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Negotiation Skills

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The Negotiation Skills Course shows participants learn how to get what they want in business situations, whether it’s to hammer out the terms of a contract, to gain people’s agreement in a meeting, or to agree deadlines with team members.

A negotiation is a strategic discussion involving two or more parties that resolves an issue in a way that each party finds acceptable and determines the nature of future behaviour.  The ability to negotiate is an essential skill for business success.

This course includes negotiation analysis, negotiation styles, structure, tactics, planning, beginning, building & completing the negotiation, practical exercises and discussion.

Key Content of this Course includes:

  • What is Negotiation? – Examines the concept of negotiation and what we are trying to achieve.
  • Potential Negotiations – Participants identify the potential negotiations constantly surrounding them.
  • Is Negotiation Always Required? – Negotiation is not the only method of problem solving. We identify some of the alternatives and discuss when negotiation is the best approach.
  • Assess Your Preferred Negotiation Style – Understand how you respond in negotiation situations, so you can prepare your aspect and approach.
  • Negotiation Structure – Participants often identify confidence as being the main barrier to effective negotiation. Once they are able to work with an effective structure they find that this barrier quickly disappears.
  • Negotiation Tactics – Understand the 8 most common tactics and their countermeasures. – With information on another 12 tactical behaviours that you need to be aware of.
  • Planning Criteria – Helps participants to understand the importance of planning before entering into negotiations.
    We look at: What is involved in effective planning; The 3 fundamental questions of negotiation; A Planning template; Preparing a BATNA – Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement
  • Laying Foundations – This important stage of negotiation is often overlooked by inexperienced negotiators. Participants will learn to set up their discussion so that they do not move towards agreement prematurely.
  • Building – Helps participants to avoid surrendering their position without getting something in return.
  • Completing – Ensures that the negotiation is closed effectively so that all parties leave committed to the outcomes agreed.
  • Practical Scenario Exercise – An opportunity for participants to practice the processes covered during the course. (This exercise can be generic, or specifically related to your business situation)
  • Plenary Session – Participants review the session and exchange key learning points with each other. This consolidates the learning and helps them to identify points to add to their action plan and learning log.

By the end of this negotiation skills course participants will:

  • Negotiate with the aim of achieving mutually acceptable outcomes
  • Make effective preparations before starting to negotiate
  • Be aware of negotiation tactics and countermeasures
  • Set a negotiating range that you can work within
  • Follow a clear structure for negotiations that will help you focus and achieve results
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  • Pre-course consultation to establish your objectives/outcomes.
  • Pre-requisite survey to all participants to understand their needs.
  • Content tailored to your business brand.
  • Practical exercises, scenarios & fun, challenging games.
  • Assessments & coaching to improve.
  • World-class leadership knowledge, information & references.
  • Tailored workbooks with knowledge, tips & techniques.
  • Videos of participants’ performances.
  • Post course review and feedback.
  • Peer recognition prizes.
  • Certificates of Achievement.

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