Exercises to Warm Up Your Voice

“My heart is like a singing bird.”
Christina Rossetti

Many of our habits today block communication. Our habits include hesitation, mumbling, holding our breath, cutting sentences short and flattening our vocal tone.

A daily vocal warm up will help you to free your breath, use language as a tool to connect with the audience and express ideas with commitment. The following is a basic warm-up progression that you can expand as you develop your voice as a public speaker.

Find your balance. Experience your body at this moment.

Spine roll

Loosen shoulders

Make contact with your breath. Hand on stomach, blow breath out in a strong, steady, continuous stream. Each time you recover the breath, notice the expansion in the stomach area 3 x

Hand still on stomach, say hah, hah, hah 3 x

Stretch to open ribs

Hum for 1 minute

Loosen jaw. Chew. Place two fingers between the teeth and say goo gah, gee gah, gay gah. Remove fingers and say this again retaining the sense of space in the mouth.

Flutter through lips. Say Billy Buttons bought a big bunch of beautiful bananas.

Have a big yawn, stretch and say hey or hi.

Imagine you are bouncing a ball with your hand and say huh huh. Now bounce the ball to different parts of the room and as you do so play with the range of your voice.

Finish the warm-up by reading a short piece of text. Really connect with the intentions of the piece. Find the life in the words and the vibrations in the consonants.

Include all these areas in your daily life routine, but as you become more confident with your voice, feel free to vary the progression and the exercises.


Charmaine Burke
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