What Others Say ...

Thank you again for such an amazing workshop last Friday! The participants go so much out of it. I can't wait to see how their project presentations are imparted when they present at the end of our program. The advice and tips you gave them in the morning session was extremely beneficial to all.
Nat Ellis, Verge Collaborative Limited, Sydney

This training was perfect for taking me from a mid level-manager to a leader who speaks with influence. Definitely top marks in all areas of public speaking. Thank you.
Kristie Drucza, Gender & Social Development, Canberra

Our sales team enthusiastically applied your techniques in their presentations and immediately had a 55% increase in sales at our recent product presentation.
You are our 'secret weapon'!
Emma Davie, Product Delivery Manager
SCENIC Tours Australia

GREAT experience, great environment and a well worth the investment.
I liked the constructive feedback, learning in a safe environment and trying new things that I normally wouldn't risk doing.

Most people hate public speaking and would pay a lot of money to learn and improve - I think you should even charge more for your sessions!
James Kinch

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We provide in-house training programs tailored to your specific business needs and objectives. The results and feedback we have achieved for our clients have been excellent.

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In-House Business Training Ideas

All our courses can be tailored for 1/2 day, 1-day or 2-day programs.
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Popular Business Courses:

Public Speaking

Essential Public Speaking
Advanced Public Speaking Performance
Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking
Building Credibility & Trust
Understanding & Engaging Your Audience
Stage Performance Skills
Body Language & Vocal Expression

Assertiveness Training

Emotional Intelligence
Dealing with Difficult People
Aggressive to Passive Behaviour
Assess Your Assertiveness
Conflict Management
Building Determination
Assertiveness Course Sydney Assertiveness Course Session Details

Emotional Intelligence

Changing Perceptions & Emotions
Self Awareness
Dealing with Aggression
Managing Conflict

Body Language Skills

Build Rapport - Mirroring & Matching
First Impressions Count
Establish Your Leadership Style
Read & Use Non-Verbal Cues
Body Language Skills Course Details

Difficult Conversations

Making Assumptions
Active Listening Skills
Questions to Probe, Explore, Challenge
Manner, Attitude, Intention Focus
Transactional Analysis
Facing Up to Challenges / Opportunities

Effective Efficient Meetings

Managing Time & Agendas
Introducing Self & Networking Effectively
Holding Difficult Conversations
Negotiation Skills
Chairing & Participating in Meetings
Pre and Post Meeting Action

Customer Service

Customer Care
Creating a Rave Experience
Managing Complaints
Listening & Responding
Focusing on Excellence
Customer Service Course Details Overcoming Sales Objections Course Details

Leadership Storytelling

Create a Springboard Story
How to Tame the Grapevine
Speeches to Inspire Your Team
Speech Motivate Action / Urgency
Convey the Vision, Values & Mission

Coaching & Feedback

Coaching Skills
Giving Constructive Feedback
Effective Performance Appraisals
Establish & Conduct Mentoring
Manging Team Performance
Constructive Criticism Course Details

Persuasive Presentations

Understanding Influence & Persuasion
Overcoming Objections
Compelling Closes
Powerful Openings
30 Sec Sales Pitch
Language & Non-Verbal Skills

Managers Who Lead

Uncover the Diamonds in Your Team
Understand Your Team Dynamics
Managing vs Leading
Providing Feedback / Coaching
Motivators and Team Builders
DISC Assessment
Understanding Personality Styles

The Power of You

Improve Awareness & EQ
Understand Beliefs & Influences
Define What You Want To Be & Do
Realise Your Purpose
Stepping into Authenticity & Courage
Establish Your Values & Vision
Taking Empowering Action
Power of You Workshop Details

Time Management

Art of Prioritizing
Breaking Goals Down
Effective Delegation
Interruptions & Time Stealers
Chairing Effective Meetings
Team Development

Managing Change

Introducing Change
Planning & Selling Change
The Change Journey
Making Continuous Improvement
Creating a Shared Vision
Optimism & Its Importance
Implementing Solutions