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Personal Tuition

Public Speaking & Leadership Skills

Personal tuition is the fastest way for you to build confidence with public speaking, improve your leadership skills, and for personal career development.

Each program is tailored to your specific needs, skills and requirements.  The training is conducted at a time that suits you, so you can fit it in around your work and personal life.  The benefit of personal tuition is that it targets specific outcomes and addresses the challenges you want to focus on. 

Personal Tuition assists you to:

One of our highly qualified trainers will work closely with you in a confidential and encouraging environment.  They will challenge you and support you to achieve your goals.

Personal Attention Gets Results!

Personal training with public speaking and book promotion

Getting in front of a camera and speaking for the first time was very challenging, then I found it fantastic! 

My personal speech coach was supportive, empathetic and made the training fun.

I learnt how to communicate to various audiences and successfully promote my book and my message. EXCELLENT!

Kate Marie, Public Speaker & Author
Dramatically improved business presentation - Art of Communicating

I was extremely happy with the results of my personal training.

I used the stage as you suggested; Anchoring negative and positive stories and feeding off the attention of the audience to boost my confidence.

The CEO of my company congratulated me on my speech, saying it was like a professional TED talk!

Timothy Teale, TFE Hotels
Wedding Speech Assistance - Public Speaking Training

I have had many complements since the wedding on my speech.   I was not nervous or anxious about the speech, so I was able to fully enjoy the entire day.

I owe this entirely to you and your course, which gave me the tools as well as the confidence in my speech writing ability and absurdness in my delivery to make the day absolutely perfect.

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.

Rob Hart, Wedding Speech Coaching
Coaching for Business Presentation & Special Event Speech

Your training was extremely beneficial and relevant to enable me to create and deliver an amazing speech in China. 

Learning to use powerful language, standing with confidence, and the opening and closing technique was brilliant!

I expressed myself as an expert and a leader.

J Jackson, Security Operations Mgr, Thales - Presentation Training
Excellent results from public speaking tuition with Charmaine Burke

This coaching was perfect for taking me from a mid level-manager, to a leader who speaks with influence.

Definitely top marks in ALL areas of business communication.

Kristie Drucza, Gender & Social Development, Canberra - Personal Coaching
Dr Betty, Papua New Guinea - Personal Tuition

The one to one coaching for the past 2 days has been really, truly fruitful, and honestly, Charmaine Burke from Art of Communicating is an expert in her own right.

God bless her work!!

She is naturally gifted, so I just pray that she can continue to help many others like me.

Dr B Haiverava-Laufa, Papua New-Guinea
Personal business presentation training in Sydney

I have received excellent praise about my presentation as a guest speaker at the Forum for Mental Health in Sydney as a result of my public speaking coaching with you.

The coordinators congratulated me on my presentation saying that it was of a very high calibre, gave a great insight to mental health, and I received fantastic comments from the audience.

It was certainly a highlight of the forum because it was so very well received.  Thank you!

Laurie Bassett, General Manager - Partners in Recovery
Private business presentation & sales training, Sydney

I highly recommend working with Charmaine Burke from Art of Communicating.   The 1 on 1 coaching was fantastic.

Having presented for over 10 years, it was extremely beneficial to get some key professional tips/tricks to be able to improve my presentation and sales techniques and take them to the next level. 

Emma Davie, National Sales Manager - Scenic Tours
Public speaking tuition with Charmaine Burke, Art of Communicating

Art of Communicating boosted me to a new level. No matter how experienced I thought I was as a communicator, Charmaine and her associates taught me so much more – effortlessly & effectively.

I was astounded how quickly I changed. There is no substitute for the professionalism, quality and respect they offer to their clients.

E Richardson, Director - Thanks 4 Pty Ltd.
Personal coaching for special event

I delivered my speech to accept an Order of Civil Merit of Spain at Parliament House to most distinguished dignitaries, the Ambassador to Spain, Consul General of Spain, and many NSW Parliamentarians.

It was thanks to you, and the way you helped me to write my speech, that gave me the personal confidence to deliver it.

Many in the room came up to me and said, “What a Speech!”    I have to say there were not many dry eyes in the room when I was finished.  The applause went on and on. Even the Consul’s wife came up to me and said how amazed she was I could deliver my speech through tears.

I felt I did justice to our Spanish Association and it is thanks to you, Charmaine.

Maria Legaz, Order of Civil Merit Spain