engineer - Fulton Hogan

The training, presentation and content of this public speaking course was excellent. I have learnt how to project my voice, structure my speeches to stay on track and speak off the cuff.
Jasna Mitic,
Environment Dept Canberra

Everybody should do this course.
I liked the feedback and the skills I can take away and use. As painful as it was, getting LOTS of practice presenting a speech was extremely beneficial. Very good job.

Andy Choy, Exxon Mobil

Fantastic course. Charmaine was a great mentor and I now feel I have the confidence to continue to practice my public speaking.
Kristy Wilton,
Job Centre Australia

I can see value in this training, specifically tailored to the needs of my work area and building real-world speeches. The best things about this course was the structure, opening and closing techniques and I loved the vocal expression exercises.
Chrisafina Rick, Commonwealth Government

Since training with you I have given quite a few presentations and talks, and I have found my voice. I realise just how much I got out of the training with you and continue to get out of it!
Having the confidence to speak to an audience has made a huge difference in my professional life and I just wanted to let you know wht a positive impact you had.
Alexis McIntyre

The Course was great! It was well structured and I found reviewing our speeches and being videoed with feedback was really, really useful.
Matt Webster, Canberra

Thanks Charmaine. You made the course enjoyable as well as teaching us the public speaking skills we aspire to.
What I liked most about the course: Very hands-on, not just reading from course material.
What was most beneficial: Learning how to structure a speech and how to have confidence and engage an audience.

Sharon Wells

More Feedback & Pictures HERE

Public Speaking Course CanberraInform, Engage and Influence

Public Speaking Course Canberra

2nd & 3rd October 2017


“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.”
Kenneth Blanchard



Speak As a Leader in Your Field

Public Speaking Course Canberra provides you with the knowledge, advanced techniques, demonstrations and practical experience to enable you to speak confidently as a leader in front of your audience.

Learn from award-winning public speakers how to prepare, create and deliver speeches that are informative, engaging and influential.


Public Speaking Training Objectives:

1. Create Effective Speeches and Professional Presentations;
given techniques, processes and practical experience in:
  • Defining your objectives so you get to the point and stay on track
  • Analysing your audience so you can speak to their needs
  • Opening powerfully to grab attention and establish trust
  • Organising information for clarity and understanding
  • Closing with conviction and influencing your audience to act
2. Learn How to Engage Your Audience:
given techniques, demonstrations and practical experience in:
  • Understanding and using body language
  • Improving vocal expression
  • Techniques to use the speaking area with purpose
  • Avoiding 'Death by PowerPoint'
  • Using notes, the podium and other props
  • Improving and using powerful language/metaphors/core messages
  • Controlling Q&A sessions
  • Maintaining your audience's attention and engagement
3. Develop Public Speaking Confidence and Self Assurance:
given information on:
  • Strategies to manage nerves
  • Techniques to boost physical & mental confidence


Public Speaking Training at Crowne Plaza CanberraNext Canberra Public Speaking Course

Dates: Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd October, 2017
Time: 9am to 5pm
Includes: Morning Tea & Lunch
Location: Presidential Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel,
1 Binara Street, Canberra ACT

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Learn Advanced Public Speaking Techniques

Our course facilitators are highly experienced, qualified training facilitators and award-winning public speakers. [More about trainers]

They have over 15 years experience in developing businesses and working in the education and training industry. [See clients' feedback]

At the Public Speaking Course You'll Receive:

Public speaking practical experience   Practical, hands-on experience
Analysis of your public speaking strengths and weaknesses   Personal analysis of your strengths & weaknesses
Expert speech coaching   Expert coaching from award-winning communicators
Expert speech coaching   Canberra Public Speaking Flyer - PrintPersonal tuition to achieve results - Max 6 in the class
Video of your Speeches and Performances   Video of performances - See before & after training results
Public speaking manual   Public speaking manual with techniques & checklists
Public Speaking Workbook   Public speaking workbook
Certificate of Achievement for Public Speaking   Certificate of Achievement
Course details   Delicious Buffet Lunch & Morning Tea
Course details   Download a brochure on this course - HERE


Details ofPublic speaking course in Canberra

See Session Plan Details of Course - HERE


Speak Up Confidently

Present Yourself Professionally

Open powerfullyOpen Powerfully with the A.TT.I.C.S. Technique

Close with convictionClose With Conviction with the S.Q.A.C. Technique

How to Structure SpeechesStructure Your Speeches - Stay on track, get to the point

Engage your audienceEngage Your Audience - World champion public speaking techniques

Master body languageMaster Body Language - Learn how to move, improve eye contact, use gestures, and walk the stage as a professional speaker.

Improve your voiceImprove Your Voice - The sound of your voice carries immense meaning. You will increase your vocal expression with fun exercises.

Feel professional, confident and at ease.Feel Professional, Confident and At Ease - Use fun physical techniques to improve your mental and physical state of confidence.

Improve career and business successImprove your Career and Business Success - Speak up as a leader and you will be recognised, rewarded and admired.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Satisfaction Guarantee & Terms & Conditions

We are confident our training methods produce results and provide a full money-back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied.

Please see our course Terms and Conditions before your book - HERE


Book Public Speaking Course in Canberra

Public Speaking Course Canberra

2 Days: Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd October, 2017
Time: 9am to 5pm
Includes: Morning Tea & Lunch
Presidential Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1 Binara Street, Canberra ACT

Price: $1495
Early Birds Price: $1295 - If you book by 25th Sept

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