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Advanced Communication Coaching


Many people find themselves in positions of authority without ever having considered the fact that their communication skills – one to one, or one to many – are are vital to their success and continued advancement.  ….You may be one of them!

It can be a challenge to engage and influence an audience, your team, or your clients, without the benefit of public speaking practice & advanced communication knowledge.  If this sounds like you, a personal communication coach can be a valuable asset.

Advanced Communication Coaching 

Advanced Communication Coaching provides you with 10 hours of personal tuition sessions and advice from an experienced award-winning public speaker and professional communication and leadership coach. (See coach details)

The sessions are spaced over an agreed time, with breaks in between the sessions for you to reflect, review and embed new techniques and skills.

Once the initial coaching hours have been completed, on-going weekly or monthly coaching can be added at an hourly rate, if required.

You will improve at your own pace and develop advanced communication skills to target your objectives, uncover your strengths and improve any weaknesses. 

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Personal Communication Coaching Can Assist You To:

  • Lift your business presentation skills to a higher level
  • Write and deliver effective, engaging, memorable keynotes speeches
  • Create unique leadership stories that:
    • Spark action
    • Communicate who you are
    • Transmit values
    • Communicate your brand
    • Foster collaboration
    • Tame the grapevine (stop gossip!)
    • Share knowledge
    • Lead people into the future
  • Create scripts for social media videos
  • Improve presence & charisma / personal etiquette
  • Manage critical conversations / giving feedback
  • Connect and create a more inclusive culture

What’s In It For You?

  • Learn to speak with a powerfully and connect to any audience
  • Speak clearly, get to the point and stay on track
  • Improve emotional intelligence and understand others
  • Improve your career and business opportunities
  • Develop confidence in challenging situations
  • Control Q&A sessions with assurance
  • Analyse & improve 1:1 communication
  • Understand how to respond mindfully
  • Develop your most valuable asset – the ability to connect and communicate effectively
  • Develop the skills to speak as a leader in your field
  • Work at your own pace in a confidential environment, with a caring partner who focuses on you and helps you to achieve success.

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Advanced Communication Coaching – $2800

Personal Communication Coaching involves scheduling 10 hours of 1:1 sessions at times that suits you – from 9am to 9pm.

We recommend allowing 2.5 hours for the initial session as it is devoted to analysing your main areas of concern, defining your weakness and strengths, training, video feedback and practical experience.

The following sessions can be shorter, as they will be targeted to address specific areas identified in the first session. 

Breaks in between coaching sessions will give you more time to develop your skills, reflect, review and embed new skills.

The training can be conducted at your business office (Sydney), or we can hire an alternative conference room at cost, if you prefer.


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Details of Advanced Communication Coaching Sessions

To begin your coaching, we discuss your objectives, establish a plan, create a schedule and organise the work to be done for your first session.

We create unique course material and information that is specifically relevant to you and your needs.

Speech Review

If you already have a speech or presentation, we ask that you send it to us so that we establish a deeper understanding of the content before the initial session.  This also includes analysis and improvement suggestions of any related PowerPoint slides.

The initial session is devoted to analysing your main areas of concern, evaluating your strengths & weaknesses, improving skills through training and practical experience, video feedback, if appropriate.

We agree upon a plan of action to address your targeted goals and establish clear objectives.

The first coaching session usually takes 2.5 hours.

A break between sessions allows you time to review, rehearse and use the skills in your work environment.

The break can be 1 to 4 weeks, but not longer as we want to keep the momentum going.

During this time we also continue to assist you over the phone/zoom/email with re-writing speeches; fine-tuning your language; suggesting tips and techniques to improve your performance.

After the initial coaching session, we will work with you to sharpen and refine your communication skills, which may include some of the following areas:

  • Handle critical conversations
  • Manage feedback and appraisals
  • Techniques to delegate effectively
  • Understand how to engage to different personality styles
  • Learn about Transactional Analysis and how to monitor your emotional reactions
  • Re-writing and defining speech content, creating a core message and designing presentations
  • Deepen your understanding and use of body language
  • Learn how to engage and interact with your audience
  • Control Q&A sessions
  • Connect, collaborate and build trusting relationships
  • and much, much more!

Advanced Communication Coaching Includes:

  • Workbook related to your coaching subject
  • Written assessments and feedback to improve
  • Videos of your performances/speeches
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Supportive, positive, encouraging environment
  • Certificate of Achievement (when goals have been achieved)


Advanced Communication Coaching: $2800

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