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Have you noticed that those who speak with confidence are usually the ones to get the job, be successful in business and are seen as leaders in their field?   

Imagine if YOU could do that!

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Personal tuition provides a 1:1 coaching program to help you with your public speaking, special event speeches, presentation skills and personal development.
Available in Sydney & Canberra

Personal Tuition in communication and leadership skills
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Empower your people to connect, collaborate and communicate.  Creative, fun, effective, interactive communication and leadership courses, tailored to your business needs.
Available in Sydney & Canberra


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Personal Public Speaking Tuition

Your techniques have made such a difference. I can see the audience are very engaged and I feel I have their trust much more now from the beginning.

It feels organised, clear and I feel like I’m being respectful of the audience’s journey.   I LOVE it! 

Melli O'Brien, Mrs Mindfulness, Personal Public Speaking Tuition
Business Presentation Tuition

I was extremely happy with the results of 1:1 tuition.

I used the stage; anchored negative and positive stories; fed off the attention of the audience to boost confidence. 

As a result, the CEO of my company congratulated me, saying it was like a professional TED talk!

Personal tuition to speak with confidence in business Sydney

Charmaine, my public speaking coach, was very supportive and provided confidence building techniques ranging from body language to structure of words and thoughts.  I felt safe and gained the ability to speak with power and authority. 

Kathy Fletcher, NSW State Mgr, Radiation Oncology, Personal Tuition
Public Speaking Course Sydney

Fantastic course and Charmaine  is a beautiful person and great coach, can’t believe how much we all learned!

I found that structuring my speech with the A.TT.I.C.S. and Core Message techniques really useful. It helped the speech to write itself. Great course!

Mitchell Morton, Sydney Swans, Sydney Public Speaking Course
In-house business training

A very valuable day, individually and as a group. 

Great group interaction, peer group support and reviews, logical, common sense approach and very relevant management training.

The personal development was huge! 

N. Salatas, HR Manager, Iron Mountain , In-House Business Training
speak with confidence course Sydney

LOVED this course!

Learning how to structure my speech, listen, be assertive, use body language & voice was extremely useful!

We practised everything we learned straight away and implement in our lives to see results!  I recommended this course to all my friends.

Iwona Abramowicz, Altmans Sydney, Speak With Confidence Course Sydney
Learning skills at the Sydney Speak with Confidence Course

Thank-you for a fantastic course.  I really enjoyed the environment and feeling of comfort of this course.  

It had a lot of valuable content and you made it easy and fun for me to learn and transform my skills. 

I highly recommend this to anyone.

Karen Gee, Mrs Australia, Speak With Confidence Course Sydney
Special Event Presentation Assistance - Business Communication and Presentation

The training and presentation ideas were EXCELLENT.

Charmaine’s style and her ability to identify and work with each individual’s strengths in a short time period is fantastic. 

The training definitely helped me focus my delivery and added another 10% to our Universal Sony Launch.

J Batchelor, Managing Director, Universal Sony, In-House Special Events Training
Learn professional public speaking skills with a private tutor in Sydney

Your help has been invaluable.  I am now structuring my speeches, using opening and closing techniques, cutting out all the waffle and focusing on the needs of my audience.

It was great to have a partner like you to work with!

Jodie Sangster, CEO, ADMA, Private Tuition
Wedding Speech Assistance - Public Speaking Training

I have had many compliments since my wedding speech.  I owe this entirely to you and your course. 

It gave me the tools as well as the confidence to make the day absolutely perfect. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.  🙂

Robert Hart, Happily Married Man!, Wedding Speech Assistance