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Personal Communication Coaching – Sydney

Improve Your Career, Business & Leadership 

Finding It Difficult To Communicate?

Are you tired of feeling nervous or unsure when it comes to speaking up in meetings or giving presentations?   Want to become a more confident and influential leader?

Then it’s time to invest in yourself and book a Personal Communication Coach.

Our coaching is tailored to your specific needs and goals, so you can fast-track your progress and achieve success in your career, business, and personal life.

Book your coaching sessions today and start unlocking your true potential!

One-on-One Coaching for Confidence and Success

With our expert guidance, you’ll learn many skills such as how to:

  • Speak up confidently and control meetings.
  • Create persuasive and professional presentations.
  • Increase your influence and leadership potential.
  • Practice and fine-tune a special event speech.
  • Get the techniques and practice to manage difficult conversations.
  • Master effective body language and stage performance.
  • Improve and practice your assertiveness skills.
  • Prepare for interviews and special events.
  • Assistance to create a unique executive leadership speech.

The Focus is YOU!

Our coaching includes personalized feedbackworkbooks, and video recordings of your performances, so you can see the progress you’re making and stay on track for success.

With a Personal Communication Coach, the focus is on YOU and your potential. So why wait? 

Reach out and tell us what you need to achieve.

Phone: +61 (0)401 059 934

The Communication Coaching Program

Free Strategy Planning Session

Your Personal Communication Coaching Program begins with a free strategy planning consultation with our Advanced Communication Coach and Training Director,  Charmaine Burke

She will work with you to understand your objectives, establish priorities, and create a personalized schedule to achieve your goals. This consultation will also help you determine if Charmaine is the right coach for you.

Charmaine will then guide you through the Communication Coaching Program, which is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Tuition & Coaching Location: Club York, 99 York Street, Sydney.  (or on zoom)

Times:   Usually 5.30pm onwards.  Select:

  • 2 x 1/2 days – face to face
  • 4 x 2hr sessions – face to face
  • Or 8 x 1hr sessions on zoom.  

Leading Communications Coach, Charmaine Burke

With over 15 years of experience in communication and leadership training across various industries, Charmaine is a highly qualified coach. She holds credentials as an Advanced Communications Results Coach, CERT IV Communications Trainer & Assessor, is a trained NLP Practitioner, and a Distinguished Toastmaster. Charmaine’s background in public speaking has also earned her many awards and recognition.

Don’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to your communication skills.  The skills you learn in this program will benefit you, wherever you go in life!

Invest in yourself and your future for $2995

Feel free to have a chat to see what’s possible: 
Phone: +61 (0)401 059 934

Charmaine Burke - Leading Communication Coach & Trainer
Mitchell - Personal Communication Coaching with Charmaine Burke at Art of Communicating

Since having Personal Communication Coaching with Charmaine Burke,  I’ve been more confident to consistently put out Instagram videos, once a week and have been getting a fantastic response. Last month I had one video go viral and has 76,000 views! With 1400 people saving the video and 750 sending it to friends.

Thanks again for all your advice, training, practicing and coaching! It has definitely made a difference.

Mitchell Kushturian, Exotic Living - Landscape Design
Art of Communicating - Personal Public Speaking Tuition & Coaching with Charmaine Burke

Your coaching has made such a huge difference.  I can see my audience is very engaged and I feel I have their trust.  My presentation is  now organised and clear, and I feel like I’m being respectful of the audience’s journey.   

I LOVE it!  Thanks Charmaine.

Melli O'Brien - Mrs Mindfulness,
Learn professional public speaking skills. Personal Communication Coaching with Charmaine Burke

I am now structuring my speeches, using opening and closing techniques, cutting out all the waffle and focusing on the needs of my audience.

It was great to have a partner like you to work with!  Charmaine, your help has been invaluable.

Jodie Sangster, CEO, ADMA Australia
Personal Communication Coaching with Charmaine Burke, Sydney

I’ve always found it difficult to promote myself or talk about my achievements, and Charmaine showed me how I could confidently and instantly establish my credibility with others in a way that still felt authentically me.

Charmaine has given me skills for life, and I can’t thank or recommend her enough!

Ranny Rustam, Four Paws Australia
Dramatically improved business presentation with Personal Communication Coaching with Charmaine Burke

I was extremely happy with the results of 1:1 personal tuition with Charmaine Burke. I used the stage; anchored negative and positive stories; fed off the attention of the audience to boost confidence. 

As a result, the CEO of my company congratulated me, saying it was like a professional TED talk.

T Tealey, TFE Hotels

Charmaine’s coaching helped me leveraged a way up to achieve a dream I have for a long time. She provided me a good directional guidance, helped me to find the purpose of my long time project and my vision.  I greatly appreciated all the information, feedback and support – she literally transformed me!
I highly recommend Charmaine as a communication coach.

Silvia Acosta-Flores, Personal Transformation

Invest in yourself and your future for $2995

Feel free to have a chat to see what’s possible: 
Phone: +61 (0)401 059 934

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