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Tailored In-House Business Training Programs

Welcome to the Art of Communicating, where excellence in communication meets the heart of your business. Elevate your team’s proficiency with our customized in-house training programs, meticulously crafted to enhance their communication prowess in diverse business scenarios.

Why Choose Art of Communicating?

At Art of Communicating, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored programs that empower your team to communicate professionally and confidently. With over 15 years of expertise spanning government, finance, travel, technology, construction, and professional services, our seasoned trainers bring unparalleled knowledge and insight to your doorstep.

See training workshop suggestions below.

Explore our journey [About Us] to understand the depth of our experience.

Achieve Remarkable Results

Meet Your Expert Trainers

Our course facilitators aren’t just trainers; they are seasoned experts equipped with:

  • Cert VI Training and Assessment
  • Advanced Communication Coaching
  • NIDA’s Voice and Stage Presence
  • Executive Leadership & Relationship Counselling
  • Accredited Mediation
  • Gamestorming Facilitating
  • Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Distinguished Toastmasters in Communication & Leadership skills, and
  • Award-winning public speaking experience.

Discover the brilliance behind our trainers [Trainers & Coaches].

  • In-House Business Training Sydney
  • In-House Business Training Melbourne
  • Business Team Training in Melbourne
  • In-House Business Training Sydney
  • In-House Business Training Newcastle
  • In-House Leadership Business Training in Melbourne with Art of Communicating
  • Business Training in Communication and Leadership
  • Business Training for Non-profit Group, Sydney
  • Business Storytelling Course, Sydney with Art of Communicating
  • Team leadership training Melbourne with Art of Communicating
  • In-House Business Training Newcastle
  • Business Presentation Training - Charmaine Burke, Art of Communicating
  • Enjoyable in-house business training

The Art of Effective Communication

Embark on a transformative journey with our courses, designed to cultivate collaboration, confidence, assertiveness, leadership communication, business presentations, and improve connection and relationships through dynamic interpersonal skills.
(see course suggestions below)

Our commitment to your success is unwavering, backed by a proven track record of achievement.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Tailored Programs: Customized to fit seamlessly into your business environment and brand through pre-course consultations and participant needs assessments.

  • Engaging Learning: Experience interactive and practical learning through exercises, real-life business-related scenarios, and thought-provoking games.

  • Personalized Improvement: Benefit from individual assessments, coaching sessions, and Gallup Strengths Assessments to unlock your team’s full potential.

  • Comprehensive Materials: Receive extensive training materials, including knowledge-packed workbooks, tips, techniques, and post-training reviews to track progress.

  • Peer Support: Amplify learning with training for peers, fostering constructive feedback and peer recognition awards.

  • Recognition: Celebrate achievements with certificates of accomplishment and explore improvement through optional video feedback (with approval).

  • Quality Assurance: Rest assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee – your success is our commitment.

Pricing Guides

1/2 Day Course from

$3300+ GST
  • Fast-Track Training Program
  • Designed for busy professionals, this intensive half-day program equips participants with essential tools, techniques and worksheets
  • Attendees: 5 to 10

1-Day Course from

$3950+ GST
  • Immersive Training Program
  • Courses tailored to your business environment & objectives. Tailored workbooks, packed with knowledge for learning and reference. Engaging practical experiences, demonstrations with coaching and feedback to embed skills.
  • Attendees: 5 to 10

2-Day Course from

$5500+ GST
  • Transformative Training Program
  • Empower your team to achieve a higher level with extra time for individual coaching to address personal challenges; Exchange insights and perspectives for deeper understanding and transformative leadership.
  • Attendees: 5 to 10

Take the Next Step

Don’t let communication barriers hold your organization back. Contact us today to discuss your specific training needs and embark on a transformative journey toward effective communication with our expert trainers.

Unlock excellence in communication with Art of Communicating – where your success is our priority.

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Training Suggestions:

Public Speaking Skills

Speaking to an Audience - Business Presentations - Boost Confidence & Influence

Prepare, Create & Deliver Effective Speeches

Techniques and practical experience to enhance public speaking skills.
Understand how to inform, engage and influence your audience.

Assertive Communication

Understand Self & Others. Empowering Relationship Training.

Enhance workplace relationships & leadership communication skills.

Express your ideas. Understand different personalities. Manage emotions.

Emotional Intelligence

Unlock Awareness, Understanding, Compassion & Social Intelligence at Work

Workshop Emotions for Improved Workplace Relationships

Understanding. Self-awareness & management.  Impact on performance.  Become socially intelligent.

Difficult Conversations

Deliver Feedback, Understand Conflict. Manage Difficult Conversations at Work

Prepare, Deliver & Follow Up Crucial Conversations

Establish objectives. Manage behaviours/personalities.  Overcome barriers and conflict.  Seek common ground. Find best solutions.

Your Body Speaks!

Enhance Body Language Skills to Impact Communication and Presentation Skills

Understand the Importance of Non-Verbal Communication at Work.

Understand the influential aspect of body language, how it works and how to utilize it to your benefit.

Interpersonal Communication

Refine Interaction & Communication With Others for Business Success

'People Skills' - The Corner Stone of Successful Business

Communication styles.  Adaptive behaviours.  Self-awareness. Building rapport and much more.