In-House Business Training, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne

In-House Business Training

Sydney, Canberra, Hobart

Effective, Exciting, Interactive & Fun Courses

We provide professional in-house training programs that are tailored to solve communication and leadership problems. 

We make them inspiring, practical, focused and fun, so people want to apply their new skills immediately.   

On-going coaching and refresher courses are also available when they need a ‘top-up” too!

Our communication and leadership programs are available by expert Trainers in Sydney, Canberra and Hobart.

Art of Communicating's Training and Development Plan

Tailored Training Achieves Results

These are not off-the-shelf courses.  All our courses are tailored to address your specific needs and objectives.  

Our client results and feedback has been excellent.  See more About Us

Business Training Proposal & Costs

If you would like a free business training proposal:

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In-House Business Training includes:

  • You will receive clear training objectives and outcomes.
  • Training will be aligned to your business environment and culture.
  • Pre-course surveys are sent out before the course, so that we understand participants’ objectives
  • Pre-course work stimulates interest and encourages commitment to the training program.
  • Once objectives and outcomes are confirmed we will send you the session plans.
  • Sessions plans can include role-plays, work-related scenarios and assessment criteria.
  • All content is interactive and includes practical individual and team work.
  • Well-crafted workbooks, PowerPoints and professional manuals are included.
  • Course material includes your brand and logo.
  • Equipment such as a projector, computer, video, lecturn, are available.
  • Training will be conducted by fully-qualified, experienced, adult trainers.
  • Our award-winning public speakers will share their communication tips and tricks.
  • Our trainers will make sure your team is engaged, inspired and having fun.
  • Practical, interactive exercises are included
  • Work-related scenarios are included because participants need real-world challenges.
  • Participants receive constructive feedback and coaching, so everyone understands how and where to improve their skills
  • Videos of speeches and presentations are used for feedback.
  • Our Trainers provide an open, supportive, friendly environment.
  • The experience is inclusive, inspiring, enthusiastic and fun!
  • Participants’ skills are assessed at the beginning and the end of training.
  • They receive continual coaching because constructive feedback helps them to improve.
  • You will receive feedback from participants at the end of the training, so that you will know what worked and what didn’t.  Also what action to take to embed the new skills in the workforce.
  • All participants receive professional certificates of achievement / participation.
  • Special Peer Awards are included to recognise extraordinary contributions.

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