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Leadership Courses

Give your managers the skills they need to lead teams, manage their priorities, and create the kind of work environment that inspires productivity and makes people love to come to work together.

Give Your Managers the Skills They Need to Lead Effectively

We provide in-house training and coaching through the following Leadership Courses. 

If you have entry-level managers who want to establish themselves in new positions of authority, or mid-level managers that need to lift their capabilities, people skills, behaviours and perceptions, we have the courses and exceptional trainers that will help them obtain the skills they need to become effective leaders.  (see more About Us)

In-House Business Training

The following Leadership Courses can be tailored to your specific objectives.  They can be delivered in-house at your business premises, or at an alternative venue.

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Anxiety at Work - Course
Anxiety at Work
1-day course

Understand anxiety and how to handle it.
Impact on colleagues, productivity & work.
Role of the manager, colleague & sufferer.
Plan of action, address the stigma.
Improve performance.

Build better work habits course
Build Better Work Habits
1-day course

Explore productivity – meaning & myths
Understand procrastination.
Identify what big tasks we keep “putting off” 
Balancing workload & performance priorities
Challenge mindsets – growth or fixed?

Business Etiquette Training Course
Business Etiquette
1-day course

Meeting common workplace standards.
How people work & support each other.
Business etiquette & common mistakes.
Email etiquette without business jargon.
Importance of listening & managing time.

Coaching Skills for Managers Training
Coaching Skills for Managers
1-day course

How coaching works in practical terms.
Time to use coaching for best effective.
Coaching to get results at work.
Positive questioning & listening techniques that get the best results.

Crisis Management Course
Crisis Management Planning
2-day course

Plan, anticipant and identify threats.
Manage organisation’s reputation in crisis.
Responding appropriately to crisis.
Make a chain of command when crisis hits.
Create a crisis management plan.

Build Resilience Course
Developing Resilience
1 day course

Define resilience and explain its importance.
Difference of positive & negative thinking.
Challenges to the way you think.
Use tools to build resilience in self & others.
Develop key Emotional Intelligence skills.

Emotional Intelligence at work course
Emotional Intelligence at Work
1-day course

Impact of emotions on performance.
Understand emotions in others.
Awareness of how to adapt behaviours.
Regulate your emotions and performance.
Handle and inspire emotion in others.

Essential management skills training for managers in business
Essential Management Skills
1 day course

Set goals, objectives, strategy and KPIs.
Use a framework for effective management.
Prioritise and organise work effectively.
Create employee engagement.
Motivate and monitor your staff.

Executive Presence Training Course
Executive Presence
1 or 2-day course

3 Main attributes of executive presence.
Define your own personal brand.
Build gravitas with confidence and EQ.
Demonstrate different communication styles.
Speak assertively. Create a vision/purpose.

Great Leadership training course
Great Leadership Skills
1 or 2-day course

Leadership of yourself, team & tasks.
Self-awareness & positive leadership.
Clear methods to get the best from team.
Working practices for you to be a great leader.
For new leaders or to get a new perspective.

Keep Employees Engaged - Course for managers
Keep Your Employees Engaged!
1-day course

Define & recognise employee engagement.
Motivate, engage & retain your talent.
Create a more engaging work environment.
Strategies for employee engagement.
Prevent disengagement.

Leading Effective Teams Training
Leading Effective Teams
2-day course

Benchmark qualities of an effective leader.
Difference between leading and managing.
Business vision & developing team goals.
Motivate staff, understand their drivers.
Deal with difficult staff members.
Leadership coaching process to coach staff.

How to Lead Through Uncertainty Training Course for Managers
Leading Through Uncertainty
1-day course

What happens when we face uncertainty.
Resilience & emotions when in transition.
Bring clarity, identify ways to set direction.
Affects on mental well-being.
How to support & build trust.

Managing Difficult Behaviours at Work - Training Course
Managing Difficult Behaviours at Work
1 or 2-day course

Identify root causes of tension.
Common triggers and inhibitors of behaviour.
Attitudes and the behaviour cycle.
Understand & manage your own experience.
Behaviours for defusing & calming situations.

Performance Management Training
Performance Management to Develop Your Team
1-day course

Managing the performance of your team.
Stages of performance management.
Create a development plan.
Techniques to address poor performance.
Review  challenges and how to face them.

Seal Development for Managers Training Course
Self Development for Managers
1 or 2-day course

Your learning opportunities &  future.
Skills, qualities & functions of managers.
Assess your self-development needs.
Your strengths, qualities and weaknesses.
Set goals & create a self-development plan.

The Power of Influence - Training Course for Leaders
The Power of Influence
1-day course

‘Human shortcut’ & why it influences.
Advantage of knowing how influence.
6 principles of influence & how they are used.
Key situations where you can apply skills.
Action plan to increase your influence.

Workplace discipline training
Workplace Discipline
1-day course

Code of Practice for Discipline.
Setting & maintaining standards
Informal/formal disciplinary processes
Prepare for disciplinary interviews.
Conclusions for an equitable outcome.
Recognise employees rights to appeal.

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