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Executive Coaching

The Stress of Leadership

Sometimes the struggle and challenge of leadership makes us feel we are doing it all by ourselves.  The weight of responsibility and the need to keep everything going, support our teams and solve problems, can feel overwhelming. 

Leadership can be a lonely place. 

At some point you may realise you need help.  But who can you turn to that has integrity and is capable?   What is needed is someone who will listen, understand the problems you are facing, and know how to help you draw out ideas to find the best solutions.

This is where a personal, executive coach can support you.

Need an executive coach

How Does Executive Coaching Help You?

An executive coach is a qualified professional who works with you in a totally confidential and personalised program.

Your executive coach will help you analyse your current situation, your strengths and weaknesses, manage risks, and establish a strategy to help you reach your full potential.

And you won’t feel alone! You will have an understanding partner, a sounding-board, someone to challenge you, who cares and supports you to evolve as the leader you wish to be.

1:1 Personal Coaching Can Assist You To:

  • Improve your leadership performance, productivity and results
  • Understand yourself: What influences you; what drives you; Who/what depletes you
  • Improve self-awareness, self-control and adaptability
  • Professionally analyse your leadership & personality strengths & weaknesses
  • Develop confidence in your abilities, your vision and your purpose
  • Understand others – How to engage, connect and influence others
  • Manage conflict & difficult relationships
  • Improve resilience in difficult, stressful situations
  • Create a personal, strategic vision for your life.

Coaching can break down and unpack what’s holding you back, helping you to understand who you are, and why you respond to situations and people the way you do. Then your coach will assist you to understand what needs to change in order for you to achieve what you want and become the person you desire to be.

Leadership Coaching with Art of Communicating

Executive Coach

Karen Love

Karen Love is a highly-qualified executive coach with an in-depth experience in learning & development, HR, change management, transformation consulting, coaching, psychotherapy and relationship therapy.

For over 15 years she has improved people’s careers, relationships and businesses, working within many industries including: government, engineering, accounting, legal, insurance, medical, design build and construction, IT, tertiary education and professional services. Her work has extended across Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Karen Love cares and understands the pressures of leadership and the importance of communication. Her work has changed many people’s lives, careers and relationships.

Whatever experience you pursue with Karen’s coaching, she will ensure that all the way you feel supported, encouraged and receive just the right amount of challenge for you to expand as a leader, and evolve as a human being.

Karen Love - Executive Coach

How to Begin Coaching Sessions

Personal coaching begins with a free initial consultation with Karen Love to establish connection, to understand your situation and expectations, and confirm you are both a good fit for partnering on the coaching journey.

Then 10 x 1 hour executive coaching sessions are scheduled at a time that is mutually agreeable. 

The coaching sessions are usually conducted over a period of between 3 to 8 months in total.

The coaching can be delivered in person in Sydney or Melbourne – your office location, or on-line anywhere in the world.

Cost for 10 Coaching Sessions – $3950

Call Now  +61 (0)401 059 934
to arrange a time for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss what you need.

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Executive Coaching

10 x 1hr sessions – $3950

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