Personal Leadership Tuition in Sydney, Canberra

Leadership Tuition

Become a Highly Effective Leader with Personal Leadership Tuition

Leadership tuition will help you develop the skills you need to manage your team and be an effective leader.  If you need to know how to overcome issues with relationships at work, manage difficult conversations, delegate effectively or manage upwards, communicate effectively, or manage your time so that you achieve your goals, then this is the course for you!

It is the fastest way to succeed and improve your career because it provides confidential support, rapid improvement in targeted areas, with strategic direction and incredible leadership growth.

Leadership Tuition will assist you to:

  • Improve your performance, productivity and results
  • Understand people – because leadership is all about engaging and influencing others.
  • Understand yourself – so that you are clear, concise and confident in your abilities, vision and direction.
  • Develop emotional intelligence for leadership competency: 
    • Self-Awareness, self-control and adaptability
    • Achievement orientation and managing effective teams
    • Understand the benefits of a positive outlook
    • Empathy towards others; Being a good coach / mentor
    • Understand how to influence & inspire
    • Manage conflict & give constructive feedback
  • Improve resilience in difficult, stressful situations
  • Create a personal, strategic vision for your life, your career & your business.
Leadership training in Sydney

Leadership Tuition

4 x 2 hr sessions – $2950

Personal Leadership Tuition involves scheduling 4 x 2 hrs sessions at a time that suits you. (Week days, evenings & weekends can be arranged.)

Each session has break in between to give you more time to develop your skills, reflect, review and rehearse.

The training is located at your Sydney business office, or we can hire an alternative conference room at cost, if you prefer. Training in other locations will be conducted on-line.

Leadership Courses Available

See a list of suggested leadership training programs here.  When we discuss your objectives for leadership training, these programs are options that can be included.

Training includes:

  • Art of Communicating’s Management & Leadership Manual
  • Leadership workbook tailored to the purpose and objective of your training (to be discussed in consultation)
  • Leadership assessments to uncover your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Constructive feedback to improve
  • Confidential, supportive and positive encouragement to succeed
  • Certificate of Achievement
Leadership success with tuition by Art of Communicating

Personal Leadership Tuition Sessions

Your Leadership Tuition follows the following steps:


Introduce yourself and your situation.  We need to clearly understand what you need in order to target your objectives for the training, and then create appropriate training material for each session.

See options for leadership courses here.

You will given a pre-training survey to outline your current situation and desired outcomes for the training. 

Then the initial training objectives will be defined and agreed, and a session plan created for the 4 sessions.

Preparation material will be supplied for any work or personal skills assessments that need to be completed before the first session.

Leadership training materials, exercises and workbooks will be supplied. 
Tuition will be structured in a logical progression. 

The first session will include an analysis of any assessments done in preparation for the course. 

We then delve straight into learning new leadership skills in accordance to the training specified. 
This training is tailored to your needs and to fit the training time allowed.

At the end of the session, you decide the action you want to apply between this session and the next.  In this way, you get to use your skills incrementally and immediately embed new ways of leading your team.

In between sessions, your role will be to take action and apply techniques in the real world – at your work.

Time between each session should be approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

Journal writing is encouraged to track your progress and analyse results. This will be discussed in the following session.

Any preparation or assessments for the following session will be sent to you and we can be in contact via email/phone.

The time in between sessions is useful for action, reflection and review.

Each of the next module in the training process will be presented and discussed.

Goals and milestones will be reviewed and recognised.

All learning and deeper insights are reviewed.

You will be challenged, coached and given constructive feedback – as well as being supported with positive encouragement to keep you on track.

Evolving into the Leader You Intend to Be

Leadership is not only how you lead your team, it is how you lead yourself.  The personal growth you experience as a leader evolves over time.  Your experience, your life, your attitudes, beliefs and personality will shift and change with new understandings, and the clarity that leadership demands of you.

Therefore, this course involves not only leadership training material it also includes elements of coaching, so that you deepen your understanding business, of others and yourself.

The benefit of having your own Personal Tutor is that you will be supported to develop your skills in a confidential, challenging and encouraging environment.

We’d be delighted to assist you on your journey.


The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the person you intended to be. - Leadership Tuition


Personal Leadership Tuition: $2950

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