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Public Speaking Course

Hobart, TAS

Speak Up Confidently in Business

This 2-day Public Speaking Course in Hobart teaches you to speak with confidence.  You will learn how to create and deliver effective and persuasive business presentations.

You’ll get strategic information, constructive feedback, videos of your performances with practical experience to improve.  Also tips and techniques from our award-winning public speaker trainer and Advanced Communication Coach.

By the end of this course, you will understand how to present your information with confidence in business situations.  You will be able to deliver speeches that inform, engage and influence your audiences.

Hobart Public Speaking Course Brochure

Next Course in Hobart:

Dates: 1st & 2nd August 2022
Time: 9am to 4.30pm

Location: Harriet Room,
Lenna of Hobart Hotel,
20 Runnymeade St. Battery Point TAS

Learn Public Speaking Skills in Hobart So You Can:

  • Get to the main point and stay on track.

  • Overcome public speaking nerves and improve confidence.

  • Be persuasive and influence your audience.

  • Begin your speech with power and make a great impression.

  • Improve vocal expression and use a more powerful voice. 

  • Use body language to your advantage.

  • Strategically structure your speech for maximum impact.

  • Manage nerves and anxieties – exude confidence.

  • Establish your credentials and build rapport with your audience.

  • Get Certified Professional Development (CPD) accreditation for your attendance.

Learn public speaking skills in Hobart, Tasmania - Art of Communicating

Hobart Public Speaking Course Objectives:

given knowledge and practical experience in:

  • Setting Speech Objectives – Clearly define outcomes to be achieved.
  • Analyse Your Audience – Skew your message to make it relevant and meaningful to your audience.
  • 5 Strategic Speech Structures – Organise your thoughts; get to the point; stay on track.
  • Create Powerful Speech Openings (A.TT.I.C.S Technique © )
  • Design Compelling, Action-Packed Closes (S.Q.A.C. Technique © )
  • Fine-Tune Your Language – Incorporate stories, phrases, metaphors, facts/figures.
  • Create a Core Message – Make your message stick.
  • Analyse Speeches – Give and receive constructive feedback
  • Set a Personal Presentation Benchmark – Define the level and quality of your presentations

given knowledge, techniques and practical experience in:

  • 5 Reasons Why Audiences Stop Listening
  • Techniques to Attract Interest and Ongoing Engagement
  • Mastering Body Language – Understand how to be congruent with your message.
  • Knowing How to ‘Walk the Stage’ – Using the space with purpose
  • Improve Your Voice & Projection.
  • Strategic Steps to Avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’
  • Use Props Effectively – Notes / podium / handouts etc.
  • Control Q&A Sessions.

given discussion and techniques to:

  • Understand Your Body – Physical techniques to manage the flight, fight & freeze reactions
  • Know What Action to Take – Practical strategic steps to feel safe and confident
  • Listen to Your Mind – Understand how your self-talk, attitudes and assumptions are helping or hindering.

Course Session Plans:


  • Define qualities of excellent public speakers
  • Deliver Your Speech – Initial assessment and feedback on your current skills
  • Evaluate a Presentation – Know what to look for & how to improve it


  • Creating Speech Objectives: Objectives, outcomes, purpose, situation
  • Understand your Audience: Analysis, needs, expectations, demographics
  • Audience’s attention spans – Why they stop listening, and what to do about it.


  • Understand why most speeches fail to hit the mark.
  • Using a Core Message – ‘Phrase That Pays!’
  • Inserting Powerful Language – Literary techniques to add extra spark
  • Art of Communicating’s Speech Structure Strategy, including:
    • Begin Powerfully – A.TT.I.C.S. Opening Technique
    • Finish with Conviction – S.Q.A.C. Close Technique
    • 5 Persuasive Speech Structures – keep on track and get to the point.
    • Speech templates – Established frameworks to help you to write speeches quickly and effectively
  • Cheat Sheets with opening lines and phrases to come to a strong close.
  • Fun scenarios – For you to practice creating & delivering speeches.


  • Understand what’s sabotaging your emotional state.
  • B.A.M. Confidence Technique – Know how to boost your confidence and manage your nerves through Body, Action & Mind techniques


  • Review your speeches on video and receive constructive feedback and coaching to improve
  • 1st impressions count – Understand how to make a great impression
  • Elements of Communication – Know how to develop the visual, vocal and verbal aspects of your communication skills.
  • Learn how to engage and interest your audience.
  • Your Body Speaks – Learn how to use eye contact, gestures, facial expression, attire, attitude and full-body movement.
  • Moving Around on the Stage – How to use the speaking area with purpose.
  • Learn low-value and high-value body language techniques
  • Improve Your Voice – Pace, power, pitch and pause
  • Anchoring Stories – Emotion, stories, past, present & future ideas
  • Handling Q&A – Manage time, people and their responses
  • Use Props Professionally – Notes, lectern, handouts
  • Tips and Techniques to Use of PowerPoint and not lose your audience’s attention.

TRANSFORMATION – The Grand Finale!

  • Re-write your original presentation embedding new skills
  • Re-deliver your speech – Captured on video and given to you on a stick
  • Final feedback and suggestions to take your skills to the next level
  • Create your action plan for continued improvement
  • Certificates of Achievement awarded & celebrated!
JB_ public speaking course

Fantastic Course

“All the information relevant to developing my communication. The part that was most useful was developing the purpose of my speech and all the techniques that will make me connect to my audience.

A fantastic course!”

J. B. , Public Speaking Course Hobart
Rachael. Hobart Public Speaking Course

Deliver Messages With Impact

“This course has given me the confidence to deliver a presentation in my line of work. 

In the past I’d step away from doing this.  But now I’m going to deliver my own messages and deliver them with impact.”

R. O'Toole, Agriculture, Water & Environment
P Ernst - Public speaking course Sydney

Professional & Personal Advancement

“Very valuable for my professional and personal advancement.

It helped me greatly to build my confidence and develop communication skills.”

Peter Ernst, Director - Premier Travel Hobart
M Bransby - public speaking skills

Confident to Speak About My Business Now

“This course was of enormous benefit to me as it helped me to structure my speeches, simplify the core message and use body language.

Most importantly, I was able to break my business message down to 4 powerful words that are clear and easy to remember, and can be used to brand my business. I am now able to speak confidently about my business services to anyone!”

Mark Bransby, Business Professional
AKindred_public speaking skills

I Improved Enormously

“I loved the experience and improved enormously in my completion of the public speaking course.

Strong use of theory and practice. Excellent!”

Azza Kindred, Oomph Coffee - Hobart
PJ_ public speaking course

I Rcommend This Course

“I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their confidence, structuring and delivery skills in public speaking.”

Ian Johnstone, Director, Maria Island Walk
STwomey_public speaking course

Fun, Positive & Passionate

“The trainer, Charmaine, created a class which was very supportive, fun, positive and passionate.

I would encourage everyone I know to participate in this course as it’s been a great way to learn to speak with confidence and develop essential communication skills.”

S. Twomey, Public Speaking Course
c brodie_pubic speaking course Sydney

Confidence Boost

“I’d just like to say how much I’m enjoying this class. I love the fact that everyone is sharing something of themselves through their stories, which we so rarely see in social or class situations.

You really do make it such a safe and supportive environment that I feel my confidence boosting with every class.”

Cathy Brodie, Conscious Creatorship Coach & Spiritual Awakening Mentor
NKhan_public speaking course Sydney

Helped in Almost Every Aspect of My Life

“Learning public speaking was extremely beneficial to me because I learnt to answer impromptu questions, be comfortable in my own skin and own my space.

A sincere thank you to Charmaine, the Trainer. She has a gift of explaining things in a way that is very understandable and I was able to see things in a different light.  It’s helped me in almost every aspect of my life!”

N Khan, Public Speaking Skills
JK_public speaking course Sydney

Excellent Value – Well Worth the Investment

“GREAT experience, great environment and a well worth the investment.  I liked the constructive feedback, learning in a safe environment and trying new things that I normally wouldn’t risk doing.

Most people would pay a lot more money to learn and improve from your training.  Excellent value… I think you should even charge more for your sessions!!”

J Kinch, Bytesize Pty Ltd
CPrestifillipo_public speaking training

Definitely Worthwhile

“Great trainer and course. I really enjoyed all aspects. The time went quickly but it was definitely worthwhile.

I learned about structuring and presentation efficiency, how to improve delivery and boost confidence.”

C Prestifilippo, Communications & Marketing Mgr, Atradius
GK_learn public speaking skills

Skills Improved Dramatically

“Communication skills improved dramatically and confidence ZOOMED!

Great inspiring tutor – motivating – great set of people, all encouraging and enthusiastic. Loved it!”

Gina Kent, Event & Marketing Mgr, FUJIFILM

Professional Public Speaking Techniques

Our Public Speaking Trainers have over 15 years’ experience in training and developing communication and leadership skills.  They have assisted many industry sectors including: travel, finance, technology, government, education, health & social care, construction and professional services.

At the Public Speaking Course in Hobart you will be provided with tips and techniques from world-class, professional speakers.  Also, you will benefit from their extensive business communication experience.

Friendly, Supportive and Encouraging Environment

Develop your skills in a friendly, supportive and enthusiastic environment.

Constructive feedback will give you insights to your strengths.  You will know where and how to improve and succeed.  Videos of your performances are also provided.  These will show you how much you have achieve in the 2 days training program.

When you return to work, others will be impressed by your ability to present professionally and with confidence.

Public Speaking Course in Hobart Tasmania

What Do You Receive?

  • Analysis of your speaking strengths & weaknesses.
  • Videos of your speeches for visual feedback.
  • Expert coaching from an award-winning speaker.
  • Personal attention – Max. 8 in the class.
  • Practical experience to use techniques immediately. 
  • Learn new skills in a supportive, encouraging environment.
  • Public Speaking Manual by Art of Communicating
  • Canberra Public Speaking Course Workbook.
  • Delicious lunches & morning teas/coffee.
  • Canberra Public Speaking Certificate of Achievement. 
  • CPD Accreditation for your professional development.

Is This Public Speaking Course For YOU?

If you want to:

  • Feel more confident and improve your career.
  • Deliver persuasive business presentations.
  • Establish your credibility and build rapport.
  • Keep your audience engaged and interested in your presentation.
  • Make your speeches meaningful and memorable.
  • Improve your voice, and use effective body language.
  • Get CPD accreditation & receive recognition of learning.
  • Impress the boss, clients and colleagues with your skills.

… then this Public Speaking Course in Hobart is for YOU!


Public Speaking Course – Hobart

Dates: Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Time: 9am to 4.30pm
Location: Harriet Room, Lenna of Hobart
20 Runnymeade St, Battery Point, TAS

Price: $1995

Early-Birds Save $300!!

Price Only $1695 – If you book by 22nd July

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