Overcome fear of public speaking. Speak With Confidence Course, Sydney

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1 to 2-hour SHORT COURSES

We are ready to work with you to deliver some amazing, time-efficient, training experiences with short courses in 1 to 2 hour time frames. 

Our qualified trainers have over 15 years of experience in creating professional courses across a variety of industries – government, finance, travel, technology, construction & professional services.  They know how to get to the point and focus on what is needed to make the best learning impact in a short amount of time.

In-House Business Training

Short Courses can be run as an individual session, or bundled together to target your specific training objectives. They can be delivered in-house at your business premises, or at an alternative venue, if desired.

Please see more information on business training here:  In-House Business Training.

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Short Course - Your Body Speaks - Body Language Skills
Body Language at Work

Understand body-language and the elements that construct meaning to the words you use and the actions you display.  Use appropriate body-language to convey the correct meaning, and become more engaging and confident at work.  Details

Customer care training short course, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart
Care for Our Customers

Identify various customer care issues. Know who your customers are, why they choose you, how to make a good impression on customers and know why they would choose to use your services.  Details

Collaboration Training - Short course for in-house business training
Collaboration at Work

Define collaboration, its key characteristics and practice, the benefits for individuals and the organisation.  Address the pitfalls to working collaboratively and build an effective collaborative process.  Details

Training to Build a Personal Brand - Short Course for Business
Create Your Personal Brand

Identify what a personal brand is both personally & professionally. Recognise the positive impact a personal brand can have on your future. Start working on your brand & develop a 30 second elevator speech.  Details

Overcoming bullying and harassment training
Dealing with Bullying and Harassment

Clearly define harassment & bullying and identify the effects they can have on individuals and your team culture. Learn how to deal with any inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.  Details

Delegating at work training- Short Course for Business
Delegation Skills

Save time and develop your people when you use the 7 steps of delegation.  Use leadership styles that empower others to take ownership and responsibility. Delegate effectively using explained techniques.  Details

Coaching at Work Training - Short Course, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart
Effective Coaching for Success

Identify the definition of coaching. Recognise the benefits of coaching at work. State the various skills required to coach effectively, and the importance of effective questioning, listening and feedback techniques.  Details

How to Give Feedback training
Give and Receive Feedback

Understand the importance of giving and receiving feedback.  Identify how to give positive and constructive feedback, and use various models to effectively deliver feedback.  Details

How to Begin and Close a Presentation Powerfully - Short Course in Sydney, Canberra, Hobart
Introduction to Presentation Skills 

Understand how to overcome initial fears of public speaking by beginning a speech with a powerful opening, establishing connection with your audience, and delivering a compelling close.  Details

Short Courses on How to Lead Meetings Effectively
Lead Effective Meetings

Learn to control meetings to ensure they are productive, time-bound, have clear objectives, an effective agenda, and actions are assigned & recorded.  This course will show you how to open, conduct and close meetings effectively.  Details

Listening Skills for Business Course
Listening Skills for Business

Make sense of and improve understanding when in conversation with another person.  Deeping your connection and perceive the meaning behind their words. Details

Motivate Your Team Training - Short Course
Motivation at Work

Study several motivational theories to understand why people behave in particular ways. Be informed about the approaches you can take to resolve performance issues linked to motivation.  Details

Training on How to Become a Positive Leader - Short Course, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart
Positive Leadership

A short course on the importance of Positive Leadership. Explain Light and Dark of Command and Control. Explore themes in changing leadership styles in favour of a flexible, adaptable leadership style.  Details

Successful Sales Skills Training - Short Course
Successful Selling Skills

In this short course you will identify the key 4 elements of a simple, reliable, selling skills process. Then recognise the benefits of using this approach for both yourself and your customers.  Details

Unconscious Bias Training - Short Course
Unconscious Bias Awareness

Identify what unconscious bias is. Recognise how you, your colleagues & organisation can be affected by it. Understand how you can manage your own unconscious bias, raise awareness and manage it in the workplace. Details

Understand Change in the Workplace - Short Training Course, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart
Understanding Change

An efficient, short course to identify what drives change. Recognise the barriers to change and state the various stages of the change curve. Learn how to move your people through the change transition. Details

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