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Tailored In-House Business Training Programs

At Art of Communicating, we specialise in providing tailored in-house business training programs that focus on developing effective communication skills for your team.  Our programs are designed to help you and your staff communicate professionally and confidently in a variety of business situations.

We have expert trainers with over 15 years of experience in creating and delivering professional courses across various industries including government, finance, travel, technology, building & construction, and various professional services. (See About Us)

We have a proven track record of success in developing communication, confidence, business presentations, winning proposals, and interpersonal skills and look forward to offering you the same high-level of training development and achievement.

Tailored Programs with Expert Trainers

Our course facilitators have a range of qualifications which include: Cert VI Training and Assessing, Advanced Communication Coaching, Voice and Stage Presence (NIDA), Distinguished Toastmasters Communication & Leadership skills, and award-winning public speaking experience.  (see Trainers & Coaches).

They know how to deliver engaging, practical relevant, and fun learning experiences that will help your team communicate more effectively.

Don’t wait any longer to improve communication within your organisation.  Contact us today to discuss your specific training needs and to schedule a training program with our expert trainers.

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Achieve Remarkable Results

Effective Communication Skills Training Includes:

  • Customized training tailored to your business environment and brand through pre-course consultation and participant needs assessment
  • Interactive and practical learning through exercises, scenarios and challenging games.
  • Personalized improvement through individual assessment and coaching, as well as Gallup Strengths Assessments.
  • Comprehensive training materials, including workbooks filled with knowledge, tips and techniques, and post-training review to monitor results.
  • Additional support through training for peers to give constructive feedback and peer recognition awards.
  • Achievable recognition through certificates of achievement.
  • Video feedback option to record your improvement and performance (with approval)
  • A guarantee of quality work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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