Lead Effective Meetings Course

Lead Effective Meetings

Short Course for Business


Do your meetings go off track? Are they dominated by a few?  Do your meetings get results?  If not, then this Lead Effective Meetings Course is for you!

Let’s face it: most of us have too many meetings, no time to prepare, and may feel we are not getting value from attending meetings!

However, meetings are an essential means of communication between two or more people.  If conducted effectively, they can save time, generate ideas, solve problems, increase motivation and productivity.

This course is aimed at making sure you know how to lead successful meetings and make them productive and rewarding for all participants. 


By the end of this course participants will understand the 4 steps to leading an effective meeting:

PREPARE Effective Meetings: 

  • Get clear on your reason for holding a meeting. Are there other options?
  • Understand how to select relevant participants and ensure they come fully prepared.
  • Make sure you stay on track by establishing clear objectives and intentions prior to the meeting.
  • Learn how to create a really effective agenda.  (A simple agenda template will be provided in this course.)

LEAD Meetings: 

  • Make your first impressions count.  Understand how to establish objectives at the beginning of every meeting.
  • Create appropriate ground rules.  This is an important requirement that is so often ignored!
  • Delegate someone to take the minutes and keep to time.

MANAGE Participants: 

  • Understand how to manage disruptive behaviour and personalities.  
  • Encourage contribution and make sure all people are involved.

CLOSE with Action & Commitment:

  • Learn how to close confidently, communicating your commitment to follow-up and make sure everyone takes appropriate action.
  • End positively and on time.

In-house business training includes:

  • Pre-course consultation with you to establish your objectives/outcomes.
  • Course is tailored to your specific requirements, people’s abilities and timing.
  • Pre-requisite survey to all participants to understand their needs before the course.
  • Content designed to match your business brand.
  • Practical exercises, scenarios & fun, challenging games.
  • Assessments, feedback, discussion & coaching to improve.
  • World-class information, references & demonstrations.
  • Professional workbooks with knowledge, tips & techniques.
  • Videos of participants’ performances (if required)
  • Post course analysis, review and feedback provided.
  • Fun, peer recognition prizes & challenges (if appropriate)
  • Certificates of Achievement.

100% guarantee    100% Satisfaction Guarantee included.

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