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About Art of Communicating


Art of Communicating’s mission is to assist people around Australia to improve communication in order to lead themselves and their companies so they can:

  • Build successful businesses and careers

  • Develop inspiring and highly effective leaders

  • Create empowering relationships

  • Encourage unique expression, innovation and agility

  • Contribute positively to their business, teams, families and the world

  • Develop collaboration, courage and confidence


The 5 values we hold to ensure we focus on producing and delivering the very best results are: integrity, respect, honesty, creativity and resourcefulness.

Art of Communicating’s vision as a leading Australian training organisation is to encourage inter-dependency, create strategic alliances and to foster growth, joy and prosperity for all stakeholders.

What we do - Art of Communicating

Why We Do It

Change is rapidly occurring through the explosion of the internet, social media and population growth, and as a result it’s challenging the way we relate to one another, the way we affect the world and the environment, and the way we do business.

We must make fast decisions. We must be able to lead ourselves and others through change, to embrace new ideas, to understand and allow differences, to collaborate and connect, and to communicate our ideas clearly and persuasively.

It is time to be authentic, courageous and real.

It’s time to master the Art of Communicating – The Power of You!

Why we do it - Art of Communicating

How We Do It

For over 13 years Art of Communicating has helped people improve their communication skills so they can express themselves with confidence, clarity and charisma – and it’s changed their lives.

The feedback we have received has been remarkable and very much appreciated.  We have been told their careers, businesses and relationships dramatically improved as they developed a stronger sense of self and the communication skills to speak as leaders in their fields.

Courses, Coaching and Training

Art of Communicating delivers results through the following unique training programs:

How we do it - Art of Communicating

WHO Does It

Charmaine A. Burke
Charmaine A. BurkeFounder & Training Director
Karen Love
Karen LoveExecutive Leadership Coach & Corporate Trainer
Megan Hauptfleisch
Megan HauptfleischCorporate Trainer, ‘Gamestorming’ Facilitator, Marketing & Media
Lauren B. Burke
Lauren B. BurkeWholistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist
Alfa Jones
Alfa JonesCorporate & Vocational Sector Trainer
Jemma L. Burke
Jemma L. BurkeMindfulness, Yoga & Creativity Teacher

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Who We Have Served

Finance & Technology

Commonwealth Bank

CMC Markets

CCH-Wolters Kluwer Aust.

Data Colada

Ethium Wealth


Marine Software




Receipt Bank


Professional Services & Trade



Aurora Marketing

Biada Poultry


Evergreen Tours

Evolve FM

Gipps Dairy

Harvey World Travel


Iron Mountain

Lion Nathan


Maria Island Walk

Real Estate Academy

SCENIC Tours & Cruises

Southern Crossing


Universal Sony


Zirco Data

90 Seconds

Health & Social Care

Australian Dental Association

CanCare Foundation

Fuji Film

House to Grow


Kingsway Compounding

Partners in Recovery

PRA Health Services

Radiation Oncology Services


Government & Education

Aboriginal Land Council

Aust Maritime & Safety

Austraining International

Canberra Health Services MJHHADS

Cattle Council- VIC

City of Newcastle Council

City of Sydney Council

CRS Australia

Dept AW&E

Dept of Defence

Dept Employment

Dept Foreign Affairs & Trade

Dept of Health NSW

Dept Social Services

Destination Australia

Infrastructure Australia


Lake Macquarie Council

LEAP Development Group

Nthn Beaches Community College


OnTrack International

Pittwater Council





Bouygues Construction Aust

Fulton Hogan


HLM Mullane