Coaching for Success Course

Coaching for Success

Short Course for Business


The Coaching for Success Course identifies the key skills required by a manager to coach effectively and draw out the best performance in others.

Coaching provides a structured environment that inspires the individual or team to perform at a higher level than previously achieved.

Coaching for Success Course develops their way of behaving and responding to challenges at work, which benefits all in the team.  Individually, coaching helps them to develop new skills, improve their understanding of how they are performing and working with others and keeps them focused on achieving their goals for success.

The Key Contents of this Coaching for Success Course are:

  • Know the definition of coaching
  • How to guide someone on their journey to reach their goal through questioning and listening
  • Recognise the benefits coaching can bring through increasing confidence and improving skills, trust etc.
  • Identify the skills required to coach effectively, including listening, questioning & feedback.
  • Understand the importance of non-verbal communication when coaching and checking for understanding.
  • Recognise the importance of recognition and constructive feedback.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the definition of coaching
  • Recognise the benefits of coaching
  • State the various skills required to coach effectively
  • Describe the importance of effective questioning, listening and feedback techniques when coaching

In-house business training includes:

  • Pre-course consultation with you to establish your objectives/outcomes.
  • Course is tailored to your specific requirements, people’s abilities and timing.
  • Pre-requisite survey to all participants to understand their needs before the course.
  • Content designed to match your business brand.
  • Practical exercises, scenarios & fun, challenging games.
  • Assessments, feedback, discussion & coaching to improve.
  • World-class information, references & demonstrations.
  • Professional workbooks with knowledge, tips & techniques.
  • Videos of participants’ performances (if required)
  • Post course analysis, review and feedback provided.
  • Fun, peer recognition prizes & challenges (if appropriate)
  • Certificates of Achievement.

100% guarantee    100% Satisfaction Guarantee included.

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