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Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Master Your Public Speaking Skills 

Respond Confidently to Questions

Define Your Strengths & Values

Develop a Stronger Sense of Self

Speak Confidently for Career & Business Success

Speak With Confidence Course

Sydney NSW

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking: Master the Art of Confidence

Do you wish to be recognized and have the confidence to speak up at work, delivering speeches and presentations?   

If you want to improve your career, be seen as a leader in your field, and be one who commands attention and inspires others, it all starts with speaking with confidence.

It takes time to overcome the fear of public speaking.  It cannot be done in a 1-day course.  That is why this course runs for 5 consecutive Saturday mornings.   Each week you learn and practice public speaking, impromptu speaking (responding to questions) and confidence building skills.

You’ll learn the secrets of speaking with poise, strength, and clarity, and receive expert guidance from an award-winning public speaker and Communication Results Coach, Charmaine Burke. 

Join the Speak With Confidence course now and discover your unique strengths to become a skilled, confident communicator.

Next Course:

5 Saturday Mornings: 27th April, 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th May 2024

Location: Club York,
99 York St, Sydney (near QVB/Townhall)

Speak with Confidence in Front of Others: 

  • Boost your career and business prospects by speaking with ease and confidence.

  • Hone your public speaking skills through weekly practice, culminating in 5 effective speeches.

  • Streamline your thoughts and communicate your message with clarity and precision.

  • Respond to questions with assertiveness and manage Q&A sessions with ease.

  • Develop a strong sense of self and stand up for your values and opinions with confidence.

  • Make a lasting impression with high-value body language and effective rapport building.

  • Enhance your charisma and deepen your understanding of others by communicating effectively with different personality styles.

  • Start your speeches with power and establish trust with your audience from the outset.

  • Achieve your objectives and deliver compelling closes with impact.

  • Receive constructive feedback and continuously refine and upgrade your skills.

Speak With Confidence Course Objectives:

given knowledge, techniques and practical experience in:

  • Creating and delivering 5 effective speeches
  • Knowing how to begin powerfully & attract audience’s attention
  • Delivering compelling, actionable closes
  • Use structure to organise your thoughts, stay on track & get to the point
  • Improve language; Use stories, facts/figures and emotion
  • Understand why people stop listening and what to do about it!
  • Respond confidently and assertively to questions
  • Learn techniques of award-winning speakers

learn techniques and get the practical experience to:

  • Establish credibility & build rapport
  • Speak up positively about yourself – your strengths, values & options
  • Understand your audience & their needs
  • Use body language effectively
  • Develop stronger vocal expression
  • Know how to move with purpose & ‘Walk The Stage’
  • Improve listening & questioning skills
  • Know how to give constructive feedback

discuss your situation and receive the knowledge and techniques to help you to:

  • Understand how to step into an empowering state
  • Build confidence in body, action & mind
  • Define your life values and what guides you
  • Uncover your TOP 5 Strengths and how you apply them at work/in life
  • Release tension and communicate with more ease

Improve Public Speaking, Impromptu Speaking and Confidence Skills Each Week:

Introduction to the course and participants

Impromptu speaking skills

Introduce yourself
Report the facts
Techniques for speaking off-the-cuff
P.P.F. Speech Technique – How to stay on track

Public Speaking Skills

1st Speech to inform: “What Do You Wish?”
Diagnostic assessment of your current skills
Prepare a speech with strong conviction

Confidence Skills

Understand assertiveness
Build your body of confidence
Discover your TOP 5 Strengths (Gallup Strengths Assessment)
Personality communication profiles

Focus: Curiosity

Impromptu Speaking Skills

P.R.E.P. Speech Technique
How to respond with conviction – Express strong points of view.

Public Speaking Skills

2nd Speech – Speak with conviction: “Courage”
How to give and receive constructive feedback
5 Techniques to confidently begin a speech (A.TT.I.C.S. Technique ©)
4 steps to deliver a compelling close – (S.Q.A.C. Technique ©)
5 Key reasons why audiences refuse to listen and what to do about it!
Learn how to build rapport with others
Prepare to deliver a winning proposal

Confidence Skills

B.A.M. Confidence Formula – Your Body
Assessment: Your Top 5 Strengths (Gallup Strengths Assessment)
Zoom Coaching:  Discuss your Top 5 Strengths and how they assist you at work and in life.

Focus: Courage

Impromptu Speaking Skills

Assertively express the attributes of your key strengths

Public Speaking Skills

Understand how to communicate to different personality styles
Analyse your audience and set clear objectives
3rd Speech to persuade: “Winning Proposal”
Prepare to express the values that drive you

Confidence Skills

B.A.M. Confidence Formula – Monitor your MIND

Focus: Compassion

Impromptu Speaking Skills

Responding with energy and self-assurance

Public Speaking Skills

Review videos of your presentations
4th Speech – delivered with enhanced physical & vocal expression: “What Drives Me!”
Body language techniques – Are you displaying ‘high-value’ or ‘low-value’?
Vocal expression – Exercises to improve the way you sound
Use the speaking areas purpose – Know how to ‘Walk the Stage’
Prepare a speech to inspire your audience.

Confidence Skills

B.A.M. Confidence – Physical ACTION to affirm public speaking confidence

Focus: Congruency

Impromptu Speaking Skills

How to introduce yourself and engage others in conversation.

Public Speaking Skills

5th Speech to inspire: “My Vision” – or revise a previous speech.
Summative assessment of your skills

Celebration of Achievements

Certificates, recognition & photos
Review and plan your way forward
Interview – Express your new skills and how you will apply them at work and in the world.

Focus: Connection


Empower Your Communication Skills

Unlock the power of confident self-expression and discover a new level of freedom in speaking up. This 5-week course can transform your relationships, career, and business by helping you communicate with ease and confidence.

Life-Changing Results

Join a community of individuals who have seen significant improvements in their lives after taking this course. From landing better jobs to travelling the world, or speaking up in seminars and sharing their passions, the Speak With Confidence Course has the power to inspire courage, conviction and change.

Take the first step towards full self-expression and start speaking with confidence today.

Speak With Confidence Course, Sydney

Use Body Language Effectively

“I am so grateful to meet you.   

I loved learning how to structure my speeches, how to open powerfully and how to use body language effectively. 

This course was fantastic!”

Marco Cubillos, Ethos Urban
Kip_Public speaking confidence course

This Has Been A Journey of Self Discovery

“A huge thank you for showing me the essential skills of public speaking and how to communicate our stories effectively.

I have already seen how much more confident I have become, not only with public speaking but also in personal and social communication too. It definitely has been a journey of self discovery. You have a wonderful gift and I really want to thank you for opening that door for me.”

K D., Sydney Course
Overcome the fear of public speaking at the Speak With Confidence Course in Sydney

Valuable Experience – Valuable Skills

“The power of eye contact, body language, using my voice and how to engage my audience were great techniques. 

This course was a valuable experience and a perfect environment to challenge someone like me, who feared speaking in public!

I really enjoyed learning these new, valuable skills.”

Astrid Cameron, Marketing & Communications Manager
Jake_Built confidence to speak up at this course in Sydney

Fast Development

“An amazing, supportive environment and fast development and a great instructor.

Can’t be improved.

It was just GREAT!”

Jake, Sydney
Jessica_Speak with confidence course in Sydney

Developed a Stronger Sense of Self

“Speak With Confidence Course helped me to:  Stay on track, get to the point, and improve the way I sound – so I am taken seriously.

I developed a more professional manner and behaviour and more confidence when speaking to peers and upper management.

I have grown so much and not just in terms of public speaking, but also feel I have developed stronger sense of self.”

Jessica Borg, WSPA
Rebecca_Overcoming fear of public speaking

Overcame My Fear

“Overcoming my fear and managing my anxiety was my main challenge. 

This course helped me to get out of my comfort zone and I can now speak clearly and deliver my speech without notes.   

Very friendly and supportive group.  Thank you.”

Rebecca, Sydney
caroline_speak with confidence course Sydney

This Course Has Improved My Career

“Charmaine is a wonderful tutor that makes you feel instantly at ease and ready to take the floor with total confidence.

It was an excellent course.

I built my confidence and professional appearance and the course has improved my career.”

Caroline Lord, Eden Gardens
Iwona_ Excellent training to learn how to speak confidently

Saw Immediate Results in Our Lives

“I loved the course and found learning how to structure my speech, listen, be assertive, use body language and voice, extremely useful.

We were able to practice everything we learned straight away and see results immediately in our lives!

I recommend this course to everyone.”

Iwona Abramowicz, Acting & Film Making Logistics
Asma_ Public Speaking Training Sydney

Speak, Lead and Take Control

“Very supportive and motivating course.

Loved Charmaine’s attitude. Great teacher. Right energy and very articulate. The whole 5 weeks journey has been excellent.

Learned the great techniques to communicate, to speak, to lead and take control when put on the spot.”

Asma Chauhan, Schneider Electric, Sydney
D Collins - Speaking with Confidence Course _Sydney

Improved Each Week

“This course gave me the opportunity to practice speaking each week, get feedback and work the improvement into each new week’s speech.  I developed vocal expression, began to act out my speeches and shake off any inhibitions. 

Thinking on my feet and responding to impromptu questions was a challenge, but the level of encouragement was great and the training helped to improve my results.”

Dan Collins, Mktg & Comms - Powerhouse Museum
Moses _ This was a life-changing course

This Has Been Life Changing

“I’ve always been terrified and have now learned it’s not that bad. Public speaking isn’t so scary.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Just what I needed to get out of my comfort zone.

Charmaine, well done. This has been life changing!”

Moses Karekinian, EcoSpray, Sydney
Gina_Public speaking course Sydney

Confidence Zoomed

“Communication skills improved dramatically and confidence ZOOMED!

Great inspiring tutor – motivating – great set of people.

All encouraging and enthusiastic. Loved it!”

Gina Kent, Event & Marketing Mgr, FUJIFILM
sharon_Learn public speaking confidence


“Charmaine, you made the course enjoyable as well as teaching us the public speaking skills we aspire to.

What I liked most was that it was very hands-on, not just reading from course material.

To know how to structure a speech, how to have confidence and engage an audience, is invaluable!”

Sharon Wells, Sydney Corporate
Natasha - Improve your ability to speak up in business!

Motivating Coach

“Thank you sincerely for being a great and motivating coach and helping me build my confidence, in what I consider to be my greatest fear. 

I’ve learnt a lot about public speaking and myself throughout the course and I appreciate the role you played in my personal development.”

Natasha Emerson, AusAID
Melli_Speak with confidence Sydney

Exceeded My Expectations

“I couldn’t be happier with the Speak With Confidence Course.

It exceeded my expectations.

I now feel much more confident to speak in public and in fact am looking forward to the opportunity!”

Melli O'Brien, Mrs Mindfulness
Lulu_Speaking with confidence and public speaking skills

Beneficial for My Professional Career & My Life

“Over the last 5 weeks, I really learned a lot.

This was not only beneficial for my professional career,

but also important for my personal life.”

Lulu Zhou , Sydney

Experienced Trainers, Personalized Feedback

Benefit from over 15 years of combined experience in communication, business, and leadership skills from our trainers. They have a diverse background, from working with high-energy entrepreneurs to more reserved sectors, ensuring you receive expert guidance no matter your style.

Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills

Gain practical tips and techniques for both everyday communication and public speaking, as well as learning strategies used by professional speakers worldwide. Receive personalized feedback each week to help you grow and refine your skills. No matter what your current level of ability, you will find great benefit in practicing to speak with more confidence in a supportive, friendly, and energetic environment. 

You’ll Get:

  • The Ultimate Public Speaking Guide: The Art of Communicating’s Complete Manual, jam-packed with tips, techniques, and strategies.
  • Your Personal Blueprint for Success: The Speak With Confidence Workbook, designed to help you plan, prepare and perfect your communication.
  • Uncover Your Unique Strengths: Gallup TOP 5 Strengths Assessment to identify and harness your natural abilities and skills.
  • Visual Proof of Your Progress: Videos of your performances, so you can see the improvements week-on-week.
  • Expert Feedback and Personalized Coaching: Receive and give constructive feedback to help you refine your skills and reach your full potential.
  • Smaller Groups Allow Time for Practice: You’ll have the opportunity to try new techniques, build your confidence with constant practice.
  • Connect with a Community of Peers in a Supportive Environment: With fun and encouragement you will be motivated to speak up. 
  • Recognition of Your Achievements: Receive the Speak With Confidence Certificate of Achievement for full 5-week’s attendance.

Unleash Your Confidence, Transform Your Life

Are you ready to take your communication skills to the next level?

This 5-week Speak With Confidence Course in Sydney is designed for individuals who want to:

  • Speak with confidence and connect with others in the workplace
  • Overcome the public speaking fears that may have held them back in the past
  • Deliver powerful and effective speeches
  • Quickly organize your thoughts and respond to questions effortlessly
  • Read and respond to others’ behaviors to build rapport
  • Stand up for your values and communicate with assertiveness
  • Harness your unique strengths and make a positive impression
  • Enhance your body language and voice to exude confidence
  • Grow and learn alongside a supportive community of like-minded individuals
  • Develop a stronger sense of self and unlock your full potential

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform the way you communicate and thrive in your personal and professional life.

Book your spot now!


Speak with Confidence Course – Sydney

Dates: 27th April, 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th May 2024
(5 consecutive Saturday mornings)

Time: 9am to 1pm
Location: 2nd floor Conference Room, Club York, 99 York St, Sydney

Price: $1995

Early-Birds SAVE $300!
ONLY $1695 – When you book by 19th April

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