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Excellent business training programs in communication and leadership are available for your business.

These are not off-the-shelf programs!  All our courses will be tailored to your specific business objectives, so they are relevant and meaningful.

The results and feedback we have achieved for our clients have been excellent.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will quickly send a free proposal for your consideration. Thank you.

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Art of Communicating's Training and Development Plan

Business Training Price Estimations

To provide you with an idea of prices for your in-house training, here are some approximations for training 10 people:

  • 1/2 day – $2950 ($295/person)
  • 1-day – $4000 ($400/person)
  • 2-days – $5950 ($595/person)
  • 1 to 3 people – please see Personal Tuition
  • 10+ people – Cost depends on the amount of individual attention required.  The cost changes if another trainer is needed for feedback & coaching.

Training can be delivered at your business location (Sydney).   Or we can arrange an alternative training location in Sydney, at cost, if required.

If any interstate travel (Canberra or Hobart), accommodation or expenses are incurred, those costs will be added to these prices.

Expressions of Interest

If you would like to see what’s possible for your business, just call!  We would be delighted to be of service. 

Proposals, session plans and costs can be sent quickly to you for your consideration.

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In-House Business Training includes:

  • Create clear training objectives and outcomes
  • Understand your business environment & culture
  • Be clear on your business challenges / issues
  • Understand your vision, mission, values
  • Dates, times, agenda
  • Course content
  • Role-plays, and work-related scenarios
  • Assessment criteria
  • Video feedback
  • Fun activities and team work
  • Surveys used in order to understand participants’ situations, challenges & goals
  • This gives them an opportunity to discuss their personal objectives for the training
  • Pre-course work and preparation details are sent out early to encourage commitment
  • Well-crafted workbooks and manuals
  • Company branded material
  • Equipment: projector, computer, video, podium etc.
  • Professional PowerPoints
  • Checklists 
  • Action Plans Sheets for participants to capture goals and measure success
  • Fully-qualified, experienced adult trainers
  • Some award-winning public speakers
  • Over 20 years experience in business and people skills
  • Our trainers know how to engage, inspire and have fun!
  • Practical, hands-on exercises to apply skills immediately
  • Use of powerful questions to get participants to think and own their answers
  • Work-related scenarios included to provide real-world challenges
  • Feedback and coaching to improve
  • Plenary sessions to review and reflect
  • Scenarios created that relate directly to your business, and created with your objectives in mind
  • Videos of speeches – used for feedback and coaching purposes
  • Our Trainers provide an open, supportive, friendly environment right from the start
  • The experience is inclusive, inspiring, enthusiastic and fun!
  • Participants’ skills are assessed at the beginning and the end of training
  • Participants receive continual coaching and feedback to improve
  • You will receive feedback from participants and the trainer at the end of the training to know:
    • What worked, what was of benefit and why
    • What didn’t work and how to improve
    • Action plan to embed changes moving forward
  • Professional certificates of achievement for all participating attendees
  • Encouraging peer awards for great contribution from participants throughout the training, if appropriate
  • Discuss on-going action and training plans
  • On-going peer coaching can be organised, if required
  • Post course webinar to review action plans and progress (at cost, if required)
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  • In-House Business Training Melbourne
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  • In-House Business Training Sydney
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  • In-House Business Training Sydney
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  • In-House Business Training Newcastle
  • In-House Business Training Melbourne
  • Business Presentation Training
  • In-House Business Training Sydney
  • In-House Business Training
  • Business Presentation Training
  • In-House Business Training Melbourne
  • Business Presentation Training
  • In-House Business Training Melbourne

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