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In-House Business Training

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In-house business training improves communication and leadership success.

You may have noticed that those who know how to communicate effectively make the best leaders, they know how to motivate and inspire colleagues and clients, and are a valuable asset to your company’s success. 

Imagine harnessing and multiplying those skills to the rest of your team so they can become leaders in their industry and be more productive in a rapidly changing world. 

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See a list of tailored training programs below. 

Tailored Training Delivered In-House

Our communication and leadership trainers have over 15 years experience in creating and delivering professional courses across a variety of industries including: government, finance, travel, technology, construction & professional services.  They have achieved excellent results in developing communication, leadership, business presentations, winning proposals, team culture, and interpersonal skills.

Your team can learn from an award-winning public speaker and Distinguished Toastmaster who has develop world-class business presentation training.  We have advanced communication coaches, and an executive leadership counsellor and mediator to assist you.    All our training facilitators are qualified trainers and assessors and they deliver engaging, supportive, relevant, enthusiastic and practical learning experiences (About Us)

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Achieve Remarkable Results

Our Communication & Leadership Training Programs Include:

  • Pre-course consultation to establish your objectives/outcomes.
  • Pre-requisite survey to all participants to understand their needs.
  • Unique content tailored to your business environment & brand.
  • Practical exercises, scenarios & fun, challenging games.
  • Assessments & coaching to improve.
  • World-class leadership knowledge, information & references.
  • Tailored workbooks with knowledge, tips & techniques.
  • Videos of participants’ performances.
  • Post training review with you to monitor results
  • Feedback from attendees.
  • Peer recognition awards.
  • Certificates of Achievement.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Business Training Program Suggestions:

Assertiveness Training Course
Assertiveness in Action

Assertiveness – what it is and what it means.
Appreciate your rights and others.
Improve self-esteem & interaction.
Approach challenges more assertively.

Body Language - Your Body Speaks Course
Body Language for Business

Your Body Speaks! Assess & improve your body language and vocal expression.
Understand high & low-value body-language signals to improve rapport & connection with others. Read non-verbal cues in business situations.

Care for Our Customers Course
Care for Your Customers

Identify various customer care issues. Know who your customers are, why they choose you, how to make a good impression on customers and know why they would choose to use your services.  Details

Coaching Skills for Success Course
Successfully Coach Your Team

How coaching works in practical terms.
Time to use coaching for best effective.
Coaching to get results at work.
Positive questioning & listening techniques that get the best results.

Collaboration at Work Course
Increase Collaboration at Work

Define collaboration, its key characteristics and practice, the benefits for individuals and the organisation.  Address the pitfalls to working collaboratively and build an effective collaborative process.  Details

Managing Difficult Conversations Course
Techniques to Manage Difficult Conversations

Process to structure & prepare effectively.
Overcome personal communication barriers.
Manage awkward behaviours & personalities.
Effective listening & questioning techniques.

Training to Build a Personal Brand - Course for Business
Create Your Personal Brand

Identify what a personal brand is both personally & professionally. Recognise the positive impact a personal brand can have on your future. Start working on your brand & develop a 30 second elevator speech.  Details

Essential Management Course
Essential Management Skills

Set goals, objectives, strategy and KPIs.
Use a framework for effective management.
Prioritise and organise work effectively.
Create employee engagement.
Motivate and monitor your staff.

Delegation at Work Course
Delegate Effectively & Save Time

Save time and develop your people when you use the 7 steps of delegation.  Use leadership styles that empower others to take ownership and responsibility. Delegate effectively using explained techniques.  Details

Build Resilience Course
Challenge Your Thinking – Build Resilience!

Define resilience and explain its importance.
Difference of positive & negative thinking.
Challenges to the way you think.
Use tools to build resilience in self & others.
Develop key Emotional Intelligence skills.

How to Give and Receive Feedback Course
How to Give Effective Feedback

Understand the importance of giving and receiving feedback.  Identify how to give positive and constructive feedback, and use various models to effectively deliver feedback.  Details

Lead Effective Meetings Course
Lead Effective Meetings

Learn to control meetings to ensure they are productive, time-bound, have clear objectives, an effective agenda, and actions are assigned & recorded.  This course will show you how to open, conduct and close meetings effectively.  Details

Listening Skills Course
Listening Skills for Business

Make sense of and improve understanding when in conversation with another person.  Deeping your connection and perceive the meaning behind their words. Details

Motivation at Work Course
Motivation at Work

Study several motivational theories to understand why people behave in particular ways. Be informed about the approaches you can take to resolve performance issues linked to motivation.  Details

Negotiation Skills Training Course
Negotiation Skills

Prepare & structure negotiations
Set your boundaries – BATNA
Be aware of negotiation tactics.
Tools to negotiate well & build business.
Practice with business-related scenarios.

Persuasive Business Presentations Course
Persuasive Business Presentations

Techniques to persuade & influence.
Open powerfully & deliver a compelling close.
Build rapport, establish credibility & trust.
Improve body-language, voice & delivery.

Positive Leadership Course
Positive Leadership

A short course on the importance of Positive Leadership. Explain Light and Dark of Command and Control. Explore themes in changing leadership styles in favour of a flexible, adaptable leadership style.  Details

Power of Influence Course
Power of Influence

Principles of influencing other people
And the role of power when being influential.
Identify your preferred influencing style.
Identify barriers and enablers to influencing.
Know & demonstrate the impact you have on others. Details

Public Speaking Presentation Techniques Course
Public Speaking Techniques

World-class stage presentation techniques.
Improve body language & vocal expression.
Walk the stage with purpose & confidence.
Professional use of props, notes, lectern, mic.
Eliminate death by PowerPoint.

Speak With Confidence Training Course
Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Learn how to speak with confidence.
Create & deliver effective presentations.
Respond assertively to Q&A.
Improve body language & expression.
Develop business & personal confidence.

Successful Selling Course
Successful Selling Skills

In this short course you will identify the key 4 elements of a simple, reliable, selling skills process. Then recognise the benefits of using this approach for both yourself and your customers.  Details