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Wedding Speech - How to write a Father of the Bride speech

How to Write a


"My father gave me the greatest gift
anyone could give another person.
He believed in me."



A Very Special Occasion

If you are giving a Father of The Bridge speech, you know how important it is to get it right! You only have one chance to impress your audience and make your daughter feel proud that you have made a memorable, positive, loving contribution to her extra special event.

As with all good speeches, your opening and closing lines are very important, and so is the structure.

At times like these, we expect heartfelt stories, fatherly comments about your cherished daughter, and a word of two of wisdom for the couple, and even a special message that is not only to the bride and groom, but also for the hearts and minds of your audience – your family and friends.

Father of the Bride 10 Step Speech StructureFather of the Bride -
10 Step Speech Structure

Here is an outline structure of a Father of the Bride Speech. It will help you to keep on track and include some of the important points.

Be aware, you are not expected to speak for long - 5 minutes approximately - check the time you are allocated with your daughter!

  1. Begin Speaking - You could open with:
    • A statement about love, family, relationships etc.
    • A special quote.
    • A rhetorical question to the audience.
    • Or a short story that leads to the theme of your speech

  2. Words of Thanks
    • Thank everyone for coming.
    • Thank those who have contributed to the cost, the planning and the organisation.
    • Thank those who have made any extra special effort in being there.

  3. Comments on the Wedding - briefly mention one of these:
    • Comment on the wedding ceremony or the church service
    • Tell a story about an event leading up to the big day.
    • Or simply comment on how happy the bride and groom are.

  4. What's It Like To Be Father of the Bride:
    • The pleasure today gives you
    • How it feels to give your daughter away
    • And/or your duties and responsibilities as a father of this bride

  5. Affection for the Bride
    • Praise for your daughter – attributes, special talents, appearance.
    • If you have time, include a story that bests describes your special relationship
    • Or amusingly insightful story of a part of her life / pre-wedding years
    • Express your love for her and how proud you are as her father.

  6. The Couple’s Romance and Relationship - This could include:
    • An amusing account of your first encounter with the groom
    • Your version of how they met and started the romance
    • How you could tell your daughter was in love
    • Your reaction to their engagement
    • Why they are so well suited

  7. Personal Tuition for Father of the Bride SpeechAffection for the Groom
    • Welcome him into your family
    • Express positive feelings towards him
    • Praise the groom and talk of his attributes
    • Make light-hearted fun of him (but not too much as this is the Best Man's job)
    • Express happiness in getting to know his family too.

  8. Words of Wisdom
    • Sincere thoughts about love and marriage
    • Advice for the bride and groom
    • Wisdom from your personal experience of marriage
    • Amusing thoughts on love and marriage.

  9. How to Close
    Close with the same expressions or quotes that you opened with, bringing your speech to a full circle.

  10. Private Tuition for Wedding SpeechesPropose the Toast to the new Bride and Groom.


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Charmaine Burke
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