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The Speak With Confidence in Business Workshop trains you and your team to overcome the fear of public speaking and improves communication in all business situations.

Have you noticed that those who know how to speak up confidently are usually the ones that others listen to, they get the job with the best clients, and are recognised as leaders in their field?

Imagine how your business would change if you and your team were more confident, positive and assertive when speaking 1:1, responding to questions and presenting information to an audience!

This Speak With Confidence in Business course not only builds individual confidence, it instils the values & principles of your company, and improves employee engagement and collaboration as they work together over 5 weeks.

It’s a great course!

Time to Speak With Confidence in Business for Success

It takes time to improve confidence, especially when you are trying to help people in your team to overcome the fear of public speaking. That is why this Speak With Confidence Workshop runs for 5 weeks, giving you and your team time to practice and embed new skills and habits.   



This Speak with Confidence in Business Workshop will Enable Your Team to:

  • Effectively deliver 5 different speeches and improve their public speaking skills.
  • Organise their thoughts so they get to the point, stay on track and speak to time.
  • Respond confidently to questions and speak up assertively, demonstrating their knowledge and expertise.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of themselves and understanding how to relate to different personalities.
  • Develop their emotional awareness, and create a stronger sense of self.
  • Communicate and align themselves to the values of your business.
  • Overcome their nerves around public speaking so they speak up and contribute their ideas in business.

Maximum of 5 in each of these workshops. (Allows time for feedback, individual coaching and video reviews)

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  • Pre-course consultation to establish your objectives/outcomes.
  • Pre-requisite survey to all participants to understand their needs.
  • Content tailored to your business brand.
  • Practical exercises, scenarios & fun, challenging games.
  • Assessments & coaching to improve.
  • World-class leadership knowledge, information & references.
  • Tailored workbooks with knowledge, tips & techniques.
  • Videos of participants’ performances.
  • Post course review and feedback.
  • Peer recognition prizes.
  • Certificates of Achievement.

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