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Courses Schedule – 2024

Improve your public speaking, confidence, assertiveness & leadership communication


Elevate your public speaking, boost confidence, and enhance your assertiveness for a profound impact on your career, relationships, and business prospects.

Our courses are curated by an award-winning public speaker and conducted by seasoned communication coaches, boasting over 15 years of expertise in communication and leadership training. Seize the opportunity to BOOK NOW and immerse yourself in world-class knowledge, invaluable tips, and proven techniques, all accompanied by personalized coaching.

Experience a holistic transformation through face-to-face training, hands-on practical exercises, engaging discussions, thorough reviews, and collaborative peer sessions. Join us on the journey to mastering the art of communication and watch as it propels you to new heights in 2024.

Assertive Communication Course for Women – CANBERRA

2-Day Course – 9am to 4pm
Followed by a Bonus 3-month coaching program!

Early-Bird Price – $1995

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Assertive Communication Course for Women – SYDNEY

2-Days – 9.00am to 4.30pm
Followed by Bonus 3 months coaching program!

Early Bird Price – $1995

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Public Speaking Course – CANBERRA

2-Day Course
9am to 4.30pm

Early-Bird Price – $1995

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Speak With Confidence Course – SYDNEY

5 Consecutive Saturday Mornings
9am to 1pm

Early-Bird Price – $1895

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Rave Reviews for Art of Communicating’s Public Courses

Learn public speaking skills in Canberra

Really useful for business and personal development

Charmaine, you put me at ease from the outset.   You have really useful knowledge to impart.   

The filming, watching speeches back and constructive feedback from the class was really useful for my business and personal development.   

The speech framework you provided was excellent!

B Muscat-Bentley, CSPU ACT Regional Secretary, Canberra, Public Speaking Course Canberra
Excellent results from personal tuition with Charmaine Burke, Art of Communicating

Jedi Speech Skills – I Nailed it!

Greetings from Addis Ababa!  I’m just writing to say thank you for imparting your skills so well. 

I was at a conference this week and had to be first speaker of a debate were 98% of the 200 member audience didn’t agree with me, but I found the angels, prepared well and followed your guidance.   I nailed it!   

It was a tough topic but the Jedi speech skills I learnt with you, held me in good steed. 

Dr. Kristie Drucza, Gender & Social Development Specialist, Public Speaking Course Canberra
Learn to speak clearly and effectively in business. Sydney course

Excellent Communications Course

Charmaine had a genuine care for our success and I highly recommend the Speak With Confidence Course to anyone. 

If you are looking for an excellent communications course that embodied all skills into one, this is the one for you.

Overcome fear of public speaking - learn to speak with confidence in Sydney

This has been life-changing!

I’ve always been terrified and have now learned that speaking in front of others is not that bad.   

Public speaking isn’t so scary, but this was what I needed to get out of my comfort zone. This has been life-changing.  

Well done and thank you! 

Learn to speak confidently at the Canberra Public Speaking Training

The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive

Thank you for everything.   Your course has been and will continue to be life changing to me, opening my eyes to the world of public speaking.

My event went smoothly and the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive.   

I felt confident and I got wonderful applause. 

Lisa Charles, Senior Indigenous Advisor, Dept of Employment, Public Speaking Course - Canberra
D Collins - Speaking with Confidence Course _Sydney

Shaking off my inhibitions

The course gave me the opportunity to practice speaking, get feedback and work the improvement into my speech. 

I developed vocal expression, began to act out my speeches and shake off any inhibitions.  

The level of encouragement was wonderful.

D. Collins, Head of Marketing & Communications, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Public Speaking Course
Public speaking training in Canberra

Gained confidence & professional skills

Charmaine was very cooperative and enjoyable to work with.   

It was very beneficial for work and for my personal development.

I gained the confidence and professional skills to speak in public.

Deepak-Raj Gupta, Chairman of Board, Canberra India Council, Public Speaking Course - Canberra
Best public speaking course in Canberra

All techniques were extremely useful

The trainer was great!       

I found the strategic methods of the A.TT.I.C.S. opening technique, various speech structures and the S.Q.A.C. closing techniques, all extremely useful.   

This was by far one of the most interestingly run technical training course, I have ever attended.

Shaun Bauer, Aftersow Software, Canberra, Assertiveness Training - Canberra
Speak confidently. Public Speaking Training, Sydney

Inspiring, Motivating, Loved it!

Communication skills improved dramatically and confidence ZOOMED!

Great inspiring tutor, very motivating. I loved it! 

And I met a great set of people who were all encouraging and enthusiastic.

Excellent Speaking Course Sydney

Excellent value – well worth the investment

GREAT experience, great environment and a well worth the investment. 

I liked the constructive feedback, learning in a safe environment & trying new things that I normally wouldn’t risk doing. 

Most people hate public speaking & would pay a lot more money to learn these valuable skills.  This was excellent value!

Wedding Speech Assistance

Filled with confidence – Rave reviews!

My wedding was a perfect day.

And I’m pleased to report that I delivered my speech as planned, and filled with confidence to rave reviews!

Couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

A Hurrell - Happily Married Man, Wedding Speech Coaching