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Art of Leadership Course


Develop leadership, communication and effective team management through a 5-Step Leadership Program at the Art of Leadership Course in Sydney.

The Challenge of Being a Leader

Being in a position of leadership is a challenge. Leaders need to know how to manage people, delegate tasks, build trust, credibility and get the job done.  

Not only do they need to be aware of how to work with challenging behaviours of others, they also need to understand the effects of their own behaviour. 

This course offers participants a confidential space to discuss key topics, share experiences and enhance their leadership skills.


Art of Leadership Course

Dates:  5th, 12th, 19th, 26th June & 3rd July 2021

Times: 9am to 1pm

Location: Adina Apartment Hotel, 511 Kent St Sydney

5 Steps to The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership course is a unique 5-step program that analyses your leadership abilities and increases your understanding of others.  It gives you the information and practical experience you need to lead and manage your team effectively.

You will receive personal feedback and 1:1 coaching throughout the course.  And you can take advantage of the opportunity to speak with other participants who support one another on their leadership program.

Develop, Discuss & Practice Leadership

With the expert knowledge, practical experience, self-reflection and coaching you receive at this course, you will know how you are progressing as a leader, and what you need to do to improve.

The Art of Leadership Course in Sydney develops your skills over 5 consecutive weeks, so you have time to consume the information, discuss ideas with other leaders, and practice your skills.

Art of Leadership Course Process

Build Leadership Skills You Can Be Proud Of:

  • Establish your leadership credibility – build rapport and trust with your team.

  • Understand other people’s personality styles and improve emotional intelligence, so that you know how to connect and communicate effectively.

  • Develop your own leadership vision & strategy – be able to express it confidently.

  • Clearly define your working lifestyle – techniques to manage stress, time & priorities

  • Analyse your team’s needs, skills and motivations so you can manage them effectively

  • Maximise your team’s potential and improve productivity.

  • Understand how to delegate effectively.

  • Understand the main 5 dysfunctions of a team and uncover the areas that need your attention.

  • Develop a positive, supportive culture through honest feedback and coaching.

Learn the Art of Leadership - Course & Coaching with Art of Communicating Sydney

Course Objectives & Content

  • Define your leadership benchmark – the qualities, skills, behaviours and attributes of great people managers
  • Assess your own capabilities, accountability and self-management
  • Understand the value of emotional intelligence within yourself and when managing people
  • Incorporate the 4 Pillars of Leadership to guide you
  • Strengths analysis – Insight into your personal strengths and behaviours and natural talents
  • Maximise your potential and be more aware of blind spots in your character and leadership skills
  • Identify personality styles and understand how to connect & communicate effectively
  • Identify the different conflict management drivers in yourself and others – Know how to adapt your approach to get the message across
  • Utilise various tools & techniques to overcome barriers, enabling you to engage in professional & effective conversations
  • Become conscious of ego state that are present in your transactions so that you become less reactive and have better, more constructive communication with others.

Discuss in a 1:1 coaching session before Session 3:

  • What you learnt from the first 2 sessions
  • Review your personal profiles
  • Reflect on your leadership plans going forward
  • Understand how to create a leadership strategy that will influence, engage and encourage excellent performance
  • Clearly communicate your purpose, vision and leadership values – Building crediblity, identity, trust and authenticity
  • Implement easy practices to manage stress and build confidence through body, action & mind techniques
  • Develop your personal work/life strategy that makes you an effective, productive, successful achiever
  • Understand the difference between managing & leading and tailor your approach according to the needs of individuals in your team
  • Understand the 5 dysfunctions of a team, then analyse your team’s situation
  • Determine the needs, skills, & motivations of each team member to increase productivity
  • Set up others for success through the use of an effective delegation framework
  • Identify best practice and requirements to lead upwards

Discuss in a 1:1 coaching session before Session 5:

  • What you learnt from sessions 3 & 4
  • Establish your goals & priorities
  • Reflect on your leadership skills in your current work place
  • Analyse your current work environment and create a plan to establish and promote a positive, supportive culture
  • Understand how meetings become unproductive and implement a clear process to create effective meetings
  • Learn the skills of giving and receiving honest feedback to improve performance & attitudes
  • Practice coaching and deliver an inspiring and motivational coaching session using a coaching framework so you can maintain and enhance performance and manage change with your team members

What Do You Receive?

Art of Leadership course includes:

  • Art of Leadership manual & workbook
  • Analysis of your strengths/weaknesses
  • Practical exercises & work-related scenarios
  • Personal coaching throughout the course
  • Knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic Trainers
  • A beautiful, professional training environment
  • Healthy snacks & refreshments at breaks
  • Art of Communicating’s Leadership Group membership
  • Certificate of Achievement 

Is the Art of Leadership Course for YOU?

If you want to:

  • Improve your career & leadership skills
  • Feel emotionally stable and strong
  • Increase self-worth & improve credibility 
  • Know your leadership strengths & values
  • Create a better company culture
  • Communicate to influence & motivate
  • Establish a leadership vision & strategy
  • Manage conflict for win-win solutions
  • Coach and empower your team

then this Art of Leadership Course is for you!

Become an effective leader. Leadership course Sydney
Art of Leadership Course – Sydney

Dates:  5th, 12th, 19th, 26th June & 3rd July 2021
Time: 9am – 1pm
Location: Adina Apartment Hotel, 511 Kent St Sydney

Price: $1895

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Price Only $1495 – If you book by Friday 28th May

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