Create Your Personal Brand Course

Create Your Personal Brand

Short Course for Business


If you want to stand out from the crowd and display your true talents and attributes, this Personal Brand Course will assist you!

The working world is not what it used to be.  The days of working for one company for all our lives have all but disappeared.  Because we live in a rapidly changing working environment – re-organising, downsizing, short-term contracts, flexible working and redundancies – job security is not as certain as it used to be.

To ensure you stand out and get the job you want, you need to be able to tell people what you are about both visually and verbally.  This is where your personal brand comes in.

A successful personal brand will mean organisations pick you for their job, team, project or promotion.

Key elements in this Personal Brand Course are:

  1. Identify what personal branding can do for you and your organisation.
  2. Recognise other well-known, successful brands and focus on how this relates to yours
  3. Explain how to build your personal brand, the steps to take, and questions to ask.
  4. Distinguish the power of an effective elevator speech – Create a 30 to 60 second pitch.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify what a personal brand is both personally and from a professional level.
  • Recognise the positive impact a personal brand can have on your future and start working on your brand.
  • Develop your 30 second elevator speech.

In-house business training includes:

  • Pre-course consultation with you to establish your objectives/outcomes.
  • Course is tailored to your specific requirements, people’s abilities and timing.
  • Pre-requisite survey to all participants to understand their needs before the course.
  • Content designed to match your business brand.
  • Practical exercises, scenarios & fun, challenging games.
  • Assessments, feedback, discussion & coaching to improve.
  • World-class information, references & demonstrations.
  • Professional workbooks with knowledge, tips & techniques.
  • Videos of participants’ performances (if required)
  • Post course analysis, review and feedback provided.
  • Fun, peer recognition prizes & challenges (if appropriate)
  • Certificates of Achievement.

100% guarantee    100% Satisfaction Guarantee included.

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