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Trainers and Coaches

at Art of Communicating

Art of Communicating’s leadership and communication trainers and coaches are available to assist you to improve your business, career and personal growth through public courses, personal coaching and in-house business training programs.

Charmaine Burke, Founder & Training Director, Art of Communicating


Charmaine Burke

Founder and Training Director

Charmaine is the lead trainer at Art of Communicating.

She developed a strong passion and rich understanding of the power of communication and leadership from the moment she began her career at IBM.

The desire to create her own business took hold in 1990.  She studied and developed her own successful businesses (ROM’n Around and English Software), which supplied academic institutions around the world, specialising in programs to help people read, write and communicate in English.  

Executive Results CoachShe has 20 years experience in managing and leading teams, over a decade in creating and facilitating training programs, and she is proud of the phenomenal leadership and communication trainers and coaches, here at Art of Communicating.

  • Nationally Accredited Cert IV in Training and Assessment 
  • Certified Executive Results Coach 
  • NLP PractitionerC Burke, Distinguished Toastmaster
  • Distinguished Toastmaster – Leadership and Communication
  • Voice and Speech Specialist (NIDA)
  • Fine Arts Diploma
  • Coaching Success Foundations 
  • Business Administration Cert IV.

Charmaine Burke - Award-winning speaker

As a Distinguished Toastmaster, she has also been a Club Coach, Distinguished Club President, Distinguished Area Director, and an award-winning public speaker in numerous Toastmasters International Speech Competitions.

Alfa Jones - Leadership and communication trainer and coach, Art of Communicating

Alfa Jones

Trainer, Corporate and Vocational Sectors

Alfa brings more than 20 years of private and government sector training experience to Art of Communicating, from a diverse array of industries including recruitment, finance, insurance, industrial, construction and education.

Alfa is a fully qualified Adult Educator and Trainer (B Ad Edu) with Adv Dip Commerce, and Cert IV Training and Assessment (TAE 40110).

She is a Distinguished Toastmaster and leader. She chartered the highly successful Manly Multilingual Toastmasters Club in Sydney and was Toastmasters Area 22 Governor, District 70, 2011-2012. She is also a member of the Australian Institute of Training & Development, and a member of UTS Alumni Association.

As a valued trainer at Art of Communicating, Alfa is committed to delivering exceptional educational experiences, and building strong, long-standing relationships with clients to obtain the best possible outcomes.

Jemma Burke, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Art of Communicating

Jemma Burke

Mindfulness Teacher

Jemma is a Yoga Teacher, trained at Bija Yoga, Tasmania.  She constantly enriches her skills in Yoga, Reiki and Mindfulness and has travelled the world practising with leading teachers in Indonesia, India and Nepal.  She is also a qualified fine-artist, (BA Fine Art) so she incorporates her creativity into all the work she develops.

Mindfulness Training in business is relatively new to the workplace, however many companies are finding it reduces stress and absenteeism, increases productivity, develops better leaders, and generates more creative workplaces. It also enhances cognitive thinking skills and triggers more imaginative solutions.

Jemma’s skill is in helping your staff to be aware of what is really happening in the moment, how to decrease stress, improve well-being and mental alertness, manage emotions, develop social intelligence, and improve creativity in the workplace.

Her ability to blend mindfulness practices with yoga also contributes to the success of her training outcomes.  As one of our unique mindfulness trainers at Art of Communicating, Jemma’s sessions are always beautiful, balanced, harmonious and very well received by attendees.

Karen Love, Executive Coach, Art of Communicating

Karen Love

Leadership and Communication Coach

Karen is a highly experienced executive leadership coach.  She has an in-depth HR background in learning and development, facilitation & training, change management, transformation consulting, as well as coaching, psychotherapy and counselling.

Her qualifications include:

Bachelor of Education in Adult Education
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment  
Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling 
Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling 
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Management)
Accredited Mediator – Mediation Training 
Positive Psychology Diploma
Accredited Executive, Organisational and Leadership Coach

John Pearson - Executive Leadership and Management Consultant, Art of Communicating

John Pearson

Executive Leadership and Management Consultant

John is an experienced senior executive with an extensive track record of leading and developing high achieving teams in Australia and New Zealand in the information technology industry.   He is currently appointed to NSW State Government and Not For Profit Boards.

With strong conceptual, strategic and analytical skills he has developed and enabled many successful teams; built sales strategies; negotiated joint outcomes; lead global business transformation and change projects; and delivered solutions across many industries including: Federal and State Public Sector, Local Government, Higher Education, Banking and Financial Services and SME’s.

Qualifications include: MA (Banking Management); BA (Economics); Summit Advanced Management & Leadership – Boston University; Advanced Negotiation, Ethics and Value Creation – (Singapore); MIT – Advanced Leadership; Oracle Asia Pacific and Japan Leaders Forum; IBM Asia Pacific Leaders Academy, IBM Sales Profession Council;  IBM Integrated Leadership Team

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