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Leadership Courses

Create the kind of work environment that inspires productivity, grows the business and makes people love to come to work!

Give Your Managers the Skills They Need to Lead Effectively

Our Leadership Courses are available to assist your leaders to manage their time, priorities, people, culture and productivity.  The courses are suitable for entry-level managers who want to establish themselves in new positions of authority, and mid-level managers that need to lift their capabilities, their task and people skills, or their behaviours and personalities to achieve exceptional results.

Be Trained by the Best!

Our leadership courses are conducted by experienced, supportive, dedicated trainers who, over the past 15 years, have successfully delivered many professional training experiences across a wide variety of companies in government, finance, travel, technology, construction & various professional services.  (see more About Us)

In-House Business Training

The following Leadership Courses can be tailored to your specific objectives.  They can be delivered in-house at your business premises, or at an alternative venue.

Please see more information on business training here:  In-House Business Training.

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Business Etiquette Course - Sydney, Canberra, Hobart
Business Etiquette
1-day course

How do you appear professionally?
How people work & support each other.
Business etiquette & common mistakes.
Email etiquette without business jargon.
Importance of listening & managing time.

Coaching Skills for Managers Training
Coaching for Success
1-day course

How coaching works in practical terms.
Time to use coaching for best effective.
Coaching to get results at work.
Positive questioning & listening techniques that get the best results.

Training to Build a Personal Brand - Short Course for Business
Create Your Personal Brand
Short Course

Identify what a personal brand is both personally & professionally. Recognise the positive impact a personal brand can have on your future. Start working on your brand & develop a 30 second elevator speech. 

Crisis Management Course
Crisis Management Training
1 1/2-day course

Plan, anticipant and identify threats.
Manage organisation’s reputation in crisis.
Responding appropriately to crisis.
Make a chain of command when crisis hits.
Create a crisis management plan.

Overcoming bullying and harassment training
Dealing with Bullying and Harassment
Short Course

Clearly define harassment & bullying and identify the effects they can have on individuals and your team culture. Learn how to deal with any inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. 

Delegating at work training- Short Course for Business
Delegation Skills
Short Course

Save time and develop your people when you use the 7 steps of delegation.  Use leadership styles that empower others to take ownership and responsibility. Delegate effectively using explained techniques. 

Build Resilience Course
Developing Resilience
1-day course

Define resilience and explain its importance.
Difference of positive & negative thinking.
Challenges to the way you think.
Use tools to build resilience in self & others.
Develop key Emotional Intelligence skills.

Emotional Intelligence at work course
Emotional Intelligence at Work
1-day course

Impact of emotions on performance.
Understand emotions in others.
Awareness of how to adapt behaviours.
Regulate your emotions and performance.
Handle and inspire emotion in others.

Essential management skills training for managers in business
Essential Management Skills
1-day course

Set goals, objectives, strategy and KPIs.
Use a framework for effective management.
Prioritise and organise work effectively.
Create employee engagement.
Motivate and monitor your staff.

Executive Presence Training Course
Executive Presence
1 or 2-day course

3 Main attributes of executive presence.
Define your own personal brand.
Build gravitas with confidence and EQ.
Demonstrate different communication styles.
Speak assertively. Create a vision/purpose.

Short Courses on How to Lead Meetings Effectively
Lead Effective Meetings
Short Course

Learn to control meetings to ensure they are productive, time-bound, have clear objectives, an effective agenda, and actions are assigned & recorded.  This course will show you how to open, conduct and close meetings effectively. 

Leading Effective Teams Training
Leading Effective Teams
2-day course

Benchmark qualities of an effective leader.
Business vision & developing team goals.
Motivate staff, understand their drivers.
Deal with difficult staff members.
Leadership coaching process to coach staff.

How to Lead Through Uncertainty Training Course for Managers
Leading Through Uncertainty
1-day course

What happens when we face uncertainty.
Resilience & emotions when in transition.
Bring clarity, identify ways to set direction.
Affects on mental well-being.
How to support & build trust.

Motivate Your Team Training - Short Course
Motivation at Work
Short Course

Study several motivational theories to understand why people behave in particular ways. Be informed about the approaches you can take to resolve performance issues linked to motivation. 

Performance Management Course - Leadership in Business training with Art of Communicating. Sydney, Canberra, Hobart
Performance Management
1-day course

Improve your team’s performance.
Create a development plan.
Strategic advantages for your organisation.
Performance & feedback techniques.
Address challenges & problem solving.

Training on How to Become a Positive Leader - Short Course, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart
Positive Leadership
Short Course

A short course on the importance of Positive Leadership. Explain Light and Dark of Command and Control. Explore themes in changing leadership styles in favour of a flexible, adaptable leadership style. 

Power of Influence Course - Art of Communicating
Power of Influence
1-day course

Principles of influencing other people
And the role of power when being influential.
Identify your preferred influencing style.
Identify barriers and enablers to influencing.
Know & demonstrate the impact you have on others.

Self Development for Managers Course - Leadership Training by Art of Communicating
Self Development for Managers
2-day course

Develop skills, qualities & functions of successful managers.
Assess your self-development needs.
Know your strengths, weaknesses, qualities.
Set goals & create a self-development plan.

Unconscious Bias Training - Short Course
Unconscious Bias Awareness
Short Course

Identify what unconscious bias is. Recognise how you, your colleagues & organisation can be affected by it. Understand how you can manage your own unconscious bias, raise awareness and manage it in the workplace.

Understand Change in the Workplace - Short Training Course, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart
Understanding Change
Short Course

An efficient, short course to identify what drives change. Recognise the barriers to change and state the various stages of the change curve. Learn how to move your people through the change transition.