What worked with my personal public speaking skills training?
Learning how to structure my speeches; Opening and closing techniques; How to cut out all the waffle; Focus on the audience - what they want to hear and how to deliver on the expectation.

What did I like?

The training was very interactive, It was great to have a partner to work with, rather than being taught
Thank you! Your help was invaluable. Would love to do more work with you.
J Sangster, CEO - ADMA

I was extremely happy with the results of my personal training. I used the stage as suggested; Anchored negative and positive stories; Fed off the attention of the audience to boost my confidence.
The CEO of my company congratulated me on my speech, saying it was like a professional TED talk!
T Teale, TFE Hotels

I have had many complements since the wedding on my speech which is so pleasing, considering this time last year I could not have imagined myself address an audience at all. Most importantly, on the day, I was not nervous or anxious about the speech so I was able to fully enjoy the entire day not just (as I’ve heard from other grooms) only being able to relax after the speeches are over.

I owe this entirely to you and your course, which gave me the tools as well as the confidence in my speech writing ability and assuredness in my delivery to make the day absolutely perfect. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.
R Hart, Wedding Speech Coaching & Training

Getting in front of a camera and speaking for the first time was very challenging, then I found it fantastic!

My personal speech coach, Charmaine Burke, was supportive, empathetic and made the training fun. I learned how to communicate to various audiences and successfully promote my book and my message. Excellent!

Kate Marie, Public Speaker & Author

I attended two of Charmaine's communication sessions and since have found myself to be a highly confident, engaging and concise presenter. She has a fantastic style and was incredibly mindful of each of her students needs.
I walked away with so much new knowledge on many levels, in areas I wasn't even expecting. I intend to have a refresh with her down the track and am encouraging my partner who also has spokesperson duties to learn from her too.
Charmaine is a truly inspirational person, couldn't recommend her any more highly.

Jessica Borg - Sydney www.wspa.org.au

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Split Day TrainingSplit-Day Training

2 x 1/2 day sessions




Presentations, Pitches, Special Events, & Leadership

Are you struggling with writing a speech or need assistance to improve your communication skills?

We can assist you with 1:1 coaching to prepare, create and deliver the speech or communication skills you desire.


Split-Day Training Details

Split-Day Training involves scheduling 2 x 1/2 day sessions at a time that suits you. (Week days, evenings & weekends can be arranged.)

Each session has break in between to give you more time to develop your skills, reflect, review and rehearse.

The training is located at your business office, or we can hire an alternative conference room at cost, if you prefer.


Split-Day Training Includes:

  1. Pre-Session Consultation - We discuss your objectives for your training, establish a plan, create a schedule and organise the preparation to be done before our first session and create unique course material for you.

  2. Speech Review - If you already have a speech/presentation, we ask that you send it to us so that we establish a deeper understanding of the content before the first session. This also includes analysis and improvement suggestions of any related PowerPoint slides.

  3. First Session is devoted to analysing your main areas of concern, analysing your strengths and weaknesses, improving skills through training and hands-on practical experience, video feedback and coaching.
    We work on developing rich, effective, engaging content:

    • Establishing clear objectives to achieve results
    • Analysing your audience and addressing their needs
    • Creating a powerful opening and a strong closing
    • Structuring and framing the delivery of your message
    • Creating a memorable core message
    • Improving PowerPoints (if included)

  4. Review Break in between sessions allows you time to review, rehearse and refine your skills. This can be a break of one day or one/two weeks. During this time we also help you to re-write your speeches; fine-tune your language and provide rehearsal techniques to improve your performance.

  5. Second Session - You will sharpen and refine your speech and focus on delivery and performance skills.


Book Personal Split-day Training Now Split-Day Training - Book Now!


You Will Receive:

video of performanceVideos of your performances

public speaking manualArt of Communicating's Public Speaking Manual

Training workbookTraining workbook tailored to your needs

written assessmentsWritten assessments with feedback to improve

ConfidentialConfidentiality guaranteed

supportive and encouragingSupportive and positive encouragement to succeed

certificate of achievementCertificate of Achievement

Download a printable flyer on Split-Day Training


Download Split-Day Training Brochure


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed100% Guarantee

We are confident our training methods produce results. If you are not completely satisfied, we provide a full money-back guarantee.

Course Terms and ConditionsTerms & Conditions

Please read our course Terms and Conditions before your book your course - Here
Thank you


Book a Public Speaking Coach Now


Split-Day Training - Sydney or Canberra

Price: $1600

Number of Attendees Review cart


Visa and Mastercard payments accepted
Or register by phone: Call 0401 059 934 - Thank you