In-house business training

In-House Business Training Workshops

Business Presentation, Communication, Leadership

Ineffective communication can ruin businesses, sales, careers, and employee and customer relationships.

Three of the biggest contributors to poor communication in the workplace are the fear of public speaking, bad listening skills and ‘death by Power Point’.

Our award-winning speakers and trainers are highly experienced in business and presentation skills and conduct courses that dramatically improve communication, engage the audience, strengthen teams and develops effective leadership. 

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Tailored Workshops

Art of Communicating provides a variety of in-house training for your business.   Workshops are tailored specifically to the needs of your personnel and your training budget.

Suggested training programs include:

Business Presentation Training

Business Presentation Speak with Confidence

Business Presentation
Speak with Confidence

Your staff can create effective speeches, improve delivery, engage their audiences and achieve their speaking objectives. Suitable for improving managerial communication, sales, markeing and customer presentations.

  • Achieve business presentation objectives 
  • Design presentations that are clear, effective, on track and achieve results
  • Engage your audience, keep them listening and interested
  • Improve language and vocal expression 
  • Professional presentation skills 
  • How to use the stage, anchor stories and use body language effectively.
  • Stop PowerPoint overpowering you.
  • Tips and techniques from the Pros of Public Speaking
  • The Power of Story in Business 

Speak with Confidence Training

Overcome nerves, gain confidence, speak to groups, and speak up in impromptu speaking situations. Suitable for personal development, improving internal company communication and promoting a positive business-relationship environment. Training suggestions:

  • Active Listening Skills
  • Building Customer/Employee Rapport
  • How to Suggest Improvements Without Offending
  • Controlling Q&A Sessions
  • Successful Interview Techniques
  • Speaking Off-The-Cuff with Assurance
  • BAMS!  Body, Action, Mind, Spirit – Confidence Building Techniques that really work.

Understanding Yourself

  • Journey into self-awareness
  • Establishing trust.  Understanding boundaries and self-disclosure
  • Establishing goals, values and ethics
  • Self-management

Understanding and Working With Others

  • Understanding and working with diverse others
  • Listening skills
  • Communicating effectively
  • Being persuasive and influential


Team Building Workshop

Working Effectively in Teams 

  • Influential negotiation skills
  • Building teams and work groups
  • Managing conflict
  • Effective meetings – achieving business results
  • Team success – facilitation
  • Solving problems creatively and making decisions

Leading Individuals and Groups

  • Power and politicking
  • Networking and mentoring
  • Improving performance – Coaching and providing feedback
  • Leading and empowering self and others
  • Project management

Individual Tuition

One-on-one training, coaching and feedback to improve to public speaking skills; Strategies to overcome nerves; Create and rehearse special event speeches; Training tailored to personal objectives.


In-house business training proposal

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Request a Training Courses Proposal 

If you wish to speak to us about in-house training, please contact:

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After discussing your requirements, we will quickly send you a proposal to consider including course outline, objectives, costs and logistics.

Training can be conducted at your office or an alternative training location can be arranged. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Art of Communicating is so confident their training methods produce results they provide a full money-back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied.

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