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Master Public Speaking Confidence for Career & Business Success

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Get to the Point & Stay on Track

Build Credibility, Rapport & Influence

Conquer Public Speaking Anxiety

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Confident Public Speaking Course

Hobart TAS

Speak with Confidence for Career and Leadership Success

Ignite the power of confident public speaking with our 2-day Confident Public Speaking Course in Hobart. Perfect for those seeking to enhance their career, business and leadership communication skills.

Learn from our experienced and award-winning public speaker and advanced communication coach, as you receive expert guidance, hands-on training, and constructive feedback.
At the Confident Public Speaking Course in Hobart you will gain the skills and techniques you need to create effective persuasive business presentations and deliver them with poise and confidence.
At the end of the course you will leave with the ability to speak up confidently in any business setting and effectively engage, inform and influence your audience.
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Next Course in Hobart:

Dates: 11th & 12th March 2024
Time: 9am to 4.30pm

Location: The Old Woolstore Hotel,
1 Macquarie Street, 

Master the Art of Confident Public Speaking in Hobart

Make an Impact: Boost your Career

  • Master the art of clear and concise communication – get to the point and stay on track.

  • Elevate our speeches from ordinary to extraordinary, infusing them with profound meaning, relevance and unforgettable impact.

  • Develop a powerful speaking voice that commands attention.

  • Tame your nerves and exude unwavering confidence as you comfortably engage every person in the room.

  • Attain the skills to influence your audience to take action.

  • Explore the subtle nuances of body language to amplify your message.

  • Begin your speech with power to establish your credibility and make a lasting impression.

  • Unlock your full potential with newfound skills that empower you to captivate audiences, sway decision-makers, and seize boundless business opportunities by mastering the art of public speaking.

Learn public speaking skills in Hobart. Improve your career, business and leadership success with Art of Communicating.

Course Details & Content

Confident Public Speaking Course Objectives:

Learn to:

  • Set and achieve speech objectives for maximum impact.
  • Craft relevant and meaningful messages for your audience.
  • Utilize structured frameworks to organize thoughts and maintain focus.
  • Captivate attention with powerful openings using the A.TT.I.C.S. Technique©.
  • Deliver impactful and action-driven conclusions with the S.Q.A.C. Technique©.
  • Enhance language through storytelling, phrases, metaphors, and facts.
  • Leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Evaluate speeches to understand the elements of greatness.

Acquire the skills to:

  • Master non-verbal communication through body language.
  • Command the stage with confidence and purpose.
  • Enhance vocal expression for maximum impact.
  • Avoid dull PowerPoint presentations with strategic techniques.
  • Effectively use notes, podium, and handouts to enhance presentations.
  • Handle Q&A sessions with ease and confidence.

Gain techniques and exercises to:

  • Overcome public speaking fears.
  • Apply B.A.M. Confidence Techniques (Body, Action, Mind) for onstage confidence.
  • Prepare and practice effectively.
  • Receive valuable feedback and constructive criticism for improvement.
  • Cultivate the mindset of a confident speaker.

Course Content:

A Pre-Course Survey is sent to you 1-2 weeks prior to the course to understand your current skill levels, what concerns you and your objectives for the training.

You will be sent details on how to prepare a short presentation to deliver at the course.  This speech will be used assess skills and use to apply techniques through the training program.

Also you will receive a complete Art of Communicating Public Speaking Manual with tips and techniques to enable you to inform, engage and influence your audience.

Prepare Your Speeches

  • Create a Personal Speech Benchmark – Define qualities of successful public speakers and learn to emulate them.
  • Deliver Your Speech – Receive constructive feedback and a video of your speech to review your skills.
  • Evaluate a Presentation – Learn how to evaluate your presentations and give constructive feedback to others.
  • Define Your Objectives – Learn how to stay on track, get to the point, and achieve your goals.
  • Understand Your Audience – Learn why they may stop listening and what to do about it.

Create Your Speeches

  • How to Structure Speeches – Learn why most speeches fail to hit the mark and how to structure your speech to keep your audience engaged.
  • Art of Communicating’s Speech Structure Strategy – Learn to use the A.TT.I.C.S. Opening Technique and S.Q.A.C. Close Technique to begin and end your speech with impact.
  • Grab 3 Speech Structures that help you to write your speeches in half the time!
  • Cheat Sheets – Receive opening lines and phrases to deliver a strong close.
  • Fun Scenarios – Practice creating and delivering speeches with video feedback and coaching.

Overcome Fears and Nerves

  • Build Public Speaking Confidence – Body, Action, Mind.

Deliver Your Speeches

  • Use Professional Delivery Techniques – Receive feedback on your speech from day 1 and personal coaching
  • Make a Great Impression – Learn the importance of words, vocal expression, and body language.
  • Master Body Language – Eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, attire, attitude, and full-body movement.
  • Improve Your Voice – Learn techniques to vary your pace, power, pitch, and pause.
  • Anchor Stories – Learn to use emotion, stories, past, present, and future ideas to engage your audience.
  • Handle Q&A – Manage responses, time, and people.
  • Use of Props – Use notes, a lectern, handouts, and PowerPoint effectively.
  • Speech Transformation – Re-write your original speech using new skills, and deliver it again with video feedback and coaching.
JK_public speaking course Sydney

Excellent Value – Well Worth the Investment

“GREAT experience and environment and a well worth the investment.   I liked the constructive feedback, learning in a safe environment and trying new things that I normally wouldn’t risk doing.”

J Kinch, Bytesize Pty Ltd
Public Speaking Training at Fulton Hogan

Speaking Clearly

I learned to improve my communication, use the right body language and speak clearly.  I have the skills I need to communicate confidently in meetings, toolboxes and client presentations.  Great!

Great Guys, Fulton Hogan
Communications Training with Art of Communicating

Improved Communication for My Career

“We all agreed this was the best training we’ve had for a long time!   It’s launched me onto a new journey of learning and improving my skills for career and leadership success.  Thank you.”

Raphael Tripet, Orbium
NHP Public Speaking Training

A Powerful Way to Begin

“I always struggled at the beginning of my presentations.  Now I know what to do to gain attention and engagement; establish credibility & rapport; and make my speech relevant & meaningful.  It’s transformed my presentations.”

Busy Engineering Fellows, NHP Engineering
Hobart Public Speaking Course

Deliver Messages With Impact

“This course has given me the confidence to deliver a presentation in my line of work.  In the past I’d step away from doing this.  But now I’m going to deliver my own messages and deliver them with impact.”

R. O'Toole, Agriculture, Water & Enviro, TAS
M Bransby - public speaking skills

Confident to Speak About My Business Now

“This course was of enormous benefit to me. It has helped me to structure my speeches, simplify the core message and use body language.  I was able to break my business message down to 4 powerful words!”

Mark Bransby, Business Professional
CPrestifillipo_public speaking training

Definitely Worthwhile

“Great trainer and course. I really enjoyed all aspects. The time went quickly but it was definitely worthwhile. I learned about structuring and presentation efficiency, how to improve delivery and boost confidence.”

C Prestifilippo, Comms & Mktg Mgr, Atradius
Fuji Comms Training

Skills Improved Dramatically

“Communication skills improved dramatically and confidence ZOOMED!   Great inspiring tutor – motivating – great set of people, all encouraging and enthusiastic. Loved it!”

Gina Kent, Event & Mktg Mgr, FUJIFILM
Zirko Data Communication Training

Communicate to Lead 

“We needed our team to connect, communicate and build leadership.  The content, delivery and practical experience in this training was just what we needed to fire up the team.

Nektaria, HR Mgr, ZircoData

A Unique Experience to Gain Valuable Communication Techniques

Experienced Trainers – Professional Techniques

Enhance your public speaking abilities with the guidance of our highly experienced trainers.  With over 15 years experience in training and developing communication and leadership skills for a diverse range of industries including travel, finance, technology, government, education, health, construction and professional services, our trainers are equipped with the knowledge, tips and techniques gathered from world-class, professional speakers.

Friendly, Supportive and Encouraging Environment

Not only will you benefit from their extensive business and communication experience, but you will also develop your skills in a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment.  

Our trainers provide constructive feedback to help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement, and through video recordings of your performances, you will be able to see the progress you’ve made in just two days.

Upon completion of the course, you will return to work with newfound confidence and assurance in your public speaking abilities, leaving a lasting impression on your colleagues and audience.

Funding Available from Keystone Tasmania!

Attention:  Professionals in the building and construction industry in Hobart! 
Keystone Tasmania is also providing funding for eligible attendees of this course.  Be quick!  Take advantage of this amazing opportunity! 

Keystone Tasmania Funding for Training Available.

To find out if you are eligible for funding, please visit: 

What’s Included in Our Transformative Course?

  • Comprehensive Public Speaking Manual by Art of Communicating.
  • Confident Public Speaking Workbook loaded with tips & techniques
  • In-depth analysis of your speaking strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Video recordings of your speeches for valuable visual feedback.
  • Expert coaching and guidance from an award-winning speaker.
  • Individualized attention in small class sizes (maximum 6 participants).
  • A vibrant, supportive, and stimulating learning environment.
  • Immediate application of techniques through practical exercises.
  • Delightful lunches and refreshing morning teas/coffee to fuel your learning journey.
  • Prestigious Hobart Public Speaking Certificate of Achievement.

Why This Course is Perfect For YOU!

  • Boost Confidence, Elevate Career: Gain the confidence to excel in your professional communication skills.
  • Deliver Impactful Presentations: Captivate and influence your audience.
  • Establish Credibility and Build Rapport: Leave a lasting positive impression.
  • Engage and Inspire Your Audience: Learn techniques to keep them interested and eager for more.
  • Refine Your Delivery: Enhance your voice projection, and leverage effective body language to communicate with authority.
  • Speak as a Respected Leader in Your Field: Command attention and influence.
  • Impress Bosses, Clients, and Colleagues: Showcase your exceptional communication skills, leave a lasting impact.

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Confident Public Speaking Course – Hobart

Dates: Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th March 2024

Time: 9am to 4.30pm
Location: The Old Woolstore Hotel, 1 Macquarie Street, Hobart Tasmania

Price: $2195

Early-Birds SAVE $300!

ONLY $1895 – When you book by Friday 23rd February

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