Power of You Workshop Sydney. Empowering Personal Development & Life Skills

Power of You Workshop


Dates: 13th & 14th July 2019

Time: 9am to 4pm

Location: Adina Apartment Hotel, 511 Kent St Sydney

Who are you and who do you really want to be?  What do you want in life? 
What’s the next step on your path?  Is it powerful, joyful, loving, abundant and uniquely yours?  

We are all living in a rapidly changing, volatile world with vast amounts of information, social media and marketing screaming for our attention.  If we are not careful, we get scooped up in the busyness of life, fulfilling other people’s expectations and neglecting to take the time to work out what we want for our own lives.

Imagine how your life would transform if you:

  • Defined your strengths, your values and unique talents.

  • Practiced standing up for yourself and speaking out confidently.

  • Knew how to use the power of your heart & mind to create your life and began living it immediately!

  • Uncovered what’s holding you back, learned how to let go and developed a much bigger life vision.

  • Created a life purpose that will guide you and assist you to contribute positively to the world.

  • Understood others so you build supportive, loving relationships.

  • Knew how to use this information to improve your career and develop a stronger sense of self.

Join this amazing 2-day workshop in Sydney!   

You will be working with a wonderfully supportive and enthusiastic group of like-minded people.  You’ll be provided with processes, techniques and most importantly, receive practical hands-on experience and coaching to define, transform and create the YOU, you most want to be.

It’s Fun – It’s Exciting – It’s all about YOUR life…  The Power of You!

Course Objectives

  • Create a Stronger Sense of Self, given information on:
    • External vs Authentic Power
    • Understanding what’s driving you
    • Uncover your passion
    • How to use the power of the mind
    • Emotional awareness
    • The art of talking to yourself
    • Meditation techniques & practice
  • Design Your Life, given information and techniques to:
    • Create an environment that empowers you
    • Define values that guide you
    • Understand your personality strengths & weaknesses
    • Define your ideal day
    • Create your 5-10 year vision and live life on purpose
  • Speaking Confidently, given techniques, practice & coaching to:
    • Understand others
    • Speak up confidently about yourself
    • Speak with power from the heart


Course Session Plans


  • Provide solid foundations for you to move forward
  • Understand your creative power
  • Define who you are and what you want

Opening & Overview

  • Share your objectives for this course & meet one another

Aspects of personal power, vulnerabilities and our changing world

  • Increase Awareness – What’s Known / What’s Possible?
  • Who we are and how we create our lives – How hidden programs work

What your brain’s doing and how it reacts to self talk What’s Conscious, What’s Unconscious!

  • Emotional awareness and understanding energy – Power vs Force
  • Question everything – Uncover what’s possible

Power of Paradigms

  • How stories influence your decisions
  • Paradigms that limit and/or expand possibilities

Introducing The Power of You

  • Define your meaning of life success, career, happiness.
  • Realise how your emotional dashboard drives your life
  • Understand what’s restraining you
  • Uncovering your authentic, powerful Self

The Power of Self Talk

  • Start hearing your own voice
  • Explore what if’s / What’s true / What’s not
  • Dream of other possibilities – What would that sound & look like?
  • Change the frame and re-scripting your stories on: Career, Wealth, Relationship with Self, Relationships with Others, Well-being, Spirituality

Meditation – Opening and allowing

Define Your Ideal Day

  • Align Your Personal Power Base – Strengths, Values, Personality
  • Using the Word Pictures to Support Your Ideal You
  • Create Environments That Support The Changes You Want


  • Strengthen you intentions and vision
  • Try on your Powerful You!
  • Adjust, align and fine-tune it
  • Begin the journey and establish how you want to be supported along your path

Letter from Your Future Self

Create a Vision Board

How to use Meditation and Creative Visualisation

Act ‘As If’ Interview & Video Session

Action Plan with Coaching

Agreement to Meet Up & Continue Empowering Changes

Power of You Certificates of Achievement Awarded

Effective, Enriching, Positive Results

Charmaine Burke is the training facilitator for this course. She is has a successful track record of over 15 years experience in education, training and running businesses.  She’s a qualified training facilitator and assessor, an NLP practitioner and an award-winning speaker.

This workshop fun, engaging,creative and thought provoking. You will be encouraged to interact with others, rapidly expand your experience, had fun and step into new ways of being.

Our intention is to provide you with a enriching, empowering, yet practical course that can assist you to create solid foundations for a life you would love.

You’ll Receive:

  • 2 Days Training in a beautiful environment
  • Delicious Morning & Afternoon Teas
  • Power of You Workbook
  • Personal Vision Board
  • Your Strengths and Values Wall Word-Cloud
  • Power of You Journal
  • Act ‘As If’ Interview on Video
  • Friendly, Enthusiastic, Supportive, Fun Environment
  • Practical Hands-on Experience to Embed The New You
  • Power of You Private Facebook Membership
  • Certificate of Achievement – for full participation
Power of You - Personal Development Course in Sydney

Is This Course For You?

If you want to learn how to:

  • Increase self-worth and develop stronger awareness to make better choices
  • Intentionally create who you want to be and live life aligned to your purpose & passion
  • Step into your inherent strengths and be clear on your personal desires and personality traits
  • Improve your career, your relationships
  • Practice speaking up confidently about yourself and what you want
  • Develop a stronger sense of self

… then the Power of You Workshop in Sydney is for you!

Power of You Workshop Sydney

Dates: Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July 2019
Time: 9am to 4pm
Location: Adina Apartment Hotel, 511 Kent St Sydney

Price: $1195

EarlyBird Price Only $995 – if you book by 5th July

Number of Attendees:   

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