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Fabulous teacher, engaging, fun and so much knowledge and experience to impart. Learning was an absolute joy.
I now have the 'tools' to be able to prepare, engage the audience and increase my confidence to speak in front of my colleagues at work and clients business presentations.
Thank you!!!
Lynda Tremellen
Public Speaking Course Sydney

Since the public speaking training with you I have given quite a few presentations and talks, and I have found my voice. I realise just how much I got out of the training with you and continue to get out of it!

Having the confidence to speak to an audience has made a huge difference in my professional life and I just wanted to let you know what a positive impact you had.
Alexis McIntyre
Public Speaking Course Canberra

I can't say enough to express how grateful I am for the 1:1 advanced public speaking course. Little did I know that Charmaine, the Trainer, would impact my life so much.

She successfully helped me to deliver an amazing presentation that raised the standard of my company's expectation for public speaking.
Coming from someone who was afraid of public speaking, it was an very proud moment.
Then she helped me to find my core values, my purpose of life and my vision.
Raphael Tripet
Public Speaking Tuition Sydney

Speak with Confidence, Clarity & Charisma

We help people to step into their power so they can express themselves with confidence, clarity and charisma - and it's changed their lives!

Their careers, businesses and relationships dramatically evolved because they developed a stronger sense of self and the communication skills to speak as leaders in their fields.

Imagine if you knew how to do that!

Book a course or personal training session and we will help you to do the same.

Speak with Confidence Course SydneySpeak with Confidence




Build Confidence!

  • Overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Create & deliver 5 effective speeches
  • Respond confidently to questions
  • Develop a stronger sense of self

5 weeks: 9th Jan to 6th Feb - DETAILS

Personal public speaking tuition, Sydney & CanberraPersonal
Tuition &




Personal Coaching

  • Improve business presentations
  • Special events & weddings
  • Body language & voice skills
  • Sales/pitches/demonstrations
  • Develop leadership storytelling skills

Your time & place - DETAILS


55% Sales Increase!
In-House Business Training


Public speaking course CanberraPublic




Speak as a Leader

  • Get to the point, stay on track
  • Learn how to engage your audience
  • Award-winning speaking techniques
  • Build confidence to speak as a leader

18th & 19th February - DETAILS


Public Speaking Course SydneyPublic




Clarity & Charisma

  • Speak up as a leader in your field
  • Use body language & own the stage
  • Be professional & engaging
  • Open & close powerfully
  • Learn from award-winning speakers

2nd & 9th February - DETAILS


"You Owned It, Kathy!"
Public Speaking Tuition