Vocal Expression


Vocal Expression "Sound bypasses the intellect and has the inherent ability to trigger the emotions." Your Voice Is An Instrument With A Personality Our voices are our fundamental instruments for communicating in public. Like a fine musical instrument, your voice must be tuned and well-exercised to produce a beautiful sound. A sound that captivates and motivates your audience to listen. Voices have different personalities. Some sound intelligent, some powerful, others are polished, and some can be articulate and confident. Voices can also be harsh, brash and boisterous like a nail scratching down a blackboard, or [...]

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Speaker’s Posture


Body Language Tips POSTURE "Learning the game of power requires a certain way of looking at the world, a shifting of perspective." Robert Greene   Comfortable Authority Your posture is an important part of any presentation. Your objective is to be comfortable and show authority. You are the leader throughout your speech. You want your audience to see you relaxed and comfortable. This puts them at ease as well. If you tend to sway or rock while speaking, spread your feet out nearly in line with your shoulders, parallel to each other. Flex your knees and you can put [...]

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