Overcome Nerves Speak Confidently

I am writing to sincerely thank you for being a great and motivating coach and helping me build my confidence in what I consider to be my greatest fear. I've learned a lot about public speaking and myself throughout the course and I appreciate the role you played in my personal development.
Natasha Emerson, AusAID

Trainer was fantastic. She was patient, polite, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.
John Creel - Sydney

There was a great group of people at the course who were all there for the same reason. The small group worked well.

We all had to give speeches each week and that desensitized me from any public speaking fear.

Fantastic course. Enjoyable and I really felt I got a lot out of it. Thank you.
Alex Pay

Learning to be assertive and learning what are the correct ways to approach a situation was most beneficial.
Adam Fabbi

I found speaking in front of everyone, preparing and choosing a topics to talk on was most challenging. I most liked the people, the support, and the kind words of constructive critiques.
Gina Whelan

I'd just like to say how much I'm enjoying this class. I love the fact that everyone is sharing something of themselves through their stories, which we so rarely see in social or class situations. You really do make it such a safe and supportive environment that I can feel my confidence boosting with every class.

I love that there's lots of laughter happening now as we're getting more comfortable with each other.

It's just what I needed, so thank you.
Cathy Brodie

Gaining confidence with discussions, practical exercises to loosen up, and structuring my speeches were very beneficial for me.

I also liked the interaction, feedback, meeting friends and the experience of Charmaine!

I definitely reached my public speaking goals in this course.

Liam Tierney

This is the second time I've taken a course with Art of Communicating and again I'm walking away feeling more enlightened, more confident and that my skills have been enhanced. Thank you!
Jessica Borg, WSPA

Speak with Confidence Course DetailsSpeak with Confidence

Course Details

5 Weeks:
9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th January & 6th February 2019
6.30pm to 9.30pm
Conference Room, Adina Apartments
511 Kent St, Sydney (just behind TownHall Station)
Price: $1295

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Is This Course For You?

If you want to:

  • Speak up confidently at work and in your relationships
  • Confidence when delivering a speech to others
  • Understand others' behaviours
  • Respond assertively to off-the-cuff questions
  • Improve your body language
  • Learn how to speak with conviction and expression
  • Develop a stronger sense of self

... then this Speak With Confidence Course in Sydney is for you!

This 5-week course builds confidence in public speaking situations, answering questions on the spot, speaking up about yourself, and will improve your understanding of yourself and others.

See what others have said about this course - see Feedback

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Charmaine Burke, Training DirectorPrepare to be Transformed

Prior to commencing the course, Charmaine Burke, our Training Director, will contact you and ask you to complete a prerequisite survey to advise us of your requirements and objectives for the course.

During the course you will be practicing speaking up and applying all the skills you learn each week.

Be prepared to see a transformation!


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Weekly Sessions Include:

Speaking confidently. Overcome nerves.1st Session

Introduce, Inform & Involve    
  • Introduction to the course and participants
  • Impromptu Speaking Skills
      • Introduce yourself
      • Techniques for speaking off-the-cuff
      • P.P.F. Speech Technique - How to stay on track
  • Public Speaking Skills
      • 1st Speech: “What Do You Wish?”
      • Diagnostic assessment of your speaking skills
      • Prepare to speak with conviction
  • Confidence Skills
      • Defining confidence
      • B.A.M. Formula – Body of Confidence
Learn to speak off the cuff - supportive learning environment


2nd Session

The Power of You
  • Impromptu Speaking Skills
    • P.R.E.P. Speech Technique – How to  respond assertively
  • Public Speaking Skills
    • 2nd Speech: “Speak with Conviction”
    • How to suggest improvement without offending
    • Why audiences refuse to listen
    • Open Powerfully – A.TT.I.C.S. Technique ©
    • Compelling Close – S.Q.A.C. Technique ©
    • Prepare to deliver a winning proposal
  • Confidence Skills
    • Core values that drive you

Learn public speaking skills and how to speak with confidence

3rd Session

Understanding Others
  • Impromptu Speaking Skills
    • Active listening
  • Public Speaking Skills
    • 3rd Speech: “Deliver Winning Proposal”
    • Understanding your audience
    • Speaking with a clear objective
    • Achieving your desired outcomes
    • Prepare to speak confidently about yourself
  • Confidence Skills
    • B.A.M. Confidence Formula – Mind of Confidence

Confident public speaking training in Sydney

4th Session

Let’s Get Physical!
  • Impromptu Speaking Skills
    • Being expressive and engaging
    • Speaking up about yourself
  • Public Speaking Skills
    • 4th Speech: “Values That Drive You”
    • Body language - using non-verbal communication skills
    • Vocal expression  - improving the way you sound
    • Prepare speech to engage and inspire your audience
  • Confidence Skills
    • B.A.M. Formula – Action for Confidence

Recent Speak With Confidence group5th Session

Engage, Inspire & Celebrate
  • Impromptu Speaking Skills
    • How to introduce yourself in networking situations
  • Public Speaking Skills
    • Review of skills
    • 5th Speech:  “Engage & Inspire Your Audience”
    • Final assessment of your public speaking skills
  • Celebration of Achievements
    • Certificates & photos
    • Planning your way forward
    • Review & feedback


Encouraging, friendly, supportive training environmentBook Now and You Will Be Able to:

Speak up and be more expressive!Feel more confident to speak up at work and in public situations

Speak clearly. Get to the pointUnderstand your strengths and weaknesses and take appropriate action

Speak clearly. Get to the pointSpeak clearly. Know how to ask for what you want.

Speak off-the-cuff and answer impromptu questions confidentlyAnswer questions - Mobilize your thoughts quickly and express them fluently.

Speak confidently about yourselfUnderstand and speak up confidently about yourself -
Define what you do, what you value, what you want.

Book Now - Sydney Speak with Confidence CourseMake a good impressionMake a good impression - Improve your body language and your voice

Connect, engage and build rapportUnderstand others - Engage, build rapport & credibility

Create and deliver effective speechesCreate & deliver 5 professional speeches... with confidence!

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